These Insanely Funny Screenshots From Facebook Prove That Old People Will Always Be The Most Savage

The constant battle between grandparents and social media wages on with absolutely no end in sight. If you think that the next war is going to be fought on a battlefield, you’re wrong. It’s going to be fought on our grandma and grandpa’s Facebook pages as they continue to struggle with how the platform works.

With more and more older people flocking to the site in hopes of rekindling old friendships, there’s going to be more and more blunders. Thankfully, the internet caught on to this pattern and captured some of the best grandparents moments on Facebook, and it’s everything you can imagine.

Grandmaster Flash

Photo Credit: Reddit / Oriek
Photo Credit: Reddit / Oriek

It’s hard enough to teach your grandparents how to post on their friend’s wall without any mishaps, so take what you can get.

The autocorrect tagging system is something that gives a lot of old people some trouble, and this picture perfectly sums it up. This is a great opportunity to become friends with the Grandmaster himself.