Teachers Who Are Out To Get Their Students

They’re responsible for enforcing so many rules in the classroom that many of us give teachers way less credit than they deserve. Teachers will go as far as watching you write a test like you’re on Big Brother. It’s their job, but they’re bound to get sick of their students.

Pass Or Fail, Your Choice


Consider this a wake up call for those of you who love to procrastinate. The point here is to make the slackers not look at the clock. If you had a difficult test, you would be checking the clock every minute to make sure you aren’t spending so much on time on one question.

They Know Everything


He’s got a valid point. If you stare down at your crotch, you’re probably texting someone. As hilarious as this is, it makes perfect sense to call out your students for this. It would be funny if he kept count and displayed how many times each student looked down at their phone.

First Assignment Of The Semester


You have to wonder if students actually went through with this. From a personal standpoint, I would do number two and the last one at the bottom. They seem easier than ending world hunger by Tuesday.

Ever wondered how teachers can shame their students on Open House Night? The answer is coming shortly.

Selfie On The Board


“Hey, I know that guy! I sit right beside him in English.” Yeah, well, he’s on the projector for one simple reason. He had his phone out trying to send a Snapchat in the middle of class. That’s one way for a teacher to shine the spotlight on students who disrupt the lecture.

Got Bush?


Meet the shrubstitute teacher, Professor Bush. The bush isn’t alone either — they have their trusted teacher’s assistant, Groot along for the experience. This would be any students chance to cheat on an exam. Plot twist: the bushes have cameras installed to catch culprits who think they can beat the system.

Making Profit As A Teacher


Well, that’s one way to embarrass your students on Open House Night. It’s all fun and games here, but imagine how much of a profit teachers could make with this?

Coming up, trying to get that extra credit for a test, but it’s actually just a Rick Astley tune that will drain a students mind.

Say My Name Say My Name


Most teachers use this so you might have seen it before. This would be a fun way to embarrass the student. If they hand you the paper with no name, the teacher should make you dance and sing to Beyonce’s smash hit. It’s not that hard to write your name people!

Teacher’s Ultimatum


Don’t fret, the dude abides by anything. Whoever stole the student’s bobblehead is in for some trouble. Not only is the class being threatened with a zero, but whoever fesses up will face a larger consequence. Seeing this should remind you to never touch any of the teacher’s belongings.

Rick Astley Or?


If you know the Rick Astley tune, this should be an easy one. Think of all the times you’ve researched the internet for tips on passing tests/assignments, only to be bombarded with music videos from the 80’s pop star.

Coming up, a Canadian band nobody likes is used as a punishment for being late for class.

Instant Karma


Sometimes, taking a nap in class gets you through the day. Nap too hard, and you’ll end up being a social media star amongst your classmates. Who knows, if this teacher catches more students taking a snooze during class, he could make a 12-month photo calendar of his victims.

Exam Watch Bigger Than Big Brother


You better watch out, you better not cry, you better not share your test answers, I’m telling you why. Your teacher climbed into the vent to make sure you and your classmates aren’t cheating. This is really creepy, like if Big Brother was actually happening in the classroom. Come out wherever you are, Julie Chen.

Nickelback As Punishment


Oh, boy, the last one doesn’t sound that exciting. You’re just asking for your ears to bleed. Do you really want to be late almost 10 times for class? You’re just asking for a funeral to happen.

One way to shame your students (they volunteered) for failing quizzes is just around the corner.

Reward For Missing Homework


Talk about shaming your students. Better yet, this teacher could probably use another English course. Sure, this is light-hearted and funny with the pun at the top, but no teacher should be allowed to do this. Here’s hoping Josh will actually do his homework along with improving his grades.

Essay Writing 101


Note the horrific grammar on Powerpoint. That should be enough to get the students to pay attention since Powerpoint can be useless at times. If no one can point out the grammar mistakes in the opening slide, then just give them a pop quiz on the presentation the next day.

Wall Of Shame


Notice the disclaimer in the middle — these students volunteered to be on the wall. That’s one way for both the teacher and students to have some fun with failing.

Some teachers have a sense of humor, while others are brutally honest with failing. More on that later.

Savage On Failing


Don’t be surprised to get this comment when you didn’t bother studying. There’s a good chance that teachers who put the tests of the smart students on the bottom. That way, they can enjoy some happiness after marking 50 tests. Procrastination can be so deadly at times.

The Real Cheater Is…


Imagine writing all those names sideways? There’s a good chance one of these phones will vibrate and fall on the floor. Also, it’s one way for teachers to catch students who may be seeking answers from a friend/classmate. Smart tip: turn your phone OFF before going to the exam, then say your phone is dead. No one will know.

There’s A Job For That


One teacher has had enough and decided to attach a job resume to a test. Now, most of us would agree this is just plain mean, but in fairness, there’s nothing wrong with working at a fast-food chain. Especially when you plan to save up for college down the road.

Comic Sans Is For Beginners


Not going to lie, that font is a popular one amongst students. It’s actually one of the easiest fonts to use in Microsoft Word. Of course, there are teachers who are more than willing to put you on blast. I mean, the font does go well with My Little Pony fanfiction… so I’ve heard…

Teacher’s Favorite Beverage


Wouldn’t this beverage be salty? You know, since students whine and complain about everything in their lives? This is the next best thing to a teacher drinking a bottle of whiskey while grading papers. It’s funny, clever, and downright mean altogether. The worst part? Refueling on different tears each semester.

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