The Most Popular Slang Terms From Your Birth Year

Slang is a lot like fashion. The two change with the times. You might have a fashionable dress in 2019, but in 2020 it can look completely dated. The same applies to the words and phrases that our culture creates. Saying something is “da bomb” today is utterly passé. The young folks now say something along the lines of “that’s fire.” Do you recall what slang words were popular while you were growing up? For example, the word “hyper” didn’t come into general use until 1942. Read on to discover which years some of the most popular slang terms originated.

1950 – Beautiful People

American women's swimming champion and actress Esther Williams
Mondadori Portfolio by Getty Images
Mondadori Portfolio by Getty Images

One might not have ever imagined that the term “beautiful people” was ever slang. It seems like such a simple phrase that people have been saying since the conception of the word beautiful.

In the’50s it was Hollywood lingo that converted to the mainstream. You used it talk about those in the industry who were successful and gorgeous. These days, this “slang” can be applied to anyone and isn’t exclusive to a group of specific individuals.