Photos That Are All Too Real If You Grew Up With Savage Siblings

As someone who briefly experienced the bliss of being an only child, I can confidently say that siblings make life more… interesting, to say the least. It’s great because you’re born with a built-in best friend. Siblings are practically obligated to be there for you whenever you need. Siblings also have a moral duty to torment you in the most creative ways possible for all of eternity.

Even just watching siblings push each other to the limits is better than any reality show on television. If you were like me and grew up with siblings, or are even parents to more than one little devil, then these photos are all too recognizable.

Every Older Sibling Waits For This Moment


Younger siblings just haven’t experienced enough of the world yet. They’re too innocent to constantly be on their guard at this point.

Don’t worry. Your older sibling will take the lead on making sure the younger ones learn that reality bites and the world is a harsh place. This is the ‘before’ photo moments ahead of the water balloon attack. These boys have no idea what’s about to hit them. Trampolines are slippery when wet!

Trust No One


Finally, after years of having your sister blow out your birthday candles and watching your parents do nothing about it, you have to take matters into your own hands. The older sister knew what was about to happen and she took the proper preventative measures.

I wasted five birthday wishes thanks to my younger sister trying to steal the spotlight. And because of that, I blame her for why I never got that pony.

Don’t Mess With The Pokémon Collection


It’s probably hard as a parent to watch three of your kids gang up on another. But if at least a few of them are getting along, it might be good enough. Here are three siblings sorting their Pokémon cards.

On the one hand, they’re learning how to work together to achieve the common goal of setting out all their Pokémon cards. On the other hand, you have a child duct-taped to a chair now.

How Nice Of Him To Let His Sister Play Too! Wait…


When I was young, the biggest argument that came from playing video games was that I never let my younger sister be Mario.

It looks like kids have leveled up and figured out new ways of pulling one over on each other, like just not plugging in the other sibling’s controller. I wonder how long it took for little sis to realize that she’s having no effect on the game.



Ah, I remember the days when I was the only one old enough to sit in the front seat. It was such a blissful time when my younger sibling was restricted to their car seat.

Then they get older and now every trip to the grocery store or school involves a violent foot race. If you didn’t get shotgun, you’re losing at life and your sibling will bug you about it all. Day. Long.

I’ve Never Seen Someone So Proud


This is the face of a younger sibling who finally stood up to their older sister. There comes a time in every sibling relationship when the odds even out.

Usually it’s right after the youngest goes through a growth spurt and now has the ability to fight back. The result is all thanks to years of built-up grudges. Instead of helping resolve the problem, this parent decided to snap a pic.

A Picture Is Worth 1000 BB Gun Shots


Anyone who grew up with a sibling knows the best day to pull out all the stops is on their birthday. Just when they think it’s all about them, figure out a way to ruin it.

They’ll have to forgive you eventually, and you know pictures like this make for better memories than a simple birthday gift. Younger brother is about to ruin his chances of getting a slive of the Angry Birds cake though!

“Hey, Girls, Where’s Your Little Sister?”


I’ve never seen a child so proud of their handiwork. The oldest sister knows she’s getting grounded for this, so she’s milking it as much as she can.

I actually feel for the middle sister. She probably didn’t want to be a part of this scheme, but she’s just thankful it’s not her inside. There’s no way the youngest is getting out of there on her own. And her sisters know it.

Younger Siblings Can Be A Little TOO Honest


Older siblings are traditionally known for having Type A personalities, being strongly opinionated, and extremely confident.

Thankfully their heads never get caught up in the clouds because they have brutally honest younger siblings to keep them grounded. You might be the family favorite, but it doesn’t matter cause your room smells like death. This is proof that even a gift from a sibling comes with some sort of stab along with it.

So What Does The Dog Have On?


This is so much more than it looks. If your dog has one of those cones, it means they either got spayed or neutered. That means they’ve been trying to, erm, lick at their privates unsuccessfully.

Now the same cone that saw your dog’s worst days is now around your little sister’s face. Ewwww. She seems pretty calm, considering the situation here. I wonder what the older sister said to convince her to let her put it on.

There Can Only Be One


If you’re a new parent and all the books say “sibling rivalry is normal” you might think this is normal. This is NOT normal. This is sibling rivalry to the next level.

The baby on top is ready to press their sibling to death just to get their extra portions of pureed carrots. It looks like they could be twins, so this rivalry most likely started very, very early on. Like in the womb.

Who Is More Upset Here?


Honestly, I don’t even know whose birthday it is. If it’s the girl in pinks, she’s grabbing her sister’s hair to stop her from blowing out the candle.

If it’s the older sister’s birthday, then her little sister is just being a plain old brat and trying to steal the show. If you haven’t noticed a theme here, it’s that siblings and birthday cakes are always going to turn into a situation.

How To Put Your Sibling In Therapy: 101


Is there a coincidence that older siblings tend to like horror movies more than their younger siblings? I think not. Older siblings never had someone terrifying them like this. Younger ones were subjected to different nightmare scenarios.

It’s no wonder why my little sister can’t even sit through Scary Movie today. Even as an adult, this would be absolutely terrifying. The sleeping sibling is about to be in for a scare of their lifetime.

Saved You Some Ice Cream


It’s moves like this that will kick off the phase of your life when you start labeling everything in the fridge that’s yours. An only child won’t experience this phase until they move away for college and get roommates.

Anyone with siblings entered this phase the moment they got an allowance and could buy their own snacks. Because you only need to experience this once to realize there’s a silent war playing out in the fridge.

Fraternal Twins Must Not Have The Same Type Of Bonded Love


I always thought that twins didn’t fight as much as normal siblings. They have that weird ability to finish each other’s sentences, so what could they possibly have to fight about? Apparently, that’s not the case with fraternal twins.

Now would be the time to have that twin telepathy kick in so he can ask her to let him go. Not only did she shut him in there but she’s sitting on top so he can’t get out. Super harsh, sis.

An Impressive Amount Of Effort Went Into This


This was only possible with the help of at least three friends. I constantly enlisted my BFFs to help ruin my younger sibling’s life.

Any experienced older sibling knows that to pull something like this off, you’d need two people to hold him down, then another two to carry the weights. They came prepared, with a plan. And the execution was on-point. He doesn’t even look mad, he looks impressed.

It’s Their Fault For Being The Exact Length Of A Longboard


Sometimes you’re not even trying to be a pain in the butt, but a perfect prank is just too easy to pull off. It’s not MY fault that my younger brother just so happens to be the exact size and length of my longboard. He’s practically asking to be saran-wrapped to it.

It looks like even the dog is involved with this one. I wonder where they’re going to push him from here.

Cutting The Bristles Off Your Toothbrush Is Next Level Petty


Most of the fights with my sisters ended with us storming off to different rooms and nothing else. Whatever fight caused someone to cut the bristles off of their sibling’s toothbrush must have been next-level.

Honestly, I wouldn’t dare mess with this kid. If they’re willing to do something this psycho, what else are they capable of? Normal siblings just stick the toothbrush in the toilet bowl or something. This is concerning.

The Moment When You Stop Trusting Humanity


The look on the older sister’s face is pure evil and she’s enjoying every second of this. I blame dad for this one. She probably wouldn’t even know this prank if he hadn’t played it on her when she was younger.

Sorry, kid, but sometimes reality hits you like a cold splash of garden hose water. All we have to do now is wait… You know the person taking the photo is encouraging him to see if the water is coming too.

The Annual Sibling Sacrifice Must Be Made


I love the idea of the mom who saw this happening and chose to take a photo instead of intervening.

It makes me wonder how many things I got away with as a kid when I thought my parents weren’t watching, but they were really just in the background laughing. The sister could run away, but for some reason is laying on the ground waiting to see how this plays out.