These Ridiculous Shark Tank Pitches Make You Feel All The Second-Hand Embarrassment

You don’t have to be a business person to love Shark Tank. With a cast of huge personalities that hold the fate of people who are putting it all on the line, the show truly has it all. Shark Tank literally embodies the American dream: anyone can make it if they put in hard work.

But in between all the heartwarming backstories and successful business models, there are some cringe-worthy pitches. Sometimes the product is outrageous, the person knows nothing about negotiating, or the Sharks eat them alive. These Shark Tank pitches are memorable for all the wrong reasons.


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The first problem with Throx is that it sounds like a type of insect. But it’s not, it is just a package of socks that had three, instead of two in it in case you lost one. The idea is funny, but no one would really spend money on it.

Oh, it also didn’t help that O’Leary called the entrepreneur a “vampire cockroach.”

The Skinny Mirror

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This pitch made the Sharks a bit angry. Entrepreneur Belinda James’ product was a mirror that was curved to make you look thinner.

She sold it as a body-positivity product, but when the Sharks found out all her sales were to shopping retailers so far, they called it a scam. Ouch.

The No Phone

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I could barely believe my eyes when I saw this pitch. These two pitched “The No Phone.” Basically, its a slab of plastic that makes you feel like you have a phone, but it does absolutely nothing.

Their 21st-century pet rock didn’t fly with the Sharks, partly because the two barely took it seriously.

The entrepreneur coming up proved that making a fool of yourself on TV can actually work out every once in a while.


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Maneesh Sethi pitched a wristband that shocks the wearer everytime they do a pre-programmed a bad habit. Kevin O’Leary liked the idea and offered him a deal, but Sethi said he’d take an offer from anyone but O’Leary.

Mr. Wonderful ended up calling him a not-so-nice name and told him to “get the [expletive] out.” I’m cringing on behalf of everyone.

The Man Candle

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In season two, Johnson Bailey went on Shark Tank to pitch his “man candle” that smells like things he’d want his house to smell like. Some scents were interesting like “pizza” or “bacon”, but others included “fart” and “roadkill.”

The Sharks thought it was ridiculous, but the jokes on them because Bailey received a $65,000 investment from someone else after the show.

I Want To Draw A Cat For You

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In probably the most iconic pitch of all time, Steve Gadlin caught the Shark’s attention when he opened with an awkward dance while singing “I want to draw a cat for you.” The business literally was just Gadlin drawing personalized cat pictures for a fee of $9.95.

Even though we were all cringing collectively, it somehow worked, and Mark Cuban invested $25,000 into the business. Even the most ridiculous products work sometimes.

Usually, it’s Mr. Wonderful who gets heated but keep reading to see the product that Mark Cuban finally snap.


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BedRyder creates safety seats so that you can turn your two-door truck into a party bus. The creator, George Conway, couldn’t answer the important safety questions, so the Sharks all passed.

BedRyder proves that sometimes it doesn’t matter how good of a salesperson you are if the product is ridiculous.

Wake ‘n’ Bacon

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Entrepreneur Matty Sallin believes that the best way to wake up was to the smell of bacon, so he created a bacon-cooking alarm clock. Cooking bacon in grease right beside your bed while you sleep, what could go wrong?

Well, the Sharks thought everything could go wrong. They all passed on the product for safety reasons, even though it’s pretty cute looking.


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Mark Cuban called Rolodoc the “worst pitch in Shark Tank history.” Created by two sibling doctors, Rolodoc is a social networking app for doctors and their patients.

Cuban said it was barely a business, let alone a service, and felt like the two brothers were misleading because they’re doctors and “think they’re smarter than all of us.”

This next product gave us a hairball of second-hand embarrassment.

Licki Brush

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The Licki Brush resulted in one of the creepiest TV moments in history when we all watched the two creators use a fake silicone tongue to lick a cat. Oh, while wearing Furries ears.

The Sharks couldn’t handle it, and all passed on the deal, but somehow the Licki Brush has recently resurfaced on the cat-lady side of the internet.


Photo credit: @calmackenzie / Twitter

The creator of Uroclub, Dr. Floyd Seskin, is a urologist who wants men to be able to pee anytime, anywhere (because they can’t already do that). He formulated a hollow “golf club” for men to pee into while on the links because women’s bladders don’t matter as much.

Somehow, Kevin Harrington saw some potential as a gag gift and invested $25,000. Why? No one knows.

Cougar Energy Drink

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Gendered products don’t usually do very well on Shark Tank, but this one takes the cake. Cougar Energy’s founder Ryan Custer created an energy drink targetted towards middle-aged women. And surprise, surprise, it was a flop.

Aside from the limited marketing, the Sharks thought it tasted disgusting.

The entrepreneur coming up prompted the Sharks to coin the term “Shark Tank gold-digger” thanks to his two appearances on the show.

Sullivan Generator

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The pitch for the Sullivan Generator seemed straight out of a science fiction novel. Mark Sullivan pitched the concept of a generator that used ocean water to create contained hurricanes to produce energy. Oh, and you can also collect gold somehow too.

Unsurprisingly, the Sharks didn’t buy into the idea or it’s $96 million valuation, and all passed on the idea.


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Scott Jordan pitched a clothing line with incorporated technology that had Kevin O’Leary ready to invest $1 million. Jordan called his mentor, the original Apple computer inventor Steve Wozniak, who said he was being low-balled and he should deny the deal.

Jordan then returned to yell and point at the Sharks and tell them they’re worthless. Yikes.

Copa Di Vino

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Copa Di Vino is a single-serve wine company headed by James Martin. Martin appeared on Shark Tank in season 1 and 3 but denied deals both times.

Martin pissed off the Sharks because they were convinced he was just there for a free advertising platform and was a gold-digger. In Barbara Corcoran’s own words, “I didn’t like you then, and I don’t like you now.”

The next pitch was from the pilot episode of the show and reminds us all that bad ideas have always existed.

Ionic Ear

Photo credit: @KirkTaylorCom / Twitter

This pitch from Shark Tank’s pilot episode has remained one of the most ridiculous. Darrin Johnson created a Bluetooth device that was implanted in your ear because regular Bluetooth headsets move around too much.

Whenever you need to charge it, you insert the cable into your ear canal and hang out for a few hours. I think we all know why this one flopped.

Elephant Chat

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The Elephant Chat is just a stuffed elephant inside a glass box that would be marketed to couples to use in arguments.

The product reminded the Sharks too much of the teddy bear from grade school that you passed around when it was your turn to talk. And for that reason, I’m out.


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Spretz is a 2-in-1 hand and breath freshener created by a smelly group of guys. This is one of those times where less is more. The Sharks could get behind the idea of a to-go breath freshener, but they don’t see why it needed to be for hands too.

Unless you’re cutting onions and garlic all day, who has super smelly hands?

Kymera Boogie Board

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Jason Woods proved on Shark Tank that if you just show up with an idea, then you’ll be eaten alive. Woods invented the Kymera electric boogie board that managed to catch the Sharks attention.

But as the quizzed him, they found out he’d invested $130,000 of his own money, and only had a prototype and no sales. So he had basically nothing to show the Sharks.

Attached Note

Photo credit: Business 2017 / YouTube

Another oldie but goodie from the first season of Shark Tank. Mary Ellen Simonsen pitched a retractable board that attaches to the side of your laptop to hold your Post-It notes.

And she was dead serious about it. Robert Herjavec called it “the worst product ever,” and Simonsen went home empty-handed.