These People Stopped Caring About A Century Ago And It’s Kind Of Inspiring

There comes a time in everyone’s life when the act of caring just isn’t there. For some, it comes right when they are shot out of their mother’s womb, while for others it comes with old age.

There’s an insane amount of expectations put on us every day about how we should act and conduct ourselves in public. It’s often overwhelming and inhibits our individuality as humans. There’s a sense of freedom that comes from disregarding these norms and not caring what other people think of you. The people in this article will inspire you to go out and be yourself.

This Is Something To Be Proud Of

This is actually an impressive feat. While most people will try to keep the fact they just took a poo to themselves, this guy doesn’t care anymore.

Constipation is a condition that affects 63 million Americans, and this dude wants everyone to know that he’s not one of them. We can all learn from this confidence.

“As Long As I’m Spending Time With My Son, I’m Happy”

Photo Credit: Imgur

We’ve all met those parents who will do anything with their children just to be around them. While the sentiment and love are appreciated, sometimes it goes a little too far.

This dad turned into target practice for his son’s new bow, and it didn’t end well. As you can see by the smile on the father’s face, there’s no harm, no foul.

Rain Or Flood, We’re Dining In

Photo Credit: Reddit / blapowwwwah

You know that feeling when you know you’re going to eat dinner at your favorite restaurant, and it’s all you can think about the entire day? Your mind is so obsessed with the thought of the food that nothing will get in your way.

This is what happened with this family. If you think that a stupid little flood was going to stop them from heading over to their desired watering hole (literally), you’re very wrong.

Coming up, the moment a little kid realized that being cute can get him anything he wants.

BYOC (Bring Your Own Container)

Photo Credit: Reddit / EmilNYC

Life is about finding the holes and exposing them. If KFC isn’t going to specify how big the container can be to grab a soda, then it’s your obligation to bring the biggest one you have.

This idea that Mr. Nice Guy always wins is just false. Mr. Nice Guy would’ve bought an actual soda cup, and not a family sized chicken container like this guy. Who wins here?

DON’T Distract Me

Photo Credit: Imgur / dortmunder

Solitaire is one of the most intense card games that you can play. First of all, it takes an insane amount of concentration. This means that it’s your constitutional right to ignore anyone who tries to distract you.

This woman is in the middle of a game and she’s at that point when everything just seems to be going her way. Cards are shifting piles, aces are out in the open and double clicks are happening often. These people need to wait.

We Had A Visitor Today, He Was Interesting

Photo Credit: Imgur

This kid knocked on a stranger’s door, asked for a banana and ate it in front of that stranger.

This picture is one of the most iconic moments of all time. It was at the time of this photo that this kid realized the world is in the palm of his hands. Ladies and gentlemen, the next President of the United States.

Just ahead, a family that recognized taking a good picture lasts forever, and Grandma partially drowning is only temporary.

To Each Their Own, I Guess

Photo Credit: Imgur

Don’t knock it until you try it. Some of us like pickle juice, others enjoy spinach, this substitute teacher indulges in spicy mustard. What of it?

Just kidding, the whole acting chill thing is unattainable. Someone needs to call the authorities because this isn’t human. If the local police don’t do anything, Area 51 surely will.

When You See Your Husband Ordering From A Female Food Vendor While You’re On A Ride

We need more information about this woman because this is too good. What has brought her to the point of looking like she’s about to ask for a manager at Target while on a log rollercoaster?

Martha looks like every mom when you walk in three minutes after the street lights turned on. This face doesn’t give any indication it’s going to be a “silent treatment” kind of night.

And Down Goes Betsy

It was Betsy who complained to the flight attendant about the “water tasting funny.” It was Betsy who said, “Miami is too hot for a vacation.”

So, when Betsy gets washed away swiftly by a giant wave, it’s business as usual for the picture. They’re thinking of all the money they’ll save from not having to tip restaurant servers extra to compensate for Betsy.

A Grandma celebrates her 99th birthday in the funniest way and it’ll have you screaming “GOALS.”

The Birth Of Jesus Had A Special Guest

Who knew that baby Jesus had such a star-studded attendance at his birth? There was a dress code, but in classic Spiderman fashion, he didn’t follow it.

One can only assume that Spidey brought Mother Mary a little jar full of spider-sense so that she could share with her newborn. The stories in the Bible are all starting to make ‘sense.’

Man Vs Wild Airport

Photo Credit: Reddit / wave517

This guy had his flight canceled and decided it was appropriate to set up camp right in the terminal.

This is like the TV show Man vs. Wild but the airport edition, which is very exciting. The most dangerous and unpredictable mammals wander airports and pose a threat to anyone in their way — stressed white men in suits who are running late for their flight.

Pre Workout Energy Drinks? Pfft.

Photo Credit: Imgur / TaylorSatine

This picture perfectly represents when the summer weather hits, and it makes you an alcoholic, but you also still want to be fit.

While everyone else is juicing their insides with pre-workout and protein powder, this 99-year-old has officially been named the Mayor of Zerocaresville. For many of us, working while drunk is the only option anyway.

What’s the most awkward magazine you could read while in an airport? This man just ahead has that answer.

“Back In My Day”

Photo Credit: Reddit / surpasser

IIf you didn’t have history books, you would’ve thought that your grandparents grew up in an Armageddon with the stories they tell. Whenever “back in my day” starts a sentence you already know you’re going to have to gear up.

It’s odd that almost everyone born pre-1950 had to seemingly walk 14 miles to catch a bus, jump over six fences, deactivate a bomb, and eat three cockroaches before they made it to school in the morning.

It’s Called Fashion Honey, Learn It

Photo Credit: Reddit

When it’s a Friday morning 8 a.m. class and you had a little bit too much fun the night before, this is an appropriate thing to wear.

The saying goes, “dress how you feel,” and if you feel like trash you might as well dress like it too. Also, just be confident with it and Millenials will think it’s a trend.

Just A Quick Light Read Before A Long Flight

Photo Credit: Imgur

You have to give it to this guy who clearly has no more cares to give. Dignity? What’s dignity? Don’t ask this guy.

With that being said, Playboy has been putting out some really good interviews that range from politicians to influential public figures of all stripes. Now that Hef is gone, Playboy could be the next New York Times for all we know.

Find out what’s a more desperate act than dating apps just ahead.

When It’s Your Last Day Before Vacation

Photo Credit: Reddit / MechaStewart

Here’s a scenario; it’s your last day before spring break, and you’re already mentally on the beach sipping mojitos. Do you show up to work like this? Yes, yes you do.

In many states, it’s legal to show up with a beach umbrella, a bathing suit, and no shirt if it’s your last day before vacay. That’s true and not made up at all. Try it; I dare you.

The Last Ditch Effort To “Air Out” Before A First Date

Photo Credit: Reddit / Noerdy

This is the perfect plan of attack for any guy who is looking to get some size instantly. When you told the girl you’re about to go on a first date with that you can squat 500 pounds, but you have twig legs, this might be the best way to deceive.

The only issue is that you will have to stay above the vent the entire date, which could be problematic.

Juliet Waiting For Her Romeo

While everyone thinks that online dating is the last resort to finding your Romeo or Juliet, that’s not true.

Sitting on your alleyway balcony putting out the vibes is much more desperate. In her defense, it’s more personal. You get what you see unlike online dating where you could think you’re getting Beyonce because of the pictures, but you get Madea.

She Has All The Time In The World

Photo Credit: Imgur

At the age that this older woman is, she can do whatever she wants at whatever pace she wants. If she wants to sit down cross-legged she can do it.

She’s earned her stripes and will probably be giving them a lecture on “being in the moment” and talking about her “wisdom.”

A Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing

Photo Credit: Reddit / SnuffySir

In a world that’s trying to make you conform to societal norms, this woman is revolting in her way. She’s a wolf, and they’re all sheep.

Her friends share the love of drinking on the beach, but she’s more interested in climbing trees and saving the environment. Good for you, Norma.