These Workers Have Given Up On Their Jobs Entirely

People make mistakes at work, there’s no way around it. Usually, the mistake is corrected, and people go on with their day. However, sometimes, there are mistakes that are so bad they’re impossible to ignore or forget about. Usually, these mistakes are made by workers who clearly don’t care about their jobs and are looking to get fired. Check out these careless workers that have either already put in their two weeks or are just looking to cause problems.

One news writer looks like he was trying to start a war.

Scrap It And Start Over

Photo Credit: MemeMuseumCurator / Imgur

We’re really not sure what’s even going on here. It looks like it could be a parking lot, but that could also be totally wrong. What we do know is that whoever came up with this layout was probably simultaneously knocking a few drinks at the bar while drawing up the plans.

The straight lines don’t even make sense, so we have nothing to say about the crooked lines at the bottom left of the picture. Now we are dying to see the finished product.

Nice To Meet You, Name Here

Photo Credit: KNODY

For all we know, this could have been this man’s big moment on TV. He probably raced home to watch and record it, only to discover that they forgot to add his name.

We’re sure that other people that saw this were equally baffled that a news station could be so careless as to forget to add someone’s name on the screen. If the person whose mistake this is got fired, we wonder if the boss wrote “Name Here” on their final check.

Don’t Tell Them What To Do

Photo Credit: eAvisa

There are a few reasons why the boxes that clearly say “do not stack” are piled on top of each other. The first is that these boxes were shipped to a country that doesn’t speak English, and the second is that the person that stacked these couldn’t care less that they weren’t supposed to.

We’re going to assume that it was the latter. But realistically, where were the boxes supposed to go if you can’t stack them?

Not The Time To Mess Up

Photo Credit: infoaut

When it comes to reporting not just national, but worldwide news, it’s essential that you double check all of your facts. It’s also crucial that you make sure that the headline is correct. When reporting about something as delicate as Osama Bin Laden or the President of the United States, there’s really no room for error.

Although some people may be able to understand that this was a mistake, others might not, and it could send them into a frenzy which is the last thing the world needs.

It’s hard to not feel bad for the cheerleaders coming up.

Built For Ultimate Privacy

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Nothing would be as confusing as walking into a bathroom and seeing this. There’s a chance that it’s in some modern art museum, but most likely, someone really messed up building this bathroom.

We can’t seem to find any reason this could have been done so wrong; even girls understand the layout of a men’s bathroom, so that’s not an excuse either. We wonder if they had to go back to fix it, or just left it for some kind of social experiment.

Nailed It

Photo Credit: Lost In Internet

We understand that it may be a little nerve-wracking working so high up in the air, but there are only two parts to this poster. How hard can it be? They probably should have had another worker on the ground so that this exact problem didn’t happen.

The real question is how do they even go about fixing this? Each one of those canvasses must weigh an impossible amount. Maybe they should just leave it as is and blame it on vandals later.

No, Do You?

Photo Credit: Providr

What started as an honest mistake is probably going to force one of these poor cheerleaders to transfer schools. Chances are, their new nickname until the day they graduated was “spirt.”

Luckily for her, their football team is going to blast through that sign in a matter of seconds and destroy all of the evidence. Let’s just hope that nobody from the school newspaper or yearbook was there to take a picture of this mess-up.

Check out the bricklayer that laughs at people’s suffering.

The Irony

Photo Credit: Distractify

In an attempt to make the road safer for cyclists, they inadvertently made it more dangerous than ever. Nothing says sharing the road quite like forcing cyclists directly into what looks like a busy highway. In our opinion, that bicycle lane is already larger than most, so maybe the problem isn’t the cars but the cyclists.

But in all seriousness, we hope this sign didn’t get anyone killed. All they had to do was move it onto the grass, and it would have been an effective sign.

There Are Two Things Wrong With This Picture

Photo Credit: Blazepress

We’re pretty sure that when workers are painting “stop” on the ground, they use a big stencil of the whole word instead of single letters. This only makes sense, so we’re pretty clueless how this even happened.

The other thing that’s wrong with this picture is the actual stop sign. Why is it so low to the ground? Was it made for someone driving a golf cart? So many questions and so few answers.

OCD Nightmare

Photo Credit: AcidCow

This mistake is sure to have given at least a few people a panic attack. This is someone with OCD’s worst nightmare. Not just because they’re out of place but because they can never be fixed. Imagine having to walk past this every day.

It would be frustrating for anyone to see. Surely, the person whose fault this was did it on purpose, just to ruin everyone’s day that has to walk by it. Thanks a lot.

Is sleeping on the job frowned upon?

School Supplies…Check

Photo Credit: Reddit / Elijah-Welch

Unless you’re going to culinary school, we think that someone may have forgotten to switch the signs. Now, when kids go to look for a pencil, they may find themselves face-to-face with a carving knife. Regardless of the wrong sign, why are these knives on one of those racks randomly located throughout the store?

These are sharp knives; they should probably be put somehwere a little bit safer and out of sight. You don’t want some kid that lost their parents stumbling upon this.

You’ve Been Chopped

Photo Credit: Imgur /joeystar

It’s pretty clear that whoever made this dish doesn’t quite understand the basics of mac and cheese. Yes, the primary ingredients of macaroni and cheese are there, but there’s a little more that goes into it. Just eating the macaroni plain would probably be better than eating any of that cheese on top.

The sad thing is that this picture was taken at somebody’s school and some kids had no other choice but to eat it or starve. Hopefully, nobody ended up hospitalized!

Just What I Was Looking For

Photo Credit: Blazepress

Wow, this employee must have had quite the brain fart to forget the word for banana. I mean, there’s even a song by Gwen Stefani that teaches you how to spell it. At least, that’s how I learned.

However, in their defense, “long yellow things” is one of the better descriptions for a banana out there. It’s more than likely that everyone knew what they meant. Also, .78 cents a pound is a pretty good deal! Where’s this store located? I love a good banana.

Working Hard For A Promotion

Photo Credit: Elemens

Now, this is just impressive. This girl has given up on even trying to look like she’s working. She’s hung up the towel, rang the bell, and called it quits. There’s nothing she can even say to explain herself other than she’s blatantly sleeping on the job.

Most of us may have opted for the floor, but not her, she’s probably been thinking about sleeping there for a long time and now is her chance.

Coming up: Don’t park in front of cones or else this might happen to you.

Safety Is For Losers

Photo Credit: 22words

Either this man has no idea what he’s doing, or he has no fear of death. Because to us, it looks like those sparks are aimed directly at those canisters that are ripe to explode at any second. If that was dangerous enough, by the looks of it, he’s not wearing any kind of eye or face protection either.

But the real question is who took the time to take this picture when there’s a possibility that this guy could blow up the entire shop.

That Should Hold

Photo Credit: Funnyjunk

Well, now we know that if we ever need to fix the foundation of a building, some package wrap should work just fine. We really hope that nobody saw this job and still thought that it was a good idea to go into the store or rent a movie from the Red Box right behind it.

This is a disaster waiting to happen and maybe isn’t the kind of project that you should DIY. They should probably call the professionals unless this was the professional’s idea of a solution.

Don’t Drink And Deliver Pizzas

Photo Credit: moviepredators

This is what’s most likely to happen when you’re at the bar and forget that you’re scheduled to work that day. Although she should have called in and told the truth and that she couldn’t work, she was determined to deliver some pizzas.

Imagine looking out your window and seeing this. They should probably check to make sure all of the slices are there before they give her a tip. They should also call her an Uber home.

New Racing Stripes

Photo Credit: Gulf Daily News

Obviously, whoever was in charge of painting the street lines was in no mood to deal with someone who parked their car where they shouldn’t have. Although they still didn’t complete their job, they definitely sent a message to whoever’s car that was.

In all fairness, they are parked directly next to two cones which we can assume were there to prevent people from parking because of the painting. Was it a good idea to do this to someone’s car? No. Was it funny? Yes.

Taking A Quick Snooze

Photo Credit: Mandatory

Being a walking mailman can be an extremely tough job. No matter whether it’s hot or cold, your job is to get the mail delivered to the public. While it may look nice sometimes getting exercise and saying hi to neighbors, it’s probably not all that it’s made to be.

Being on your feet all day is sure to take a toll on your body, and there aren’t many places to rest along their route. So this guy figured out a way to take a little nap on the job. May not be the smartest idea, but we commend the ingenuity.

That’s A Deal For Watermelon

Photo Credit: moviepredators

Mislabeling corn for watermelon shows just how little energy this worker puts into their job. It’s even possible that they caught the mistake but chose to ignore it. They probably don’t plan on working there for much longer, so they let it slide.

It’s also possible that many of the people that bought this mislabeled corn missed the mistake as well. But seriously, how hard can it be to put the corn label on the actual corn? Apparently, it’s harder than it looks.


Photo Credits: Astoundable

Usually, there’s nothing to get angry about if there are no more paper towels in the bathroom. Somebody can’t check on it every minute to make sure that they are fully stocked. Then, if they are out, you nicely let an employee know for the sake of the future bathroom users.

This sign recognizes that there’s a problem but also lets the user know that they don’t care enough. Wiping your hands on your pants isn’t the worst thing ever but this is just rude.

Solitaire Is Life

Photo Credits: Onida

We finally have physical evidence that this is what government employees are really doing while they work. They have hundreds of customers to help throughout the day, but only manage to get through a few dozen of them because they’re too busy playing solitaire.

Look at all of these desperate people behind the window. If they only knew what this employee was really doing, there would most likely be a riot. We all hope she lost the game.

“Oh, You Meant Draw Them”

Photo Credits: Breaker

When you go to a cake decorating shop and write down what you want drawn on the cake, you hope that you don’t get the words you wrote on the paper. Unfortunately, this person did. We’re not sure why the wanted Olympic rings but we’re not going to get ahead of ourselves.

Don’t you think that somebody could do this on their own if they really needed to? If an employee came out with this, it might be time to drug test that employee.

Peaches, Tomatoes, Same Thing

Photo Credits: Distractify

Granted, we know that most of the canning processes around the world are done by machines since it’s far more efficient. However, quality control is still done by real people, and it looks like this batch was skipped over.

We’re sure this would be confusing to anyone that opened up a can of tomatoes only to find peaches. What do you even do at that point, take it back, or give up entirely?

Defeating The Purpose

Photo Credits: dailydawdle

We wish that we could provide some kind of explanation as to how this even happens, but we simply can’t. The point of the pay phone box is to have privacy while you talk on the phone and protect the electronics from the weather.

Maybe the worker that assembled this one thought they were being avant-garde but in reality, they just wasted the city’s money on something that nobody uses. Practice your modern art on your own time, pal, people have calls to make.

Way To Show Initiative

Photo Credits: weepytiki

When this worker’s boss asked for them to put something up on their sign, we’re going to assume that they were talking about their newest sandwich deals or a new addition to the breakfast member. probably not something like this.

Unless this person was trying to intentionally get fired, they might want to reevaluate some things in their life. However, people might be more likely to stop by a Subway that has a good sense of humor. maybe they’re smarter than we thought.

The Less Packaging The Better?

Photo Credits: heroicbill

We’ll start off with this. By no means does this look like the easiest product to package. With that out of the way. It was someone’s job to make sure that this item was properly packaged and this is what they came up with.

They might as well not have packed it at all and just attached the receipt to it on a hair tie. As if that wasn’t bad enough, the product itself already looks ruined before it even got to the owner.


Photo Credits: ExamProblems / Twitter

We have no idea what happened here. You would think that whoever built this bathroom would have noticed that something was wrong pretty early on. It looks like they just didn’t care enough to even attempt to fix it.

This must have been an awkward situation for the poor soul that had to rush to the bathroom only to discover that the door to the toilet to little to nothing to help with privacy.

Making The Best Of A Situation

Photo Credits: Pinterest

While at first, this was an obvious fail. We have to say, whoever fixed the problem did it in the best way possible. Sure it may look a little weird and probably makes going to the public bathroom that much more difficult, at least it works.

Now, people don’t have to climb over the toilet to get in or out of the bathroom. This looks like something you would find in a college frat house. It’s not the most ideal situation, but it works!

Keep An Eye Out For Him

Photo Credits: Pinterest

When you’re making a public service announcement about a wanted criminal, it might help to actually get their name right, or even just say it at all. For all we know, some poor guy by the name first name last name probably was arrested for a crime that he didn’t commit.

The only person that lucked out in this situation is the guy who was involved in the dentist assault. He may have got away Scott free because of this crucial mistake.

A Tricky Situation

Photo Credits: Valery Phyalkovsky/Pinterest

Even though there is a perfectly good wall directly next to the toilet, somebody decided that the better option would be as far away from it as possible. The only explanation for this is that they did it on purpose just to ruin anyone’s day that finds themselves in this particular stall.

The problem is, this stall probably hasn’t been changed since this picture was taken and people are suffering to this day.

Squeaked By In Design School

Photo Credits: Rhonda Caldwell/Pinterest

As bad as a fail as this is, at least it’s an easy fix. All they have to do is chop off a bunch of the railing in order to make both sides of the stairs accessible. But still, who was working on this and who approved it?

We bet that the first day after construction, these stairs were an absolute zoo with people running into each other or getting jammed in between poles.

Some Good-Looking Strawberries

Photo Credits: Imgur

As bad as someone messed up this packaging, it’s now on the customer to be aware enough that those are indeed grapes and not strawberries. The sad thing is, some people are going to get home and then realize that the packaging was wrong.

We wonder who messed up in the chain of production that caused people to blatantly pick up grapes thinking that they were strawberries. If you are like me, I would’ve cut my losses and just eaten the grapes.

Situational Awareness

Photo Credits: Wanda M. Long/Pinterest

It’s situations like this when it pays off to be an observant person. While some people might just look at the icon, other might take the time and read the sign as well. This could help a potentially disastrous situation.

If you’ve ever walked into the wrong gender bathroom, you might understand the horror and embarrassment you might experience when doing so. The person that installed this sign is clearly not very observant for obvious reasons.

This Is Just Wrong

Photo Credits: Olivia Coulson/Pinterest

If you work in the food industry, one of the worst things that you can do is mix these up. This is a make it or break it for most people that are going to use them, assuming that they’ve been installed properly.

Odds are, a lot of angry customers had their meals ruined because they put mayonnaise all over their hot dog instead of mustard. We genuinely feel for anyone that suffered because of this employees mistake.

Somebody Doesn’t Like Oreos

Photo Credits: UC Santa Cruz areer Center/Pintrest

Well, clearly, somebody that works at this store doesn’t like Oreos. Even though it’s their 100th birthday, they don’t care and won’t give them any kind of recognition. We wonder what happened to them when they were a child.

Did they almost choke on an Oreo, or do they just bring back bad memories? Whatever it is, we hope that they got over their hatred of Oreos, because they’re actually pretty good.

Someone Needs To Go Back To School

Photo Credits: Reddit

We’re sure that what every teacher wants is a gift that has incorrect grammar on it. Of course, they’ll probably happily accept it. However, they’re unlikely to display it out in the open for fear of tainting their reputation as a good teacher.

We wonder if there was a recall on this product that way any teacher that received one can get one that is written correctly. It looks like whoever was in charge of making these didn’t have the best teacher ever in school.

The All-New Inside-Out Sandwich

Photo Credits: sliptalk

Even for mayo lovers, this might be a little daunting to eat. We’re guessing that the employee that made this sandwich noticed that they forgot the mayonnaise and just threw it on top of the sandwich for good measure.

It’s either that or they were incredibly disgruntled that day at work and a customer was giving them a hard time so they decided to get a little payback. Employees can be ruthless.

They’ll Never Notice

Photo Credits: sliptalk

It looks like this employee was too lazy to go into the stockroom and get a new bottle, so they took matters into their own hands. They grabbed a Sharpie out of their back pocket and got to work. There’s no reason why nobody would buy that particular bottle, right? It’s just as good as any of the others.

It just doesn’t have a real label like the rest of them. it’s honestly completely possible that someone still ended up buying that bottle as soon as the others were gone.

You Done It!

Photo Credits: sliptalk

We’re not sure when people started hiring illiterate people to become cake decorators, but it’s a fad that should probably stop sooner rather than later. We’ve seen far too many cakes ruined because an employee either doesn’t know how to read or legitimately has given up.

We hope that whoever bought this cake either returned it or got a new one because this is sure to bring down the vibe of any party.