Pictures That Prove Girlfriends Are The Most Savage Creatures In The World

Where do we even begin with girlfriends? They’re our lovers, best friends, chef, maid and increasingly — the breadwinners of a family. They come off as the soft half of a relationship who doesn’t have a mean bone in their body.

But, if you know a girlfriend or, God forbid, are one, you know that it’s not the case. They may come off as nice, but deep down they have a burning hate for their boyfriend. There’s no science behind that, but looking at these pictures it just has to be true.

And Now He’s A Hair-ophobic

my girlfriends nearly put me in cardiac.jpg

Photo Credit: Instagram / @boywithnojob

Thanks to this guy’s girlfriend, he’s now deathly afraid of hair and any of its accessories.

You would think that whoever created this hair clip would at least put some thought into what it looks like when it’s clipping. Anyone who puts that in their hair will look like they have a tarantula attacking them.