These Are the Greatest Photos From Amusement Park Rides

Lots of theme park rides capture riders as they plummet down a final slide or wait to be launched in the air. As emotions of excitement and fear run strong, it’s only natural that some of these photos turn out to be downright hilarious. While sometimes people look as though they’re having the time of their lives, others are clearly scared to death and probably second-guessing how they got themselves into this situation. Read on to see some of the greatest photos from amusement park rides. Wait until you see how one “angry” mom handled a terrifying plunge.

The Rock


No, this isn’t “Race To Witch Mountain,” but it’s close! Everyone loves amusement park rides, even celebrities. Here’s Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson enjoying Splash Mountain a few years ago. It’s obvious that he’s having a great time on the ride. In 2011, he went to Disneyland and showed off his big muscles for the camera. It’s unclear who he hung out with while visiting the Disney park, but we love how he held nothing back (including his big guns) when posing for a picture. The Rock is one of our favorite celebs, and he’s appeared in many films, including “Moana” and “Furious 7.”

The Rock isn’t the only celebrity to make our list but he is definitely the bravest. Wait until you see how Jimmy Fallon and Kevin Hart reacted to a rollercoaster ride.

Ping Pong Play


Wow, there’s a lot going on in this photo. And they must have had to practice quite a bit to get this one right, don’t you think? Five of the people in the picture are somehow playing ping pong on a roller coaster. In the front seat, it looks like a woman is ducking her head down, while her seatmate has a paddle in his hands. The two guys in the middle seat are successfully holding up the net. The two guys in the back seat are also holding paddles, and the ball is within one of the men’s reach. Very cool.

A Barf With Bad Timing


This undated event happened on a roller coaster at Six Flags. If you’re an unlucky type of person, you may have experienced something similar to this—either you vomited or a friend did during an amusement park ride. The guy on the front right obviously had problems with the up and down motion. His stomach couldn’t handle it, and he barfed…right on the woman next to him. She may or may not have been his girlfriend. The great thing about this picture is that the camera snapped the action at exactly the right moment. His stomach contents spread out all over the place. Yuck!

Rock Star


We love what’s happening here, almost as much as the guy who’s the focus of this picture. Notice how his hair is flying up and off of his head. But the best part is that he is simultaneously sticking his tongue out and waving his fist in the air. He is having the time of his life, and others are also enjoying his enthusiasm. The girl and boy behind him look absolutely tickled by his reaction. In all likelihood, the guy was shouting out loud how great the ride was. But it probably wasn’t as great as the look on his face.

The Slingshot Makes DMX Lose His Mind


The Slingshot at Orlando’s Magical Midway is not for the faint of heart. The ride catapults you into the air at a force of three to five G’s, which basically means, it’s fast. Really fast.

Rapper DMX wanted to find out how scary the Slingshot was for himself and judging by the video that was released on him on the ride, had a pretty terrifying time. Fans were so surprised that the tough guy shrieked like a baby the entire time he was up in the air. DMX couldn’t handle the criticism, so he rode the ride again for redemption. Of course, he filmed the second ride as well and tried to show how chill he was by promising to smoke a cigarette on the ride. Dare we say the Slingshot made him lose his mind, up in here, up in here?

The Hulk


This guy is doing his best Hulk impersonation, and we have to give him a gold star for the effort. Notice how he effortlessly ripped his white t-shirt apart as the camera snapped a picture. The pose is made even better due to the framing on the photo, which also looks like it has been ripped. Way to go! But then there’s the guy next to him. He doesn’t seem all that impressed with his friend’s dramatic pose. Maybe he’s jealous that he didn’t come up with something so clever. His friend overshadowed him in a major way. The next slide features a bird who got into the action!

Bird Photo Bomb


Judging from the clothes, it appears that this photo was taken a few years back. The four people in the photo appear to be having a great time on some sort of roller coaster. Little did they know a winged creature would nearly crash into them mid-flight. Check out this really brave (or really stupid) bird that somehow got caught up in the amusement park ride. It looks like a seagull. His bird sense was obviously out of whack because he nearly flew right into the riders. We’re not entirely sure why he’s upside down. Maybe he caught his wing on the guy on the left.

Time For Breakfast


This photo happened on Splash Mountain in 2010. It appears that this is a thing for park goers. They do something silly (like play ping pong) in the middle of a ride. In this case, the kids are eating cereal and reading a newspaper. They seem perfectly content during one of the ride’s most thrilling moments. Well, of course, that’s the point. They knew exactly when the camera would snap their picture and prepared themselves to look as nonchalant as possible. Check out the guy behind them — he looks absolutely delighted, either by the ride itself or the two boys in front of him.

Human Pool Table


This picture wasn’t taken on the ride, but we had to include it because it’s so unusual. The Human Pool Table Ride used to be at Coney Island in New York City. It features a bunch of spinning discs. Apparently, the rider lies down on the discs, which move him or her across the floor. Vintage black and white photos like this are great because they show a moment in time that has long since disappeared. This ride is no longer in existence. Perhaps people grew bored of it. Nowadays, you’d probably never see something tame like this at an amusement park.

Brave Shirtless Man


This guy is channeling singer Iggy Pop, who often performs shirtless. For some reason, he thought it would be a great idea to go on a roller coast without wearing a shirt. This is strange for a few reasons. First, do amusement parks allow people to go shirtless? Second, wouldn’t the ride be uncomfortable without a shirt? Third, wasn’t it cold outside (the people around him are wearing jackets, hats, and scarves)? In addition to stripping off his clothes, this rider was somehow able to wiggle out of his seat and stand for the photo. He’s one dangerous, risk-taking dude. Next, you’ll see why bringing grandpa on a rollercoaster might be a very bad idea.

Scared Grandpa


It appears as though this ride was particularly scary. The two kids in the front seat look absolutely terrified. The one kid’s mouth is wide open, and she (or he) has her hands behind her head. She’s probably thinking, “OMG! OMG!” The boy next to her appears to be praying. Yup, he has his hands pressed together in front of his face as though it’s the end of the world. Well, the guy behind them, who may or may not be their grandfather, looks particularly stressed. He definitely can’t handle the ride. He covered his face with his hands and refuses to open his eyes.

Bacon Lover


There are some people who should probably avoid theme park rides. Obviously, there’s something about them that can’t handle the acceleration and up and down motion of roller coasters. Take this guy. First of all, let’s discuss the best part – his style. He has the phrase “Bacon Strips” written several times on his t-shirt. It’s absolutely fantastic. But then you have to add his facial expression to the mix. He looks like he’s scared to death. He also kind of reminds us of British actor Simon Pegg. This guy’s reaction to the ride is awesome. Now, where can we get a shirt like that?

Coney Island Grandmas


Here’s another not-so-candid photo from Coney Island. This obviously took place many years ago. We’re guessing that the three women are riding on a carousel. Two are on pigs, and one is on a horse. While the ride itself is tame, the great thing is to see women of such a mature age enjoying an amusement park ride. You don’t see that happen too often nowadays. Of course, today’s rides involve much more action and often include warning signs to keep sick, pregnant and elderly people off of them. But a carousel? That’s a ride both young and old can enjoy. Our next thrill seekers managed to play a game of chess while taking a wet and wild plunge.

Chess Players


This photo was taken at Splash Mountain in 2008. There’s definitely a trend here with posing for pictures on park rides. They’re not playing ping pong or eating breakfast, but they are definitely playing a game of chess. The guy in front and the girl behind him appear to be focusing intently on the chess board. We believe they planned this in advance and glued the pieces onto the board so they didn’t fly away when the ride plummeted into the water. Still, we like the serious expressions on the faces. It really looks as though they’re trying to make the right move.

Kevin Hart & Jimmy Fallon


In 2014, actor/comedian Kevin Hart and late-night talk show host Jimmy Fallon rode the Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit roller coaster at Universal Studios Florida in Orlando. Kevin is not a fan of roller coasters. The Rockit travels up to 65 miles per hour and climbs 17 stories high over the park. Both of them held on tight for dear life and screamed during the ride. At one point, a bug slammed into Jimmy’s face. Kevin didn’t notice because he was too preoccupied with his own terror. Watching celebrities on roller coasters is one of our favorite things!

Dinosaur Arms


This picture is one of the funniest in the bunch. The kids in the back row appear to be on their own and unconnected to the four adults in front of them. The one guy in the middle row is hilarious! He appears to be missing a tooth and is doing something with his arms that makes us think of a pterodactyl. We’re not sure what the guy next to him is doing. The woman in front is pointing her finger to the left, as though she’s highlighting the actions of the man next to her, who appears to be thinking really hard.

Excited Danish Grandpa


This photo appears to have been taken at Tivoli Gardens amusement park in Copenhagen, Denmark. It’s very likely that the riders are Danish, including the happy grandpa in the second row. Sure, the two young women appear to be having a good time on the ride. They are leaning into each other and smiling. Then there’s grandpa. Not only is he leaning forward to take in the action, he is also yelling in delight. It’s obvious that he’s having a heck of a time on the ride. There’s nothing holding him back from enjoying life. Way to go, gramps!

Angry Mom


This photo of a woman, dubbed “Angry Mom,” on Splash Mountain went viral in 2016. It shows that not everyone enjoys amusement park rides. She is sitting by herself with her arms crossed with a full-on grimace. If looks could kill, the cameraman would be dead. The image was shared on the popular photo website Imgur, and people went crazy over it and tried to find the woman behind the photo.

It turns out, the woman is Jordan Alexander, from Syracuse, New York. She was visiting the theme park on vacation and really wanted to go on the ride, but her husband bailed on her. She did it anyway and purposely posed like this. She then told him to share the pic with the world. The rest is history. You’re only a few examples away from the creepiest rollercoaster photo of all time!

The Full Spectrum of Rollercoaster Emotions


Different people respond differently to roller coast rides. Some people love them, some tolerate them, and some downright hate them. This group seems to be a mix of all three and truly show the spectrum of emotions one may feel upon a rollercoaster. The guy in the second row is at one end of the spectrum and is totally freaked out by the ride. His mouth is wide open, and we presume that he’s yelling quite loud. He’s in such shock that his hands are nearly covering his face. Meanwhile, the guy on the left in the front row is praying. We don’t think he’s that scared, but he’s acting like it. And the guy on the right? We assume the horns are a sign he’s having a great time.

The Creepy Clown


It appears that this picture took place at an amusement park on a wooden roller coaster. The focus of the picture is the creepy clown. He’s wearing rainbow-colored suspenders, a red nose, blue tie, and white paint on his face. But he’s also smoking a cigarette and has a huge frown. There’s no way a parent would want this type of clown at their children’s birthday party. But what makes the picture even better is the girl behind him on the left. She looks terrified. Maybe it’s the ride, or maybe it’s the clown. We think it’s a combination of both.