Make Sure Your Mind Is Right… These Images Will Cause A Double Take!

You’ve probably stumbled upon an image, and at first you were startled by what you were seeing, but after analyzing it calmly you realized that your brain had indeed deceived you. And that’s hilarious! Depending on the angle at which the picture is taken or the position of the subjects, our minds can play tricks on us. People who are creative or with a “polluted” mind go through such situations with certain frequency.

So we can conclude that everything is as it seems! We can not jump to conclusions. Check out some images with double meaning! Some will leave you extremely confused.

Cucumbers Have Bad News

It is almost impossible to look at this image and not see several sad faces, is it not? It’s the first thing we see. But did the person cut the cucumbers this way on purpose? Or was it just a coincidence? Either way, we’re glad it happened.

Even the kids will want to taste those sad cucumbers. Figure out how to do this if you’re trying to encourage little ones to eat fruits, vegetables and salads. It just might work.

Two Buildings Hugging Each Other


The architect who designed these buildings is a creative genius. Does not it seem like the two towers are hugging each other? It’s unbelievable! And the angle at which the photo was taken made this even more evident. The smaller building seems to be entwining the other with its arms.

Did not you find this picture cute? We are not sure whether this was the architect’s idea or whether it is just another double-entender image.

This One Is A Puzzle

This image is quite disturbing. Whoever looks quickly, without paying close attention to detail, sees a half-baby, half-woman lying on the edge of the beach. But it’s more of a confusion of our mind. In fact, this is nothing more than a child sitting on his mother’s back.

Long live the family relationship … Now that we know what it is, it’s less agonizing to look at this photo. Feel free to share and freak out your friends!

She’s a Little Manly

These two girls did not choose the best pose to take a photo together. The blonde from the right looked like she had an extremely hairy arm. Only after a few seconds can you realize that it’s actually the leg of a guy who’s sitting next to the two friends.

As soon as this image hit the internet, it went viral. Seriously, how did they nail this pose without even trying? That’s what we call serendipity.

Giant Arms?

The arms of the girl in black, who is in the center of the photograph, are not huge. It is an optical illusion. In fact the hand that appears on the left side of the person who sees the photo is the child with glasses and beige shorts.

The way the children were positioned confused our minds, and got us pretty good. It would be a little strange if this girl really had giant arms.

Foreign Bodies

Woman with man’s body? Man with woman’s head? This is another disturbing image. You have to look very closely and calmly to understand what’s actually happening. In fact, the guy is the one who’s sitting on the couch holding the newspaper.

His girlfriend is sitting behind him, giving him a hug. This photo would probably even confuse them, even though they know what’s happening. Another example of a photo you couldn’t recreate if you tried!

A Dog in a Human Body?

Remain calm! It’s just another double-entendre image! Look very carefully and everything will eventually make sense. This is not a person with a dog’s head as it may seem at first. In fact, the girl was fishing and her pet was positioned next to her.

The way the picture was taken confused our mind. But really, what are the odds that this girl’s hair perfectly matches that of her golden retriever? Maybe people really do look like their pets.

Who Trapped the Dog in the Wood?


What do you see in the photo above? It’s almost impossible not to see the face of a dog in the wood, right? But don’t worry, they’re just natural stains and cracks. It may seem obvious, but we figured that it’s better to explainbecause it’s possible that someone thought that there was a dog trapped inside the wood.

Some people believe in paranormal phenomena, and the last thing that we want is for anyone thinking that a dog was at risk.

A Leprechaun?

This image is hilarious! The man at the bottom of the boat looks like a dwarf. And there’s more! From the angle the photo was taken, it looks like he was riding one of the women like a horse. It’s necessary to look twice and carefully understand that everything is just an optical illusion.

This photo certainly gave a good laugh to those involved. Do you still have doubts that angle is everything?

Calm Down, She’s Not Naked

Calm down! It’s not what you’re thinking! Don’t let your mind make that mistake. The girl is not naked. In fact, her friend’s arm created an unusual “silhouette,” giving the impression that she was totally undressed.

Be very careful when choosing the pose of your next photo so you do not go through a situation like this. The guy’s face in the background looks way too happy, almost as if he knows how this situation will turn out.

We Promise That This Image Is Innocent


It’s not what you’re thinking… Here we have an example of an image that we can not jump to conclusions. After all, everything is not what it seems. Looking quickly, a rather mischievous idea may come to your mind.

But if you look more closely at this image of two girls sitting on a bench, the girl on the left is just holding her own leg, almost touching the leg of the friend next to her. What did you think she was doing?

Look at that Face!

This photo is just an old tap on a sink or possibly a tub, but the more creative-minded people are sure to see a face. It’s possible to see eyes, a nose anda mouth due to the angle that the photo was taken, and the hardware design.

This sink is no longer in service, as it’s knobs are ripped off, and overall, it clearly hasn’t been cared for. We’re happy that it was able to achieve it’s second life of making us laugh.

Running Steaks

These two pieces of meat look a lot like a pair of sneakers. Did you see it? Do you think the butcher cut this on purpose? Maybe they’re a fan of track and field. Why not? But hopefully nobody got confused.

Imagine if a more distracted person grabs this steak by mistake and tries to put it on their feet. That would make for a very unpleasant situation. And of course, now we’re all imagining that feeling.

Shameless Couple?


This photo caused a lot of confusion on Facebook. In it a man appears accompanied by his companion, aboard a boat. But notice the position of the guy’s fingers. Some social network users thought he was naked and wrote in the comments things like: “Things like that make me feel sick. This is Facebook, there are children here, there are parents here.”

“The law is here. Show respect, classless retards,” and, “I have already denounced this photo and asked my neighbors to do the same. This kind of posting is not allowed.” But if you still have not noticed, he’s just holding his partner’s legs with his fingers.

Her Knees Have Expressions

There’s a face on this girl’s knee! Do you see a bald baby as well? Someone on public transportation that day took notice and was compelled to take a photo just to make sure that other people see it too.

If you see these faces it means that your brain took a ‘shortcut’ and began to see faces in things that don’t have them. Yeah, now that you mention it, that is a bit creepy!

Fruit Or Parrots?

When you first looked at this image, did you see birds? It certainly looks like there are five birds perched on the edge of this drinking glass. But that would be weird, right?

What you actually see is someone getting ready to make some awesome cocktail drinks. What you see here is actually a fancy type of fruit that will be used as accouterments to make it a bit fancier. Sorry if we ruined that for you.

Nature Taking a Seat

The tree was tired of standing for hours and decided to sit on the ground. Fair, right? In the photo you can see nature’s rear end, if your mind is in the right place. Did you see that too? Or is it another trick to deceive our minds?

This is one of those images that people can interpret in different ways. Long live the power of human creativity combined with nature. It never lets us down.

Raphael, Is That You? Wolf Films Wolf Films

Is it just a coincidence or is the person who built this playground a die hard fan of Ninja Turtles? The shape and colors are very reminiscent of Raphael, one of the four main characters in the cartoon. Did you spot it? The security lock is very similar to the mask used by the characters.

The Ninja Turtles have been around for while, and clearly we’re not ready to let them go. We hope there are three more swings in different colors just like this one.

Taking Advantage of the Occasion

The little boy in the picture is very naughty. He managed to frame the girl in his selfie in a hilarious way! It looks like she’s kissing his face, but look carefully at the photo. In fact, she is kissing another boy.

If this kid’s game is already this strong, just imagine what he will have happening for him by the time he reaches college. This photo alone has guaranteed brought his reputation to a new level.

A Perfect Fauxhawk

teereximus / Reddit
teereximus / Reddit

That guy isn’t sporting a funky hairstyle. There is actually a bird flying right behind his head.This photo brings a whole new meaning to the term, “fauxhawk.” If only birds could imitate all kinds of hairstyles. I want to see a bird mullet.

He can’t even be mad, because the originally of this well-timed photo is one for the record books. This will be his social media profile forever.