People Who Aren’t Taking Any Chances, And They’re Perfectly Fine With It

Life is about taking risks. Everyone always says that life happens once you step outside your comfort zone. Well, some people aren’t willing to risk it all to see if there’s any magic out there.

These people are much happier when they’re following the rules and playing it safe. The rest of us would buy snow tires, but one person went the extra mile to make sure the snow wouldn’t slow them down. These people are living life about 100 miles away from the edge, and they’re still not taking any chances.

Protect That Pension At All Costs

Photo credit: JakeTheSnake134 / Reddit

Credit card fraud is at an all-time high, and this elderly couple isn’t taking any risks. That 401K isn’t going anywhere on her watch.

I’ll bet their entire life savings that they’re only cautious because their foolish son sent his banking info to a Nigerian prince back in 2005.

It Guarantees No One Will Drive Too Close Beside You

Photo credit: Actualimguraccount / Imgur

Car accidents are just an unfortunate part of life. No matter who’s at fault, it shouldn’t stop you from still being the safest driver possible.

This driver understood the importance of safety first and went the extra mile to make sure they can see the right-side lane at all times.

Put 110% Into Everything You Do

Photo credit: @FoxNews / Twitter

Look, even if you’re about to rob a Dunkin’ Donuts doesn’t mean you should have to suffer leg cramps. A vital part of being a successful criminal is staying hydrated and staying loose.

Also, eat lots of bananas. Potassium helps avoid muscle cramps.

You might think the person coming up was a little too paranoid about germs, but we all are when we’re in a public restroom.

No One Even Wants To Steal That Nissan

Photo credit: flush4dr / Reddit

This looks like a textbook case of someone who just bought their first car and thinks it’s way nicer than it is. Every kid you knew in high school that bought their first car would have done this to it.

No one want’s to steal your car. They just want to see if there’s any money inside. I guarantee if you left your door unlocked no one would even try.

That Robe Is Concealing More Than One Gun, Am I Right?

Photo credit: Ted_Nougat / Reddit

I’m obviously talking about the gun show, not the rifle down under. There are no real stats about how many times guns are used in homes for self-defense per year, but the NRA has you prepared at any time.

This bathrobe is for the person who hates clothes but loves guns. What can go wrong?

Obviously, Their Hands Are Too Busy

Photo credit: @djbewbz / Instagram

Public restrooms are a breeding ground for germs, and this person has beat the system. Now you can watch Instagram videos in peace as you poop with this clever toilet-paper hack.

This person might come off a little too cautious at first but let’s all be honest, we might try it ourselves soon.

Coming up, winter was no match for one man and his flamethrower.

They Make A Valid Point

Photo credit: patsfan94 / Reddit

There’s really no arguing what this child has said. It’s absolutely unacceptable to follow a tornado and try to circle it at any location.

If I absolutely had to answer the question, the most dangerous would be a park because that has the most open space and it’s obviously the easiest place to circle a tornado.

That Walnut-Sized Brain Is Delicate

Photo credit: bretters / Reddit

Cats may be plotting to kill us all, but that shouldn’t stop us from going the extra mile to protect our feline friend’s noggins. This cat is not only safe, but he’s riding in style.

The woman in the car beside this cat is so overwhelmed by the amount of safety she’s witnessing that she had to take a photo.

No Need For Snow Tires Now

Photo credit: GeorgeLucasweirss / Imgur

Everyone knows that as soon as the first snowfall hits, everyone goes crazy and acts as if they’ve never driven in snow before. This guy isn’t taking any chances.

Snow tires and salt won’t be enough to combat the snow. He whipped out his handy, dandy flamethrower and went to town on Mother Nature.

A parent’s love for their child has no limit, and the father coming up went above and beyond to keep his daughter safe.

Just Trying Their Best To Comply With Workplace Saftey Laws

Photo credit: man_in_the_mirra / Reddit

Unions and workplace safety laws exist for a reason. No matter what the scenario is, you can’t skirt around it.

This guy knows that his health comes first and that his dreadlocks shouldn’t stop him from complying with all safety standards. He’s the employee of the month, every month.

No Knee Or Elbow Pads? Interesting

Photo credit: Imgur

Learning to rollerskate is dangerous enough for a human being. Just imagine trying to stay safe when you’re a sheep that’s unwillingly on 16 wheels.

The women didn’t even give the sheep a helmet. At least it’s got a pair of those old-timey pilot goggles on.

It’s Like A Built-In Seatbelt

Photo credit: slothhprincess / Reddit

Who needs to shell out the money on those fancy baby harnesses and backpacks when you have your dreads on hand (or on head) at all times?

This baby looks perfectly content with her situation, and I’m sure her father has peace of mind knowing that she’s tied into place.

The next guy is definitely the person everyone makes fun of at the gym. But when he’s safe and everyone else is hurt, who’s laughing now?

You Never Know What Could Happen When You’re Stationary

Photo credit: Iceutudid / Reddit

Just because they’re called “stationary bikes’ doesn’t mean that they are guaranteed to be safe. What if you’ve switched to the mountain-climbing mode and the bike starts shaking back and forth and topples over?

When you’re on the ground you’ll be thankful you swallowed your pride and wore a helmet at the gym.

Safe Enough Is Not Enough For Me

Photo credit: christianbiera / Reddit

I appreciate their honesty, but no one is going to buy an outlet that feels the need to outline a fact we already assumed. I never thought that my other outlets were unsafe, but now I’m questioning everything.

This USB hub is living right on the edge, and that’s not good enough. It needs to take at least ten steps back.

Desperate Times Call For Desperate Measures

Photo credit: RedditRecyclingCo / Reddit

This swimmer knows that no matter how much of an expert you are, anything can happen in the water. Even Micheal Phelps could be pulled down by a rogue wave and drown, and the man’s got 23 gold medals.

I commend him for improvising and making his floatation vest.

The next photo is a reminder that anything is a dangerous weapon that needs to be childproofed if you look enough.

Childproofing Your Farm

Photo credit: NMGN / Reddit

Everyone always remembers to childproof the house and car, but no one thinks to childproof the farm animals. All the rural families out there aren’t thinking big enough.

This is a brilliant idea considering the fact baby goats like to jump around and fall over on a whim. Without the tennis balls, those are the devil’s horns.

Can’t Take Any Chances With Those Mysterious Orbs

Photo credit: ClownFundamentals / Reddit

There will never be enough airport security. Soon we won’t be allowed to take our own clothes onto the plane. We’ll have to change into uniform jumpsuits with no pockets to hold our dangerous snowglobes.

Don’t even think about bring that Elf on the Shelf through security either.

At Least You Can Go 140 No Problem

Photo credit: entreprenerds / Reddit

That’s one way to stop your teenage son from driving too fast. Someone added this to their car to get safer, but it’s probably even more dangerous. Once you get over 60, you’re in the unknown.

Am I going 70 or 110? Who knows. Jesus, take the wheel.

You Can’t Get Much Safer Than This Dog

Photo credit: DaHitcha / Reddit

The cat with a helmet looks like a daredevil in comparison to this dog. A helmet, goggles, reflective vest, and strapped to the back of the owner is the only way to go on a motorcycle.

Of course, the owner could have just got a sidecar. Then they would have looked like they were straight out of a buddy cop film.

Don’t Let Spelling Deter You From Your Safety

Photo credit: hardhitter15 / Reddit

The fire putter outer is just inside the slidey up truck thing. Just because your literacy levels are low doesn’t mean you deserve to die in a fiery blaze.

I’m sure this sign was written in an era before you could simply Google-search the word “fire extinguisher.”