These Animals Are Being Total Jerks, But You’ll Laugh Anyway

Humans have funny relationships with the animals they love. If a person acts like a jerk, you might write them off for good. But if a beloved pet acts up, you probably just laugh at their behavior and give them a treat anyway, right? The following animals are acting like total jerks, but we bet you’re laughing at them regardless. It sure does pay to be cute!

Just wait until you see the cat that totally photobombed his owners’ wedding photos.

Sabotaging Your BBQ


The grill was just about ready to throw on the meat, and then the brats are nowhere to be found. The first reaction would be to blame the dog, but this time it was the cat that stole the food for the BBQ.

This cat managed to grab four sausage links and climb up a tree. He’s going to be a little disappointed when he finds out that meat tastes better when it’s cooked properly. Anyway, this cat is a total jerk for having ruined everyone’s’ delicious BBQ dinner. Even if they were able to retrieve the sausage, no one wants to eat that.

You Told Me To Sit!


Seeing a photo like this, one has to truly believe that dogs have senses of humor. Why else would this yellow lab sit on his cat sibling with a big smile on his face?

Not only is he on top of the cat, but he looks super proud to be sitting there. The cat, on the other hand, looks less than happy, but sat still long enough for a photo. The dog is probably just doing what he was told, anyway. “Sit” is one of the most common commands given to a pup, after all. Can’t blame him for that.

New Litter Box!


This cat thinks that this box of puzzle pieces is her new litter box. She walks around in it, sniffs, and has tried to pee in it several times. When her humans sit down to do a puzzle, she waltzes over and tries to pop a squat in the box.

Doing puzzles is supposed to be relaxing and enjoyable, but every time this cat’s humans reach for a new piece, they have to hope that the cat didn’t use the box as a relief area. It doesn’t matter that the box is on the kitchen table; she thinks it’s her new potty.

Hey Cats! That’s My Bed


These cats don’t really care if this bed belongs to their K-9 sister. As you can see, the two cats have taken up residence on the purple bed, not leaving any room for the dog it was intended for.

The dog doesn’t look too thrilled that she’s being kicked out of her own territory, but the cats have made it quite clear who is in charge here. The dog is not impressed — and the cats could not care less. Maybe some day this dog will get to lay on her new bed — but that day won’t be today.

Spot Taken? No Worries


This dog was hoping for a spot right in front of the fire, but when he got to where he wanted to hang out for the evening, he found that his seat had been taken. Rather than move a little bit to the left or the right, the dog decided to just plunk down, right on top of the cat that was already there.

The dog doesn’t look too happy about having to find different accommodations for himself, but one can probably imagine that the cat wasn’t too happy with it either. Both, however, were able to enjoy the warm fire just the same.

Kissing? Gross!


Perhaps one of the most epic photobombs ever. This happy couple was posing for photos for their engagement shoot when this cat came along and decided to steal the show.

While the stray could have been all cute and sweet in the photo, he decided to show the photographer how he really felt about all this lovey-dovey stuff. His face pretty much sums up how every six-year-old boy feels about romance. The picture couldn’t have been timed more perfectly. Hopefully the bride-and-groom-to-be were able to get some other frameable shots during their session.

You Drink, I Bathe


These two German shepherds were very thirsty after being outside for an hour. They both started lapping up fresh water from a large bowl put out by their owner.

Within seconds, a small dog from the neighborhood realizes that he’s also hot and could use a cool down. Rather than waiting his turn or trying to get a couple of laps of water in, he decides to just lay in the bowl altogether. The two big dogs can no longer drink the water and the little dog just sits in his makeshift ice bath without a care in the world.

Dear Human, Why Do You Look So Puzzled?


Cats have a tendency to get in the way of things — like directly in the way. And while they might not know any better, it seems as though their actions could be interpreted differently. Take this cat, for example. He clearly sees his humans touching these puzzle pieces on the table. However, he chooses to lay down across them anyway, prohibiting additional puzzle play.

Perhaps the best part is that the cat just stares at his human as if to say, “can I help you with something?” Regardless, it doesn’t look like he is going to get up anytime soon.

Bulldog Wants To Go Back To Being An Only Child


The owner of this bulldog offered to care for a buddy’s lab for a weekend, and what happened on night one was enough for this bulldog to thank his lucky stars that he’s an “only-child.”

The lab decided that it would be fun to torment the bulldog but — as you can see from the bulldog’s face — fun wasn’t actually the word for it. The lab decided to take a seat on his new pal, and just hung out there for a while. The bulldog couldn’t do much besides look at his human in complete disgust.

I Guess These Are No Longer Sanitary


These cats got into quite a bit of mischief, rummaging through a box of sanitary pads under the bathroom sink. While that may have been fun in the moment, getting caught doesn’t look so fun, judging by the look on the black cat’s face.

Of course, he probably doesn’t care much, since he’s a cat — and the moment he gets another chance to do the exact same thing, you know he won’t think twice about it. Who knew that pads could be so much fun for a feline that doesn’t actually need to use them?

If Only You Didn’t Take Up So Much Room


Dogs of all shapes and sizes tend to get along really well — it’s just in their nature. However, it’s common for small dogs to have a need to stand their ground — to make space for themselves because they are sometimes overlooked by big dogs.

Well, this little guy isn’t letting his big brother get in the way of that. He has no problem climbing over the big lug laying on the floor. What’s that you say? It’s easier to go around? Well, that may be, but it’s not as much fun that way. Not even close.

I Call It… Art


Imagine waking up this kind of mess in the morning and you don’t actually have any human children? Welcome to the world of owning a cat. Not only did he dump out the sugar, but he made sure to walk around it in a bit too.

He then perched himself on the chair and waited for his human to come take a look at his masterpiece. And boy, was he proud. Who knows what this cat would do with other baking essentials like flour and salt? Best to keep those in a cupboard with a door on it, just in case.

Oops! Were You Trying To Film That?


Whilst this cat’s owner was attempting to film her daily yoga routine, her beloved feline companion decided to saunter in and plop down right in front of the camera. This is of course just like a cat, as you might know if you own one yourself.

Cats often love to be the center of attention but in their own totally nonchalant way! We bet when this owner went to playback her yoga footage, she was pretty amused by this hilarious video of her cat hogging all the attention! We bet she wasn’t even angry and gave her kitten lots of cuddles instead!

The Defiant Doggo


This dog’s facial expression definitely seems to say, “Yeah, I did it! So what?! As he stands in front of the massive mess he created in his owner’s kitchen. He seems to have ripped open and rummaged through the kitchen trash, which is never a good thing! Although, it’s super common for dogs to do.

However, so often dogs are usually quite ashamed when they find out they are in trouble with their owners for making a mess. But this dog is definitely the exception to the rule and does not seem to care in the least that his owner is mad. What an attitude on this one!

Another Yoga Interrupter


Here is yet another occurrence of a woman attempting to record her yoga routine, however this time the interrupter is a dog and not a cat. But instead of hogging the attention like his cat counterpart, this dog couldn’t help but give his owner some licks while she’s literally balancing herself on her arms.

It’s pretty interesting to notice the different behavior of cats versus dogs and this one is a perfect example to showcase the difference. Either way, how can you be mad at your dog interrupting your yoga routine with kisses? We think this is a super cute example of animals behaving badly!

Steal All The Snacks


These three super cute dogs were the stars of a video short that made the Internet rounds in recent years. As the video starts, the three dogs pose cutely for their owners with a treat in front of each of them. Soon, however, temptation over takes the dog on the right and he takes his treat and his two dog friends treats as well.

The other two dog friends remain seated waiting for a cue from their owner like “what just happened?” The Internet absolutely went wild for this video and it’s easy to see why! It’s kind of like the beginning of every diet ever, only to give into temptation.

Kept On A Short Leash


In this photo if you look closely you will see that this poor doggo is being kept on a leash by a cat. The cat is actually controlling where the dog can go and isn’t letting him go very far at all. We think this is probably every cat’s dream. Well, any cat that has to co-habitat with a dog anyway.

This is why we also think this is probably one of the greatest stills that represents marriage. If you’re married you probably know that it’s like cats and dogs trying to get along, don’t you think?! What a classic photo capture!

The Helmet Of Shame!


Wow! Really, not much more needs to be said on this one. If you look closely you will notice two thins. One, the dog looks totally ashamed. Two, there is poop in the helmet! While we don’t know the exact background of this story, we can imagine it took place while the dog was on a bike ride with his owner.

While stopped in the beautiful great outdoors, the dog decided to use the restroom in the owner’s helmet instead of on the vast amount of ground available. Perhaps, the owner took the dog out for too much exercise and the dog was showing his displeasure?!

The Real Life Jaws


This still was taken from a video that shows a shark coming out of the water and biting into the inflatable side of a boat on what looks to be a fishing expedition. While many experts have said that sharks will not bother you if you are not bothering them, we are not sure the same can be said for this shark.

In fact, this shark definitely looked like he knew what he was doing which is totally terrifying! Back in the 1970s Steven Spielberg made the classic horror film Jaws, which showed a shark terrorizing the people of a small beach community. Only Jaws was never supposed to be a true story. Can’t you hear it now? Dun-nun, Dun-nun, Dun-nun! (That’s supposed to be the Jaws soundtrack in case you couldn’t tell).

Pelican Attack!


This shot shows a pelican right before he attempted to attack people at some kind of garden or animal enclosure. Clearly this bird is not happy with his surroundings. In fact, so often we hear that other birds like ducks or geese are totally mean and will chase you, it’s not often that you hear about larger birds like pelicans.

These people must have made the bird felt threatened in some way or maybe they weren’t offering him any food that he so desperately wanted. Either way, this place should definitely include a sign that says beware of birds!

We’re Gonna Need Another Book


This photo is a classic. The dog has torn up his owner’s book which is entitled “Dog Training For Dummies”. Something tells us that book isn’t going to be successful with this dog. The dog’s expression is also pretty hilarious, he’s looking at the camera innocently like “What, me?”

We think this owner might need to bring out the big guns and perhaps call on a professional like some local dog training classes or even go so far as to consult the experts like the dog whisperer Cesar Milan. At least the doggo definitely has one super cute face, despite his unfortunately destructive ways!

Am I In The Way?


If you have a cat you are definitely familiar with this one! For cats, there seems to be something about laptop keyboards that it just totally irresistible. Perhaps it’s the warmth that emits from the keyboard or perhaps it’s that cats like to be the center of attention at all times.

This cat even seems to be looking at the screen like, “Oh, excuse me, were you working?” Or perhaps, we’ve got it all wrong and this photo is of a cat actually working behind the scenes. Maybe a cat wrote this entire list you are reading right now? You may never know the truth!

Marking Their Territory?


Cats are known to spray things around the house to mark their territory. By leaving their scent, cats show they were there, and they run this area. Some cats are gross and spray their owners’ feet and legs.

This cat is even grosser and decided to put its rear end in someone’s face as they casually recline in a chair. The look on the man’s face is one of complete horror. And unlucky for him, someone was able to capture the moment on camera, to live in internet infamy.

He Doesn’t Want To Share


If you’ve ever watched observed a bird feeder, you’ll notice that different types of birds are super aggressive towards the others, especially when it comes to food. Some birds will bully the rest away from the bird feeder and fend off others that come by to check it out. It’s hard to see what’s going on exactly while watching the birds.

Their speedy actions are too quick for the human eye to catch, but this photo shows just what we’re missing. This bird had no intention of sharing this find of seeds and uses his legs to kick off a bird of a different species.

It’s Mine Now


There’s always that one alpha pet that runs the house. It appears that this black cat is the alpha in their household. While she most likely has a cozy bed of her own, she decides that the dog’s bed is more fitting for a nap. Not only does she steal the dog’s bed, but she sits directly in the middle, so he can’t share the space.

The poor dog looks on with a sad face but does nothing to make the cat move. He knows that if he attempts to take his bed back, he’ll probably get a cat paw in the face.

Mean Trash Panda


We’re not sure what this woman was thinking, trying to get that close to a raccoon. Maybe she thought that it was a different type of animal, maybe a cat? People often do stupid things while they’re traveling, and mistake animals as friendly, that everyone knows has a reputation for being mean.

We’ll give her the benefit of the doubt, and assume that she’s never seen a raccoon before. Here it looks like she’s trying to hold it for a photo opp, and it goes so very wrong.

There’s A Reason For The Wall


When visiting the zoo, be aware of the different fences and walls that separate your family from the wild animals. It’s extremely likely that the structures were built and placed there for a good reason.

This father decided to give his son a closer look at the meerkat exhibit. He held his son over the wall that appears to be only inches taller than the jumping ability of the meerkat. Instead of a better look, his son gets a meerkat attached to his feet. Thanks, dad.

He’s Cold


Here it appears that it’s a cold morning in a cold town, and someone did not bring their cattle in last night. This cow found a place to warm up, on the hood of someone’s BMW. How many pounds do you suppose this cow weights? 2,400 lbs?

There’s a good chance that car is going to need somebody work after the cow is done with his nap. You often see cats crawl up on the hood of someone’s car or warm up under it, but you’d never expect to see a cow! The owner was in for quite a surprise.

I Left You The Vowels


Clearly, this pet bird should not be left out of his cage unattended. While some bird owners let their birds roam the house on occasion, this one is perhaps not ready for so much freedom.

Here, he found his way into the bedroom where the laptop was left open on the floor. The bird took an interest to the clicking sound of the keyboard and then decided to rip off all the keys. It looks like he was caught in the act before the entire keyboard went missing.

Let’s Bring the Goat Into The House…


Someone had a bad idea here. Goats are known to be energetic and love to bump other goats and people totally randomly. They are curious and will climb on top of anything in sight. Someone had a terrible idea of bringing one of the goats into the house, and this is the result.

This photo was taken at the perfect time, right before this girl was undoubtedly head-butted by the family goat. They’re lucky if that’s the most damage this goat does.

I’ll Nap, Too


When you crash out on the couch, you usually have to worry about your friends playing a prank on you in this type of vulnerable situation, but instead, you have to worry about the family dog at this house.

Clearly, the guy fell asleep first, and the dog decided to use his head as a pillow for his butt, to take a nap while getting a better view out the window. This human looks to be one sound sleeper, as he has the dog’s rear-end on his face and a paw in the eye, but is still managing to get some rest.

The Last Slice


Okay, no excuses here. The cat knows that what’s on that plate is food, and although he’s not interested in eating it, he decides to sabotage this person’s food anyway. Maybe that’s the cat’s favorite chair, and the pizza eater should have known better, but in any case, this cat is the definition of a jerk.

What if that was the last slice of pizza? Nobody appreciates a cat rolling around on their lunch. Now the cat is going to smell like a deluxe pizza as well.

Llama Bomb


This newly wed couple made the interesting choice of having their wedding photos taken in a forest of llamas. They can’t expect for everything to go smoothly while llamas are wandering all around her expensive wedding dress and camera equipment.

Here, the happy couple stares longingly into each others’ eyes, while a llama decides that he would make a better focus of the photo. We wonder if the photographer was chased or spit on about three seconds after this photo.

No Respect


Here we have another example of a cat who steals a dog’s bed, and the dog does nothing about it. This poor dog walked over to his bed, ready to take a nap when he sees the family cat acting like a jerk, lounging in the middle of it. While the cat bed offers plenty of room for the cat, we can’t say the same about the dog.

Instead of trying to get the cat to move, the dog makes the sacrifice and use the cat’s bed as a pillow. Cats really are the meanest of house pets when it comes to showing blatant signs of disrespect. This is my bed, meow.

I Thought Canadians Were Supposed To Be Nice


While the people of Canada have a reputation for being overly nice, the same can’t be said about the geese. Here a man is walking through what looks like park or university campus when he is attacked by a Canada goose.

This must have escalated quickly, as the man is knocked down to the ground while the goose is about to take a bite at him. He better get up and start running quick, as another goose looks on, ready to join in on being a jerk for no reason.

The Self-Centered Squirrel


When traveling as a couple, you can expect plenty of selfies and timed photos. Here a happy couple set-up a camera with a beautiful view of their travels, set the timer, and posed in the background. But then, just as the photo was about to be taken, a squirrel jumps up and photobombs the image.

The camera instead, focuses on him, and the couple appears to be blurry, although laughing about the squirrel insisting on being at the center of attention. Since this photo is being passed around the internet, it’s clear the couple has no hard feelings towards the egotistical local.

Good Luck Getting Him Out


What do you do when a ferret crawls into your guitar? There’s no punch line here, really, what do you do? Either the owner couldn’t find his ferret, or he picked up his guitar and was hissed at. Whatever the case, they’re going to have a hard time coercing the ferret to get out of the guitar.

Known to sneak into narrow places, ferrets can fit just about anywhere, and this proves it. If he doesn’t come out willingly, the owner will need to take all of the strings off the guitar.

You Should Have Locked That


Although this woman is safely in her car with the windows up, she didn’t survive the baboon attack unscathed. This clever gang of monkeys decided to go after this woman and her car and wreck total havoc. They don’t seem to be taking her belongings, so much as throwing them everywhere.

She would have been okay if only she had remembered to lock the cargo rack on her roof! These monkeys are definitely jerks. Someone nearby couldn’t resist snapping a photo of this chaos.

Pooping On Your Birthday Celebration


Here some friends decided to rent a cabin in the mountains to celebrate Kelley’s birthday. They look festive with their fur hats and wine glasses, the friends even made the effort to make a sign wishing Kelley a happy birthday.

What they didn’t know, is that while posing for the photo, someone’s dog decided it would be a good time to relieve himself in the snow in the background of it all. We wonder how long it took the women to notice the dog in the photo after posting it on Kelley’s Facebook page.

Give Me Ribs


Employees of this ribs restaurant were probably wondering why business was unusually slow that night. You have to contemplate how badly you really want ribs in this case. Is it worth the possibility of being attacked by a bear?

The bear must have smelled the sweet smell of smoked meat and came to check it out. When he saw what appeared to be another bear, already on the rooftop, he decided it was a good move. Imagine how shocked the locals were, who are used to seeing the wood bear on the roof, to see a real one!

Salt In The Wound


This poor dog came home from an operation, most likely on medicine, and is trying to relax on the couch. The cat he lives with clearly is not sympathetic to the dog’s situation whatsoever. While the dog lays uncomfortably wearing his cone of shame, the cat decides to add insult to injury, and walk across the dog’s face, smooshing the plastic cone against him.

The dog has clearly had enough, and has given up completely, just allowing this to happen. No wonder dogs usually don’t like cats, they are the biggest jerks!

Dog Or Chipmunk?


Ah, yes! If you’ve been a dog owner at some point in your life, you will know that your beloved pet loves to share with you and that includes your snacks. Sometimes pets will exhibit amazing self-control and be able to stop themselves from eating your food but other times if you step out of the room you will return only to find that your food has mysteriously disappeared.

This cute doggo definitely falls in the latter category. These stills are actually from a short clip. As you can see in the first video the dog has a very guilty look on his face and soon it is revealed that he is hoarding tater tots in his mouth, much like a chipmunk. To quote Ron Burgundy from Anchorman, “I’m not even mad, that’s amazing!”

Go Find Your Own Sidewalk


I was just heading out on an early evening jog when I came to this super convenient road block. Tried to get these guys to move, but it was no use. The longer I waited, the more geese seemed to arrive.

Even when I tried to walk into the street, I felt like these geese were judging me. They took up this whole area and wouldn’t let me pass. I tried to trick them into thinking that I had food to give them, but they looked at me strangely. I turned around and walked the other way. Because I’m not fighting geese. Not today.

You Mean, This Coffee?


Some people simply have to have their coffee every morning. And this cat has paid attention long enough to know that his human picks up this white mug every few minutes to take a swig of whatever is inside.

To stop that nonsense — and to get himself some attention — the cat decided to put his paw inside the coffee mug. Now, his human won’t pick up the mug, no more coffee will be drunk, and he may actually get some behind-the-ear scratches that he wants every morning. Everyone has needs, you see. It’s just about who will go to what lengths to get them.

Snapping Turtle Blues


This photo was snapped right before this cute little turtle decided to take a bite out of this cat’s tail. As you might imagine, the cat was not amused. It’s also not definitively known whether or not this is actually a snapping turtle or if the turtle was simply attempting to defend itself.

Yikes, that certainly had to hurt for the poor kitten! But something tells us that the cat had no problem defending himself! Perhaps there is some kind of history there which is why the turtle went on the attack in this clip. Hopefully the two animal buds were able to resolve this disagreement peacefully.

I Was Here First


It’s no secret that cats love looking out the window. However, when one cat gets to the perch first and another cat tries to come along and share that space, there can be major problems. That appears to be what is going on here.

Clearly the cat on the left of this photo didn’t feel like sharing his window space, so he casually tried to push the other cat away using his paw. Although the other cat isn’t sitting on the window sill, it seems obvious that his presence is not wanted. Surely he’ll be up early to scoop that spot tomorrow.

Not Impressed By Puppies


Who doesn’t love super cute puppies? Sometimes it even seems like other animals love their baby counterparts. However, this cat is definitely the exception to the rule. As you can see in this snap, the cat has its leg extended right into the cute schnauzer puppy’s throat.

Of course, right after this photo was taken the cat decided to kick the poor unwitting puppy. Although the image of a cat surrounded by super cute puppies certainly couldn’t be any cuter, the cat was not moved by the situation. In fact, you might notice that the cat has the most unimpressed face ever plastered across it’s mug. That’s cats for you!

Don’t Get Up


This gator had somewhere to be and he wasn’t about to let another gator stand, er, lay in his way. It’s unknown if the common courtesy “excuse me,” applies in Gator-speak, but this guy has places to go and people to see — and he did what he needed to do to move on out.

He picked himself up and just walked across the head of his neighbor, and none of the other gators even flinched. The gator on the bottom is probably hoping that this guy gets moving fast and that he doesn’t have to support all of that weight on his head for much longer.

Hey, Let’s Play!


These two dog buddies are so cute as they lay on the couch together. However, one is definitely more excitable than the other. One husky is trying to rouse the other almost as if to say let’s get up and go play! The dog laying down on the couch definitely seems to be more interested in staying lazy and just lounging around. We can’t blame him.

Actually, this is kind of just like people, there are always some people who seem to have more consistent energy while there are others who just need to chill out and relax. We definitely relate more with the second dog! Don’t you agree?

Why Is My Cable Off?


Wow! This cat definitely takes the whole “cats being cats” thing to a totally new level. This cat has made their way up to their owner’s satellite dish and is looking down mockingly as though to say, “Oh, is this disrupting your TV watching habits?” Why yes, cat!

This would probably disrupt the satellite signal. It might even be enough to prompt you to call your cable provider which might have been how this photo was snapped in the first place. Perhaps, the satellite technician came out to check out the problem with the signal only to find that a furry feline was behind the disruption.

What A Comfy Cushion!


Have you ever sat on an outdoor chair and just thought, “man, this is super uncomfortable?” Well, this dog has it all figured out. You see, if you sit on a cat, it makes for a really nice cushion. It even gives you a bit of a higher perspective so you can look for birds and other creatures to attack. When you come back, the cat will probably still be right where you left him, ready to be sat on again.

If he’s not, you can probably find him easily enough and go sit on him somewhere else in the house.

Oh, Were You Going To Drink Out Of These?


This little kitty thought that laying across a few water jars was not only convenient but super comfortable. Obviously, her human had no intention of actually drinking any of this water — and if he did, well, he doesn’t anymore.

If you look closely, you’ll notice that this cat is making sure that no one puts their mouth on that mason jar. She has purrfectly (see what I did there?) placed her bottom half over the jar’s opening. If you are wondering if she is comfortable, she definitely is. The more thirsty you appear, the longer she’s going to sit right there.

Favorite Lounge Spot? Shoe Rack Tier 3


This cat’s humans bought a kitty condo for him, but he refuses to sit on it. Why? He prefers his dad’s shoe rack. Why? Because he’s a cat.

Not only does this cat like to play on the soft top panel, but he also likes the scratching sound that his nails make when they swipe the canvas. That’s why you see that big tear. Not to mention, the cat wanted to ensure that his humans don’t put any stinky shoes on the top tier as he enjoys his perch. It’s actually really smart thinking.

All Eyes On Me


This cat wants to make sure that her owner’s eyes are on her and only on her. The show Curb Your Enthusiasm looks be to playing on the TV in the background but that definitely doesn’t matter to this kitten. Forget Larry David, she says! Actually, Larry David has kind of similar attitude on the show now that we think about it.

We might even go so far as to say that Larry David’s spirit animal would definitely be an unamused cat. This cat is particularly beautiful so we think it would be hard to resist loving this cat no matter what. With a face like that, how could you resist!

Kicked By A Monkey


So, this is definitely not the greatest quality photo, but it’s taken from an almost unbelievable GIF circling the Internet. It had to be included on this list of animal jerks! It doesn’t get much jerkier than this!

This monkey somehow has it’s very own tiny motorcycle, it then steals this photographer’s cigarette and kicks at him when the man tries to get it back. The moment the monkey kicks him was captured here in this still. It’s almost unbelievable that this is a real situation that occurred as it seems like it would be straight out of a movie, but no it was real life somewhere! Wow!

Slapped By A Cat


If you are a cat owner, you know that cats often use their little paws to defend themselves. The will swat at things if they feel they need to defend themselves, if they are somehow scared, or even if they are feeling particularly moody (which can be often with some cats). In this case, this cat was so brave that it actually went up to a big mama deer.

In the background of this still was actually a baby deer which is probably why the mom deer felt the need to be protective. The cat was so brave with an animal more than 10 times its size to go up to the deer and hit her in the face! Cats can truly be fearless creatures!

Get That Cake Out Of My Face!


If you have ever seen the movie Nacho Libre starring Jack Black, you might remember the scene where Nacho is offered street corn and slaps it out of his friend’s hand saying, “Get that corn outta my face!” This dog is pretty much Nacho’s animal counterpart.

Right after this still was taken the dog slaps the cake out of his owner’s hand. What a good pet owner to offer their dog cake for a birthday, and the dog returns the favor by throwing the tasty treat to the ground. Hilarious! Perhaps this dog is merely trying to watch his figure, we think many would be able to relate to the that on a deep level.

Pop Goes The Tire


This still was taken in the exact moment that this rhino popped the wheel of a truck on a safari. While it’s a pretty amusing thing to see on the Internet, it was undoubtedly terrifying for the people on the safari in real life. It has been said that rhinoceros’ can be some of the most vicious animals in the wild despite their relatively docile nature.

This video proves that. It also almost seems as though the rhino did this on purpose, which would show how incredibly smart this creature is. Quite amazing to be able to see creatures in their natural habitat as opposed to enclosures at various zoos.

Monkey Business


“Hold the monkey,” they said. “It’ll be fun,” they said. It is unclear exactly at what point this guy started regretting his decision, but we’re going to guess that the moment he felt this monkey’s teeth sink into the side of his face, he had second thoughts.

Unfortunately, he didn’t get the social media photo that he wanted, but he can definitely add “getting bit by a monkey” to things he has accomplished in life. In many ways, the guy in the photo looks like he’s laughing. He probably has a ridiculously high pain tolerance.

Dog Is Man’s Best (Bathroom) Friend


It’s one thing to have kids that don’t leave you alone even for one minute during the day (and throughout the night), but how about a dog that wants to be with you every second? This guy can’t even go to the bathroom without his dog crawling into his pants.

The photo he took shows his dog looking up at him in, perhaps, one of the biggest violations of privacy. Of course, dogs don’t understand that, so this guy just has to deal with the fact that his pup is really stinkin’ cute. Believe it or not, it helps.