The Funniest Wildlife Pictures Ever!

While nature photography almost always helps us take in the stark beauty of the world, it’s always so, so serious, but that’s not always the case. Animals can have fun too! These hilarious wildlife photos from the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards show us nature’s major sense of humor (and trust us, she’s a real knee-slapper!).

The Rare Bear-Headed Falcon


Adam Parsons became a finalist in the 2016 Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards for this snap of the rare bear-headed falcon. You may think this is just a bear posed with a bird during a very normal day swimming, but don’t be fooled. The bear-headed falcon is a rare sight, but it frequents rivers and streams in Alaska and Canada where it feeds on Salmon and other fishes. It’s particularly known for its fuzzy ears and tiny wet nose. Even that seagull in the background seems to be in awe of the bear-headed falcon’s majestic, timeless beauty.