These Animals Are Being Total Jerks, But You’ll Laugh Anyway

The Real Life Jaws


This still was taken from a video that shows a shark coming out of the water and biting into the inflatable side of a boat on what looks to be a fishing expedition. While many experts have said that sharks will not bother you if you are not bothering them, we are not sure the same can be said for this shark.

In fact, this shark definitely looked like he knew what he was doing which is totally terrifying! Back in the 1970s Steven Spielberg made the classic horror film Jaws, which showed a shark terrorizing the people of a small beach community. Only Jaws was never supposed to be a true story. Can’t you hear it now? Dun-nun, Dun-nun, Dun-nun! (That’s supposed to be the Jaws soundtrack in case you couldn’t tell).