These #MomQuotes Remind Us Moms Are The Secret Comedians Of The World

I don’t think we need to remind you how much moms do every single day. Being a parent is one of the most underappreciated jobs. Women out there are simultaneously raising children, working full time, and maintaining perfect nails.

We all know how hard they work, but what a lot of us forget is how funny our moms can be, just by being themselves. Jimmy Fallon has a hashtag for everything, but #MomQuotes has reminded the world how hilarious the women who raised us are. Seriously, how do they manage to mistake so many words?

“That’s What She Said” – Your Mom – Michael Scott

Photo credit: @RockTheFred / @cheryltunts / Twitter

No matter what, your mom is always your number one fan. They love to show off their kids accomplishments, even when they’re complete lies.

So who’s going to be the one to break it to her that Fred didn’t coin this popular phrase?

So Which Child Is The Favorite?

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I always thought my mom was hiding her opinion on who the favorite kid is. It turns out, it’s none of us. This mom let the truth slip, and the truth hurts.

I’m here to apologize to all the moms out there on behalf of all the kids: We’re sorry for everything we put you through. Please don’t eat us.

Moms Are Fearless When It Comes To Embarrassing You

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Moms never miss the opportunity to embarrass their kids. They wait all day and night, thinking of the perfect thing to say to inflict maximum embarrassment.

This is why teenagers are embarrassed to go anywhere with their parents. They know moms can turn a normal gathering into public shaming.

If you thought you were the favorite, think again. The #MomQuote coming up shows us that the youngest is always #1.

They’re Clearly Not Picking Up

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I understand moms being bad with technology when they don’t use it themselves, but there’s a 90% chance this mother also has a cellphone she receives calls and voicemails on.

She should know by now that no one is picking up on that voicemail, yet in true mom fashion, she will never stop.

Second-Hand Mom Embarrassment

Photo credit: @partyfowles / @oneMashable / Twitter

Just when you think you’ve escaped your mom, you end up with another mom. When it comes to moms, there are no restrictions on who they can’t embarrass.

Even worse, this poor girl had to be embarrassed on a sex-related topic. This was easily the worst moment of Jennifer’s life.

How Do You Go To Jail And Still Be The Favorite

Photo credit: @themessednest / Twitter & LUIS ROBAYO / AFP / Getty Images

There’s a 100% chance this brother is the youngest child. There’s no way that any other sibling could get away with going to jail and still get praised by their mother.

If it were the oldest child, they’d be the family disappointment. And if it were the middle child, mom would forget they were even in jail.

Moms are always strict with curse words, but the mom coming up took it to a hilarious new level.

The Mom-Moji

Photo credit: @stonesurhastone / Twitter

This is the most wholesome mom move I’ve ever seen. Introducing new technology to your parents is always risky, but with something as user-friendly and adorable the Bitmojis, they’re bound to love it.

Hey, they might even love it enough to recreate their “little emoji.”

Capable Enough To Use Netflix, But Still Can’t Understand It

Photo credit: @HoorayPlatypus / Twitter & Lisa Werner / Contributor / Getty Images

What is the deal with moms being able to adapt to new technology but only to a certain degree? This mom can clearly work Netflix, which is a big step.

If something on Netflix were unavailable every time someone else was watching it, Netflix would need to release new episodes of Stranger Things every day.

Don’t Say The F Word Around Her

Photo credit: @iPopEditor / @clairebear417 / Twitter

I’ve heard a lot of classic mom stories about them avoiding using swear words, but this one takes the cake. Not only because “fart” is definitely not a curse word, but because she refused to say “Walter The Farting Dog.”

Moms may be secret comedians, but this one won’t be making 12-year-old boys laugh any time soon.

It doesn’t matter how many times you explain social media sites to your mom, they stil mess it up in the most hilarious ways.

I’m Sure He Forgave You

Photo credit: @NitwitMisfit / Twitter & ANDREAS SOLARO / AFP / Getty Images

No matter what your religion is, if your Lord doesn’t support you killing terrifying bugs, then they don’t deserve your devotion.

Desperate times call for desperate measures, and if that means using a holy text to kill a spider, then so be it. At least they’re not written on scrolls anymore.

Moms Are The Masters Of Shade

Photo credit: @caitlincarrickm / @millerkern / Twitter

Mom’s are the original trash talkers. If you grew up sassy, it was likely because of your mom.

If there’s a tweet out there more relatable than this #MomQuote, then can someone please point it out to me? Because I’m feeling the shade thru the computer screen and it burns.

Not Even Tom Would Friend You On Spacebook

Photo credit: @ChristyMarvin / @OnlyInBOS / Twitter

Combining two normal words to make one very strange thing is a classic mom move. I’m just going to go log on to MyFace and check out the Spacebook status updates.

I’m not sure what secret social media site Spacebook is, but it seems out of this world.

The next quote might be a #MomQuote but I think anyone should be able to make it their personal slogan.

This Is My New Life Mantra

Photo credit: @StreamingAl / @keiakamatsu / Twitter

I don’t care if this is a #MomQuote, this is my new life mantra. Not just for receiving gifts, but for prioritizing anything and everything.

If we follow these rules, flowers and candles don’t count as good gifts. Sorry guys, it looks like there needs to be a new go-to gift.

Neighbors With Benefits Is Close Enough

Photo credit: @Brennen_Hancock / @Variety / Twitter

If you think about it, this mother technically isn’t wrong. She and the neighbor are friends, and they do provide each other with benefits. Unfortunately, millennial fast-dating culture has ruined this poor mom’s wholesome relationship.

Someone sit her down to watch Neighbors and Friends With Benefits so she can understand the difference between the two.

The B&B’s Are Trending Everywhere

Photo credit: @almareek / Twitter & Lisa Cranshaw / The Washington Post / Getty Images

I recently introduced my mom to Airbnb and it blew her mind. Seriously, she was in total shock that you could find an entire home for rent anywhere in the world for a relatively good price.

Now my mom and all her best friends exclusively use Airbnb’s when they go on their girl’s trips. So precious.

Any daughter knows that getting your first period is already the most embarrassing moment without your mom there to make it worse.

Moms Forgetting Actors Is A Universal Phenomenon

Photo credit: @That_shammah / @IrregularJinny / Twitter

I firmly believe that every single mom is physically incapable or remembering actor’s names or what they’ve been in. It’s definitely worse for some than others, but this tweet’s description is one of the most universal #MomQuotes out there.

The only actors that moms ever remember are the ones they have crushes on, which is why my mom knows every movie George Clooney has ever been in.

I Love Both Coladas And Enchiladas

Photo credit: @shannonskyfall / @ChrisStigall / Twitter

Some misquotes are understandable, but I have no idea how someone can think that “if you love bean enchiladas” is the correct line.

When you put it in context with the song, it would be pretty funny though. Imagine looking for love and taking out a newspaper ad requesting someone to share bean enchiladas with.

Puberty: When Mom Stops Having Sympathy For You

Photo credit: @hollynheron / @costmopolitan / Twitter

Puberty is a significant life event for a teenager, and parents always make sure to ruin it. Sometimes, it’s making way too big a deal of it to embarrass you. Other times, it’s being a straight savage.

This mom taught her daughter about hormones and mood swings in the harshest way possible.

LOL, Sending A GBH

Photo credit: @llgallagher13 / @90swomen / Twitter

Will parents ever learn what texting acronyms stand for? It seems like every week the local news station is still trying to decrypt teenager’s secret language.

When will they learn that LOL means “laughing out loud,” not “lots of love.” Stop sending LOL at the end of sympathy texts, mom.

Not Even Close

Photo credit: @jimmyfallon / Twitter & Zhang Peng / LightRocket / Getty Images

It doesn’t matter how popular or mainstream something can be, moms will still manage to mess it up. Starbucks is one of the most recognizable brands today, and Blockbuster dominated the world ten years ago.

No brand is above the wrath of mom.