Have You Ever Wanted To Eat A Meal Underwater? Now You Can!

Have you ever had the desire to dine underwater? To share a meal with good friends while getting an up-and-personal look at sea critters in their natural habitat? If so, you’re in luck! For some of the most unique dining experiences on Earth, look no further than these incredible underwater restaurants.

5.8 Undersea Restaurant

5.8 Undersea Restaurant, located in Maldives’ luxurious Hurawalhi resort, is the largest underwater restaurant in the world. It’s about 19 feet (hence, the 5.8 name) under sea level.



Visitors walk along a gorgeous winding pier to reach 5.8’s entrance. The restaurant’s website says that the dress code is casual (to match the resort’s beachy vibe) and footwear must be removed before entering.



The restaurant only has 10 tables, so diners can expect an intimate experience. Only people with reservations can enter the facility – so no “lookyloos” allowed. That means that many of us will only see this breathtaking restaurant via these photos.



5.8 offers both 4- and 7-course meals from an ever-changing menu. Count on plenty of fresh seafood here! The restaurant is open for lunch and dinner.


Europe’s very first underwater restaurant is, appropriately, named Under. The word also means “wonder” in Norway, where the restaurant is situated. Construction on the site began in early 2017.



Guests will enter Wonder at its entrance three meters above sea level. The restaurant itself is three stories, reaching all the way down to the seabed.



Architectural firm Snøhetta is responsible for designing and constructing Wonder. In a statement, the group said that the restaurant is intended to act as a “sunken periscope,” giving guests an up-close encounter with sea life. Parts of the structure will also serve as scientific labs for marine research professionals.



Wonder features a champagne bar on the top level, and guests will be treated to some of Norway’s world-class seafood. The restaurant is set to open in March of 2019.


Billing itself as an “underwater playground,” this space was initially created as the world’s first underwater nightclub. It’s since been transformed into an upscale restaurant.


Rubina A. Khan/Getty Images

This spot 20 meters under the Indian Ocean is part of the Maldives’ PER AQUUM Niyama resort. It’s reachable only by speedboat.



SUBSIX’s interior was designed to reflect the sea life just outside its panoramic windows. Guests are treated to views of more than 90 types of coral, as well as myriad species of fish.



The restaurant is open for lunch daily, and for exotic “underwater glow parties” on Wednesday and Saturday night. Breakfast and dinner service is available upon request or for special events.