These People Took An Calculated Risk With Their Fashion And To The Shock Of No One, It Backfired

It’s so hard to keep up with fashion trends nowadays. It feels like fast-fashion retailers and online stores are changing the hottest new items before your order can even arrive within 5-10 business days. I’m still unsure if cropped everything is cool or not.

Well, these people weren’t sure about the fashion trends either. They took a risk but were severely misguided. Stop trying to make denim cutout jeans happen. It’s not going to happen. Sometimes, playing it safe is the best option. Please, use these photos are an inspiration on what not to wear.

Only Instagram Influencers Can Pull Off These Jeans

Photo credit: FeelTheMisery / Imgur

The fashion industry has gone way too far with the cutout jeans, and its forcing people like this dad to make terrible mistakes.

Will the bad denim trends ever end? I can’t even wear normal ripped jeans without my grandma making a bad joke about them.

What’s The Return Policy?

Photo credit: @BeckyLatham27 / Twitter

If this isn’t proof that Urban Outfitters sells the least versatile fashion, then I don’t know what is. What exactly did this girl imagine it would look like? This ginormous puffer jacket was a bad decision from the start.

I’m convinced that Urban Outfitters and ASOS are working together to force us all to make bad fashion decisions.

More Skin Is Sexy, Right?

Photo credit: @LightningHoltt / Twitter

Ont the opposite spectrum of puffer jackets, you have this little pup that tried to go the sexy route and failed. This is what happens when you order a size too small during the winter and hope that it will fit by summer.

Then June rolls around and you’re still eating pizza for dinner three times a week, but its way too late to return the item.

Ripped jeans are cool as long as they’re only ripped around the knees, right? Think again.

When You Go All In On The Canadian Tuxedo

Photo credit: @djbewbz / Instagram

The Canadian tuxedo — also known as denim on denim — is a fashion risk no matter who you are. I get stressed just pairing a normal denim jacket with a pair of skinny jeans.

This girl went big, and it looks like she wants to go home.

Even If It’s Before Labor Day, It’s Not Okay

Photo credit: @djbewbz / Instagram

White on the bottom is a bold fashion choice any time of the year. Girls know that to wear white jeans or shorts, you have to buy the proper nude underwear and be extra careful.

This guy did not get the nude underwear memo and is paying the price.

Reminder To Wear Sunscreen With Ripped Jeans

Photo credit: OwnLeeYu / Reddit

If looking ridiculous wasn’t enough to make you not want to wear super-cut-out jeans, then this sunburn should do it. If the man with the ultra cut-out jeans got a sunburn like this, it would be game over.

I’m actually in pain looking at this sunburn. Ladies, the fashion trend isn’t worth a third-degree burn.

Coming up, this cowboy thought he could get away with wearing his everyday clothes in a very different environment, and it went downhill quick.

Stop Trying To Make Weird Denim Happen

Photo credit: Fashion Nova

Imagine the sunburn in these. I appreciate that the designer brought the denim far down enough on the inner thighs to avoid chafing, but you can’t avoid total embarrassment.

All that time you spend lacing yourself up into these jeans could have been spent making better life choices.

When Its Casual Friday But You Need That Promotion

Photo credit: TheNakedAnt / Reddit

What motivates a person to wake up and double layer two pairs of thick, uncomfortable pants? If he’s going somewhere after work and wants to change into jeans to keep it casual, then just pack the jeans in your bag.

And then to top it off with a loafer-running shoe combo? It’s a disaster.

This Is Definitely His First Rodeo

Photo credit: forking / Imgur

You know that this guy is in over his head. He did not come prepared for a day on the slopes, and he will regret it.

Those leather work gloves aren’t going to hold up in the cold. And that cowboy hat may have a string to keep it on, but it’s not going to protect you from the tree. Best to go back to bull riding.

Next, a reminder why color blocking is never a good idea. Especially when it’s flesh tones in a phallic shape.

Is She Married To John Cena?

Photo credit: helldozer1 / Imgur

No disrespect to any serviceman out there, but if you’re doing engagement photos in a wooded area then maybe go for your dress blues rather than your everyday combat outfit.

If Snoop Dogg is calling out your fashion choices, then you know the shade is real.

When You Try To Use Fashion To Stay Hip With The Kids

Photo credit: @jessecaaa24 / Twitter

This principal commented on how he liked his students’ jeans, and so they went out and bought him a pair of the exact same ones.

Look, this is a really nice gesture, but that’s one of those gifts you make sure to ask for a gift receipt on.

Coming up: there’s one thing we all need to stop buying because it’s never going to work as a fashion accessory.

Buying A Swimsuit Of Instagram Never Works

Photo credit: @katiekreisler / Instagram

I don’t know how many times we have to go through the cycle of buying a swimsuit off Instagram. A company designs a new, trendy suit. Some Instagram models get it for free and wear it. You see the ads everywhere, and finally, decide to purchase it.

When it comes, the XL fits like an XS, and it was made in a factory overseas for $3. It never works out.

Two Words: Fish Flops

Photo credit: anlyin / Imgur

Where do you even purchase something this horrendous? When magazines say to take a risk and pick out a bold shoe, they’re talking about wedge heels or snakeskin dress shoes.

They aren’t suggesting wearing the catch of the day on your feet. You’re guaranteed to catch nothing but side-eyes.

Hats Never Look Casual

Photo credit: Imgur

Hats are tricky. We keep trying it, and it never works. Baseball caps, cowboy hats, and occasionally the floppy sun hat can work. Everything else is a mistake and will always be a mistake.

That means fedora, bucket hats, and ten-gallon hats are all canceled for eternity.

If you hate the tiny sunglasses trend, you’ll understand why the outfit coming up needs to stay in 2005.

When You Say Its A Casual Event, One Friend Always Shows Up Like This

Photo credit: @djbewbz / Instagram

We all have that one really extra friend who doesn’t understand what we mean when we say its a “jeans and a t-shirt” type of night.

They always show up with a full spray tan, up-do, heels, and bar dress. At first I thought it made everyone else look bad, but in the end, the super-extra person stands out like a sore thumb.

Even The Cosplay Community Might Not Accept This One

Photo credit: secretweapon / Imgur

Cosplay can be both incredible and cringe-worthy. I’m not sure if this man was going for a Misty cosplay, but judging by the shaved legs, I’m going to assume its a yes.

Honestly, cosplay is such a big thing now that if you’re not going to go all in, then you’re just going to end up looking like a fool.

2000s Fashion Shouldn’t Make A Comeback

Photo credit: @Curtis_Cook / Twitter

In the last few months, early 2000s-era fashion has been making its way around Hollywood and its the worst possible trend.

Nothing from that era worked. We need to collectively ban tiny sunglasses, velour tracksuits, and Tyrone Biggums sweater-jacket combo from making any sort of comeback.

This Is Definitely NOT His First Rodeo

Photo credit: @djbewbz / Instagram

The cowboy on skis looked out of his comfort zone, but this cowboy in McDonald’s looks right at home. He’s calm, cool, collected, and totally in control of his awful fashion choices.

But when hot grease from your fries accidentally drips down onto your exposed stomach and upper thighs, then it will become clear how bad of a fashion choice this is.

The Breeze Doesn’t Make Up For Your Cheeks Sticking To The Vespa

Photo credit: dexxa1290 / Reddit

This original fashion choice had good intentions, but you know he has immediate regrets. I’m sure he hoped that the pants would keep him fresh and breezy.

But then I’m sure he got sweaty, and his butt cheeks started sticking to the Vespa, and it all went downhill quick.

Don’t Online Shop When You’re Hungry

Photo Credit: sammymermaid / Twitter

Just because you’re Justin Beiber and you have millions of dollars doesn’t mean you can walk already looking like a piece of grilled chicken.

Seriously though, how did he not think this blanket looked like grill marks before he bought it? Maybe he did? I guess we’ll never know.