Ni’ihau: Hawaii’s ‘Forbidden Island’

For most people, Hawaii is associated with white sandy beaches, luaus, tan surfers, and an all-around island lifestyle. But outside of the popular tourist destinations like Honolulu, Oahu, and Maui, there is an island that most people from outside of the state don’t even know exists.

Located 17 miles off the west coast of Kauai lies the island of Ni’ihau, better known as ‘The Forbidden Isle.’ Learn the island’s fascinating history as well as the mystery behind the island and why it’s been so protected for so many years.

For over 150 years, Ni’ihau has banned anyone from the outside world from visiting.

It All Started With Elizabeth McHutchenson

Wikipedia Commons
Wikipedia Commons

Elizabeth McHutchenson, better known as Eliza, was born in Scotland in 1800. She grew up and married a ship’s captain, Francis Sinclair, in 1824, and the two shared six children. After the birth of their sixth child, the Sinclair family decided to set sail and begin a new life in New Zealand.

Little did the family know that this decision would change the course of the future of the family forever.

Unfortunately, tragedy struck before they could make it to their new home.