Extraordinary Weird Fetishes Of The Most Influential Historical Figures

Everyone has their thing. Their fetish. Most people’s fetishes fall into the same categories of “normal”, but there are the fringes of fetishes that are just plain weird and sometimes disgusting.

We took a look at some of the kinkiest and downright weird fetishes from major historical figures and celebrities. What we found was, well, eye-opening, to say the least.



I think that it’s safe to say that Roman Emperors were into some pretty awful stuff as a whole. Legend has it that he trained a bunch of little boys to swim between his thighs.

He would even get little babies to perform acts on him. Acts of which I don’t need to get deeper into.

Herod The Great


Herod is a notorious figure in the ancient world, but his problems run deeper than many realize. He couldn’t let his wife go after she died.

He kept her dead body and made love to it for seven years afterward. Her body was apparently preserved in honey. No thank you.



The saying “keep it in the family” can refer to a lot of things. One of the situations that it doesn’t refer to is marriage. The Roman Emperor Domitian ended up leaving his wife for his niece.

He eventually got back with his real wife, but maintained a relationship with his niece throughout it all.

Catherine The Great

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There were rumors surrounding Catherine The Great, and how she died. Many believe that she was killed when she was getting a little too friendly with her horse.

She had a healthy appetite with some animal infatuation. She had many lovers that were humans. I mean, if you love your horse you love your horse. She actually died of a stroke on the toilet.

Emperor Nero

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It’s safe to say that Emperor Nero was a momma’s boy. He loved her more than anything in the world.

He would try to have adult moments, if you will, with both men and women while ALWAYS wearing animal skin. The weird thing? These men and women were bound to stakes and couldn’t move.


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He is probably best known as the first Holy Roman Emperor, but Charlemagne is one of history’s most prolific necrophiles.

He was accused of sleeping with dead people, including one of his dead wives. He also had a son with his sister. So I mean, at this point, pick your poison.

H.G. Wells


If you’re an author, you’re probably not going to be overly thrilled about the bad reviews written. But, legendary sci-fi author H.G. Wells would do the dirty on the bad reviews.

Literally. He would bring over a mistress and do the deed on top of the review and then set it on fire after it was done.

James Joyce


Usually, you like your own brand, but James Joyce is different. The Irish author loved farts. Not just his own, but especially his wife’s.

He publicly wrote about how he would know her farts anywhere. He could pick them out of a room full of farting women. That’s just a bit weird.

Prince Chien Of Han China


Prince Chien had a fetish for keeping the love in the family. Not the warm and fuzzy love either, because we can all use a little bit more of that.

He slept with many of his biological sisters. The sadistic prince would drown boys and girls in his palace lake. He would put girls in a tree naked to starve.


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It’s always good to have love for your family. I mean, they’re your family after all. But, I think Caligula went a little bit too far. Actually, I know he did.

He was known for getting intimate with family members on a regular basis. He was caught sleeping with his sister and even broke up their marriage because he was in love with her.

Hans Christian Andersen


Get ready for this one, because it’s kind of weird. He would draw a cross-like shape in his journal that would mark the days he pleasured himself.

Sometimes he would even indicate in the journal that his, uh, thing, was sore because of the “fun” he would have. He was unnerved by anything having to do with sex or the sexuality of women.

The Zhengde Emperor


The Ming Dynasty ruler loved three things: animals, drinking, and women. He collected exotic animals from all over the world.

He was also big into the drinking. He was drunk much of his adult life. He would get his guards to seize women to bring home with him. All of them had to be unmarried.

Juana “The Mad” Of Castile

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I mean, when you get married you say an oath “till death do us part”. But, for Juana Of Castile, that wasn’t enough.

After her husband died, she was still madly in love with him. He died young, but Juana dug up her husband’s body and carried his casket with her wherever she went for three years. She was always showing off the body.

Ernest Hemingway

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Hemingway once wrote a letter to his girlfriend Marlene Dietrich telling her how she can improve her Las Vegas stage show.

It was kinky, to say the least. It would start with her being shot, naked, and drunk in a tank. The tank would roll over the customers, and Hemingway would strip off his clothing. He would be holding a giant rubber whale while reversed vacuum cleaners blew his clothes off of her.

Ottoman Emperor Ibrahim


Rumor had it that he ordered his gardeners to execute all 280 women by tying them into sacks and dropping them into the ocean.

He did this simply because he wanted to have a new batch of women. He would host love parties that would last all night at his palace.

Jean-Jaques Rousseau

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This French philosopher loved to be dominated. He published an autobiography that mentioned his love for being “at the knees of an imperious mistress, to obey orders, to have to beg for pardon.”

He was a masochist ahead of his time and loved the thrill of being reproved without physical contact.



This emperor was uber-creepy. He was basically a rapist and only would try to hook up with virgin girls.

He was also known to ask his agents to find the most well-endowed men to come pleasure him. He would always strip naked in front of guests for no reason. Yikes.



It might surprise you to know that Gandhi was always naked. Well, at least when he slept. He was always sleeping next to a lot of naked women.

He would request various women, one of them being his grandniece. He would even sleep naked next to his grandnephew’s wife, or his doctor.

Yukio Mishima


After having his first orgasm at the age of 12, Japanese Novelist Yukio Mishima was hooked on a very bizarre fetish. He thought that seppuku, which is the act of self-disemboweling with a samurai sword, was the ultimate form of pleasuring yourself.

He ended up killing himself by literally performing seppuku with a 17th-century samurai sword.

King Edward VII

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I guess it’s always good to be a king. King Edward VIII had a large sexual appetite. He had super-fancy sex furniture made and commissioned a love seat with golden stirrups and knee pads.

He was also known to bathe in champagne with a prostitute or two. Thank God TMZ wasn’t around back then.

Andre Gide


He’s a Nobel Prize-winning writer and an intensely sexual person who had sexual partners of many different ages and races. He had two very quirky sexual fetishes.

He was aroused by a “profusion of colors or unusually shrill sweet sounds” and general destruction.

Guy de Maupassant


Guy de Maupassant was a French novelist and had many sexual kinks and quirks. He loved women who would sport “close-cropped hair and men’s clothes”.

At one point, Guy preferred a woman who looked like a man with broad shoulders and broad hips. He also claims that he can make his “instrument” erect within seconds on cue.

Lyndon B Johnson

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President Johnson had a fitting name for what he liked to do. Yes, he liked to show his, uh, Johnson very proudly.

A biographer wrote that if a colleague would walk into the Capitol bathroom while he was at the urinal, he would swing around holding his, uh, member and ask if he’s ever seen something so big.

Benjamin Franklin


Founding father Benjamin Franklin’s “Advice to a Young Man on the Choice of A Mistress” was a secretly circulated message to a young man.

He tells the man that he should prefer old women to young women because they make better lovers and “the sin is less”. I guess Benji had a bit of a cougar fetish.

Richard Gere

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I don’t really know what to say here. Richard Gere is a charming man with a strong moral belief.

But, he has some bedroom activities that are suspect, to say the least. Apparently, he’s part of the “gerbilling” community. Yes, that’s the community that inserts a small animal into their, you know what.

Scarlett Johannson


I have to admit, this one isn’t that weird, but I thought I would add it because of my obsession with Scarlett. Basically, she is a big car girl.

No, I don’t mean that she loves cars or the smell of cars, or NASCAR. I feel like I don’t have to go any further than that.

Justin Timberlake


The next time you go to a Justin Timerblake concert, just know that he’s probably going to be getting a quick one-two punch from his wife Jessica Biel backstage.

Yes, you read that correctly. It also doesn’t stay exclusive to his concerts — it’s other people’s concerts too in which he’ll pull a quick one with his wife.

Nick Lachey


I think that it’s safe to say that Nick Lachey has one of the more emasculating fetishes out of all the people on this list.

It’s now public knowledge that he likes to wear women’s shoes before getting busy. I mean, I guess I just don’t even know how he would fit, but to each their own.

Robert Pattinson

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Robert Pattinson has Olfactophilia, which as much as it sounds like a rash — it isn’t. It’s a fetish where you are turned on by smells.

He admits that it the smells don’t even have to be perfume. He just likes the smells of other humans. That’s not weird at all.

John Mayer

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Who doesn’t like a little bit of creativity in the bedroom? One of the biggest celebrity players likes to mix it up. According to one of Jennifer Aniston’s friends, he likes to bring whipped cream into the bedroom.

She also says that he likes to tease with feathers and ice cubes.