People Spotted These Unusually Funny Lost And Found Signs

Losing something near and dear to you is never fun. It’s even worse when you lose a pet. That’s when you have to create a “Lost Dog” or “Have You Seen Me” sign to tape onto lamp posts throughout the neighborhood. We’ve all seen them, but sometimes people are happy to lose certain things. If you’re wondering how a person becomes filled with joy, pay attention to the signs you see. Some are funnier than they should be and we’re about to show you how.

Looking For The Bird

crazy guy misses bird sign
Katie Wise/Pinterest

It really is disappointing when you meet someone new and have a great time, only to find out they’re only in town visiting. This person could’ve been your new good friend, but they’ll be gone soon. That’s what happened here.

Somebody fell for a pigeon, but the bird didn’t feel the same. All it took was five minutes for the pigeon to make a great first impression, so that must’ve been one of the best birds to ever live.

A Unicorn From Manhattan

Missing Unicorn that somebody really wants to find.
Le Pistolet Compean/Pinterest

According to this sign, unicorns live freely in New York City. That’s where they’ve been hiding this whole time. The only shocking thing about this is that it has a “friendly disposition,” and it isn’t an impatient creature failing to utilize crosswalks properly.

Her last known location is The Dakota, a cooperative apartment building in the Upper West Side of Manhattan. Someone was hiding her in their two-bedroom place of living. We hope they find their unicorn soon.

Finder’s Keepers

found dog is now friends with finder
Katie Wise/Pinterest

Whoever was the original owner of this precious pooch must feel horrible. The dog they lost is now friends with a new owner, who doesn’t seem like they’ll be letting the dog go anytime soon.

On the other hand, the past owner could be relieved to see that their dog isn’t dead or still wandering around. As long as they don’t call and make things awkward, everything should be fine. Pay better attention to your pet next time, pal.

Don’t Make Your Chicken Sad

lost a chicken? then call with a description
Katie Wise/Pinterest

Chicken is one of America’s most beloved dishes. You can cook it so many ways, and the final results are always tasty. If you have a chicken for a pet, we’d advise against upsetting them.

You never know what they’re capable of when they’re not in the best of moods. Apparently, they’ll run away if you don’t take proper care of them. Their feelings are also visible based on how they act, which is how the person who found this chicken could tell it was unhappy.

You Have To Say Yes…

have you seen this flier? the only option is yes
Katie Wise/Pinterest

This sign takes trolling to a new level. Of course, whoever can see and read can see the flyer. We’re sure there were a couple of head scratches and giggles from folks as they walked by this.

The real question is, what’s the prize if you do see the flyer? Is there a number on the back of the “yes” slips that you can call and retrieve a reward? It’s surprising to see how many tabs were taken.

This next dog owner mustn’t have any remorse for his lost pooch…

Eric The Dog Is An Idiot?

missing idiot dog and a drum for sale
Katie Wise/Pinterest

The first thing we noticed is how low the reward is for finding this little dog. Not only that, but the price went down ten dollars. Tom must not care if anyone finds his “idiot” dog, Eric. How does one look like a skillet?

There’s so much going on in this sign; people probably think it’s a joke. Not only is it a lost dog sign, but Tom is also trying to sell a drum for $20. What’s going on in Tom’s life?

I’ve Been Alone With You Inside My Mind

funny-lost lionel richie
Katie Wise/Pinterest

Lionel Richie is that you? “Hello, is it me you’re looking for? ‘Cause I wonder where you are And I wonder what you do.” Intelligent and funny, this sign belongs in the Hall-of-Fame of lost signs. Look at it.

We’re sure others have had this idea in the past, but never followed through on making it happen. That’s okay because it’s rare that humans come up with a brand new concept. Whoever posted this did it for everyone that’s always wanted to.

So… You’re Missing A Ninja Turtle?

Katie Wise/Pinterest

The jig is up. It looks like the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are real, and Michaelangelo is out there somewhere. All turtles appear slow, but if you see one with a pair of nunchucks, then it’s probably best you left it alone.

“He will come home eventually, but evil-doers beware,” is a great way to end this sign. It reassures one that he or she is, in fact, reading about a Ninja Turtle and not some regular reptile.

What It Looks Like To Lose Your Mind

funny-lost-and-found lost brain
Beautiful Brains/Pinterest

Have you ever seen a visual representation of what it looks like to lose your mind? Great, here’s a prime example of it. They say we’re all a little crazy, but according to this sign, the more you are, the happier you become.

This person doesn’t even want you to contact them if you find their belongings (their brain). We wonder how they lost it and where. It might be too hard to locate if we’re honest.

Looks Like Someone Lost Their “Cat”

Katie Wise/Pinterest

We’re having a hard time determining if this is a prank or not. The copy on the sign seems legit enough to make us believe this person really found this “cat” and is hoping their rightful owner will pop up soon.

If there was no collar, then perhaps it’s a wild animal, you know? If this is real, then whoever made this needs a lesson in animals as soon as possible. They’re going to get themselves hurt!

Just Take A Look

look at this dog that really isn't lost
Katie Wise/Pinterest

If there was ever a way to show your dog some public appreciation, then this is how. At first, you think this is a sad sign asking others if they’ve seen this adorable little dog. As all the descriptions appear one after another, you start to feel more and more for the owner.

Finally, that last asterisk pops up, and the locals feel less bad, and angrier that they wasted their time. At least they got to see an owner-pet relationship that’s loving.

Have You Seen THIS Fly?

pet fly lost and owner wants it back
Katie Wise/Pinterest

Ladies and gentlemen, here you have a pet fly — one of the few insects that people would instead swat to death than have around them. We’re almost 100% sure this is a prank, which is excellent, but some might believe it.

His name is Harry, and he’s partially blind. It sounds like they’re just describing a fly as it is. Look at how many stubs people took too. Perhaps, this might be real after all…

Please Find Trip

lost cat that doesn't respond

Poor Trip, we hope your owner finds you. He loves you a lot even though you don’t respond to his calls. With a $500 reward, that means the owner is will to pay a portion of their rent to get their precious cat back.

The sign really says “he’s a [expletive]” (it starts with a “b”), but we can’t show you all of that. All you need to know is that Trip is a [expletive] and you get half a thousand bucks if you find him.

Lay Off The Drugs

Jason Hogue/Pinterest

We have another unicorn sign for you, and this one is even better. If anyone comes across this magical creature, then the creator of this poster has a message for them. Put down the narcotics.

You shouldn’t ever come across a mythical creature like this unless you’re on some hardcore drug. It also looks like someone posted this in an office space, so this is a great joke to play on co-workers. We hope whoever posted this didn’t get in trouble.

Keep The Darn Dog!

lost bad dog that the owner doesn't want anymore

This is a serious sign that ultimately drags this poor pup through the mud. As sweet and innocent as “Daisy” looks, it doesn’t sound like she’s the ideal pet to keep at home. We can only imagine what an “oily” personality is.

Whenever a dog runs into the streets without responding to their name, either you failed in training them, or the dog doesn’t have any respect for you. Daisy doesn’t even like the Pope, so maybe it was time to move on from her.

Let Animal Control Handle This

wild dog will rip off your face
Funny Or Die/Pinterest

As you read this sign, things begin to escalate quickly. It’s sweet of the owner to start things off with the fact that his dog Klaus is crazy. Then, he tells us that he’s off his medication, so his hostility is up.

It doesn’t stop there. You can’t even make eye contact with this pooch! Your face is not safe if you do that because Klaus will tear it off. Yes, please call animal control instead.

Someone Really Needs A Boyfriend

Lost boyfriend really ryan gosling
Katie Wise/Pinterest

We’re going to assume a teenage girl who just found out who Ryan Gosling is made this. Gosling is a unique human being that many aren’t near mirroring. That means this young lady is asking for a lot right now.

At least one person pulled a tab, giving this young lady a reason to have hope. We think it will rain for 42 straight days before anyone resembling Gosling gives her a call. We don’t sound too negative, do we?

Someone Hire This Babysitter

babysitter looking for service
Katie Wise/Pinterest

Jareth G. King’s mission of offering his services doesn’t seem to be ending soon. Since 1986, he’s been searching for someone that will take him up on his offer. If we could offer any advice, we’d say erase the part about his office being in a castle.

Other than that, we don’t see why he’s not getting any calls! He even looks like some old-school rock star. Who wouldn’t trust David Bowie with their baby?

Loving Cat Owner

return the cat dead and alive

Pet owners, don’t pretend like you haven’t had those days where you become utterly upset at your cat or dog. You don’t even want to look at them, that’s how angry you are.

Even when you’re that mad, you can’t possibly want them to go missing and not care if they’re found dead or alive. That’s not ethically moral, but it does make for a pretty funny sign. Erwin Schrodinger must despise this cat.

Hope In Humanity Afterall

The owner of a set of keys, left on railings at an entrance to Ruskin Park in the south London-911043146
Richard Baker / In Pictures via Getty Images

It isn’t every day that you see such a polite sign like this. This sign isn’t one that will make you smile from laughter, but rather from the kindness a random stranger showed another stranger.

If only everyone could be this way, instead of the sign when the person found the dog and kept it for themselves. More smiles provided this way are the key to having a great day, so here’s to hoping this brighten’s your day.

Found All These Random Posters

lost dog flyers have been found

This sign, to quote Winston Churchill, is “a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma.” Why someone would take down “hundreds” of lost dog posters and create a FOUND! poster advertising them is beyond our comprehension.

If this were a real sign, it would be a shame since that dog’s owners surely want their precious pooch back. But since it’s (hopefully) just a prank, we have to say that it’s pretty darn clever!

We Can Relate.

Two hours missing

Missing: two hours. There’s not a single one of us that can’t relate to this! The person who made this poster blames their time lapse on waiting for allergy medication to kick in but we can think of a million other ways that hours can mysteriously disappear.

Interesting that the phone number listed is 1-800-4-Zyrtec. Perhaps this poster is an attempt by one of Claritin’s biggest competitors to make a viral ad.

“The Opposite Of Lost”

Don't try to find this dog

Anyone who’s ever been the parent to a dog that just won’t stop running away will find this owner’s poster to be hilarious. It seems that the pampered pooch in the picture, “Pierre” has escaped again and his human made this sarcastic poster in response.

“Don’t try to find me. I have finally escaped my ‘master’s’ wicked clutches. To the others I say: JOIN ME. BITE THE HAND THAT FEEDS YOU. Vive la liberté. – Pierre.”

Come Get Your ‘Cat’

come get your cat

This person (who was kind enough to make a ‘found’ poster) is apparently not too familiar with animals of any kind. No one would mistake this creature for a cat, even if we’re not sure exactly what the animal pictured actually is. A badger?

Bonus points for adding that the cat isn’t house trained, with a smiley face as if they’re disappointed in this fact! Also, the wild animal isn’t wearing a collar or ID of any sort.

Limited Time To Find Aaron

Aaron is a missing mosquito

According to the person who made this missing pet poster, we only have three days to locate “Aaron,” a mosquito, because he has a really short life span. Also, just a side note, but Aaron is carrying both the West Nile virus and malaria.

“Aaron was a good mosquito that always liked to fly.” Poor Aaron… we hope he gets home soon. Also, we wonder what kind of calls this flyer resulted in. Probably some pretty funny ones.

So Much Going On Here

horse holding a cat on a ship

Just what exactly is going on in this lost poster? Well, there’s a person in one of those realistic horse head masks holding a tabby cat. OK. And the unusual duo appears to be on a ship of some sort out in the open sea.

The sign only says “have you seen this cat?” with no other information or contact details, so it’s obviously meant to be a joke. Someone responded “yes” on it in red pen, because they did see the cat!

Lost In The Clouds

flyer for a lost cloud

This is one we haven’t seen yet — someone is missing a cloud and wants it back. “Last seen: in the sky above my house. Looks: white, fluffy, drifty.” Well, that sure narrows it down.

They even included their home address so anyone who finds Mr. Wisples can return it by carrier pigeon. We suspect the person who made this flyer might be exhaling some clouds of their own, if you catch our drift.

Don’t Eat The Missing Pets!

This sign says the missing beagle tasted like chicken

Would you ever describe an animal in really specific detail right after you ate it? Probably not, especially someone’s missing pet. But that’s exactly what the person who created this poster claims to have done to this adorable beagle.

“Mostly brown with patches of white and black spots, slightly crooked tail. Blue collar but no tags. Very friendly. Tasted like chicken.” Also, why do all animals seem to taste like chicken?

Not A Flattering Photo

husky dog poster

“Have you seen this dog?” “I have now.” It almost sounds like a bad joke, but it’s actually pretty funny in ‘missing pet’ poster form. The best thing about this flyer, obviously, is the look on the poor pup’s face. This might be one of the most unflattering but hilarious dog photos ever.

If we got such a funny pic of our dog, we’d probably want to share it with the world in a creative way like this poster maker did. Good job for bringing a smile to your neighbors with this one!

We’d Keep Him!

poster says cat is trying to move into a stranger's home

Kudos to the good person who made this sign advertising a found cat that’s apparently trying to move in with her. We hope the kitty finds his home, if he has one, but if not we’d be all over keeping him because he’s just so cute and sweet looking!

We think this particular one needs a follow-up story. Did the cat find his home or did he stay with the new person?

What Is The Reward?

sign for a lost crab

Lancelot the crab is missing, and his owner really wants him back. He made a detailed flyer all about Lancelot so that people can easily identify the crustacean if they run into him on the street. Good thing he warned folks that Lancelot knows how to do Chinese burns.

“Though Lancelot can be pinchy, he’s great fun, very affectionate and enjoys having his dactyls stroked.” Ewww? Most curious of all is the non-cash reward. What could it be?

Mr. Tiddles Is Missing

Sign says that lion is lost

Here, kitty kitty! That’s something you’re not going to hear us calling after seeing exactly what kind of animal Mr. Tiddles is. It’s a male, which isn’t unusual for a lost pet. No warning flags there. But what’s this about 800 pounds? And being 8.5 feet long?

This ‘lost pet’ with orange fur and a big fluffy head happens to be a lion. One that enjoys playing with its food. We’re gonna pass on searching for this guy, sorry.

Sentimental Value

stolen property includes floppy disk drive

It appears that this person’s home might have been broken into and several items stolen. This flyer describes a floppy disk drive that the thieves took: “Last seen on desk in my garage. Drive has been in my family for years, sentimental value. Initials scratched on side, also gum.” They’re even offering a reward.

It might have belonged to a grandparent or another important person in their lives. It’s a good thing they included a photo, because a lot of people would probably not have a clue what a floppy disk drive looks like these days.

Ghostbusters Marketing

ghostbusters creature poster

Who you gonna call? Reddit user scottyd33 posted this photo to the site with the caption “So these have been going up around my neighborhood.” It’s a lost dog poster, but with a photo of some sort of monster. His name is Vince and his eyes are blood red. The poster also states that Vince is able to do tricks: he “rolls over, opens gateways to other dimensions.”

If you don’t recognize this creature, another redditor called Luneytunes provides the identification. “Its actually ‘Vinz’ as in Vinz Clortho, keymaster of Gozer. Terror Dogs are known for their impeccable spelling and grammar.”

Please Keep Him

boyfriend was forced to make lost cat sign

“Lost cat. Reward” Uh oh, sounds like someone lost their precious kitty and really wants him back! Not so fast. If you read on past the word ‘reward,’ it becomes clear that the cat isn’t welcome back home. “Reward if you find him & don’t return him.”

“Promised girlfriend I’d put up a sign. Cat’s a total pain in the ass. Tears up furniture, craps everywhere.” Funny to think of the girlfriend watching her loving bf putting these mean posters up all over the neighborhood and feeling glad that she found such a caring guy. At least he acknowledges on the poster that they’ll probably break up over this.

Only $100

Killer the wolf is missing

We know times are tough, but we really hope that people wouldn’t be desperate enough to wrangle a lost wolf mix named “Killer” for $100. According to this flyer which features photos of Killer snarling and snapping, Killer “is not very friendly and is irate at times” but is “missed dearly” at home.

If you have any clues about Killer’s whereabouts, please get in touch with Drew. His address is right on the poster.

Help, My Imaginary Friend Is Missing

imaginary friend Steve is missing

Have you seen the ’90s movie Drop Dead Fred? In case you haven’t, it’s about a little girl who has an imaginary friend named Fred. That is, until her parents force her to take psychiatric medication to get rid of him.

Maybe that’s what happened here. The person who made this flyer had Steve as a best friend until he or she was forced to take meds. We really love the blank space where Steve’s smiling face should be.

Parrot Trolling At Its Finest

lost parrot bbq poster

This poster is only funny if we assume something: that the parrot on the top flyer was safely located. In that case, the followup flyer on the bottom is pretty hilarious.

First, it appears that a banded parrot went missing in this neighborhood and its owners offered a reward for its return. But a while later, someone else held a parrot BBQ (with limited quantities of food available.) Coincidence? We hope so.

Prince, Is That You?

Lost and found Raspberry beret

Prince fans will get a kick out of this lost/found poster troll. At least one of these flyers is a reference to the musician’s iconic hit song “Raspberry Beret,” which has the lyrics “She wore a raspberry beret, the kind you find in a second hand store.”

The top poster simply says that there’s a raspberry beret missing. It’s not really clear whether it’s related to the song or not. But the followup poster obviously is, with a picture of Prince in a raspberry-colored hat. “It’s my beret now.” Finders keepers.

Didn’t Think This One Through

poster for lost house keys

What’s the number 1 thing you wouldn’t want a stranger who was in possession of your house keys to get access to? How about the address to your home, which they could now get into without any problem at all?

If this poster is real, then the person who made it was clearly not thinking when they put their home address and the hours they’re out of the house printed on it. (It’s probably a joke. We hope.)