Incredible Modes Of Transportation Around The World

Traveling the world is exciting. Exploring new places allows you to experience new cultures, new traditions, new foods, and even new modes of transportation. From suspension railways to traversing Finland by reindeer sleds, this list shows just some of the spectacular kinds of transportation around the world. Wait until you see how they get around in India.

The Canadian Terra Bus

Terra bus canada.jpg

The average snowfall in areas like Kingston, Waterloo, and Ontario is as much as 88 inches a year! When you have to traverse all of that snow and ice, you need reliable (and rugged) transportation to help you get around. So what is the solution? Behold the Terra Bus.

The Terra Bus provides all-terrain mobility to transport up to 56 passengers. The vessels are equipped with large, low-pressure tires which help traverse both on and off-road. This beastly bus sort of looks like a cross between a monster truck and a school bus—and while they’re quite large, they are still very efficient.