Little Things To Do Around The House To Make Your Guest Want To Move In

If you enjoy hosting, you can make your home your friends’ go-to place when they’re in your town by making some little changes around the house. If you try some of the small upgrades in this slideshow, you may find that your guests never want to leave. We think that you’ll love one hack that will transform your guest bed.

Spice Up The Entryway


Your entryway is the first thing a guest sees when they enter your home, so why not make it so warm and inviting that they’ll never want to leave? Grab a bench, some baskets, and a few throw pillows and they’ll be hooked from the moment they step inside.

Repurpose An Old Cake Stand


Add a touch of paint to an old cake stand and use it in your kitchen or bathroom to place soap and a hand towel on. Your guests will love the touch of class it adds to the room, plus it will certainly set you apart from other hosts.

A Bed Fit For A Princess


If you think canopy bedding is just for wealthy people, then you thought wrong. You can easily turn your guest bed into a canopy bed by attaching a couple of shower rods to your ceiling and adding sheer curtains. Keep reading for a tip to glam up your bathroom.

Washi Tape FTW


Try dressing up drab outlet covers with washi tape. You can choose from just about any design or color and really make your room pop. This is one of the easiest changes you can make around the house, and your guests are sure to take notice instantly.

Make Your Spices Stand Out


This under-the-cabinet spice storage is super easy to pull off on your own — just grab glass jars and some magnetic tape, and you’re good to go. It’s a subtle change you can make, but it’ll definitely stand out to your guests versus using a run-of-the-mill spice rack.

Time To Hit The Thrift Shops


Nothing screams “classy” quite like antiques, and using antique knobs in your bathroom to serve as towel hooks is something your guests will definitely notice, plus they’ll be impressed with your creativity. Keep reading to find a change you can make in the kitchen that will wow your guests.

Frame It


Another thing you can do to add a nice touch to your home that will make your guests want to stay forever is to frame your TV. After mounting the TV, use some crown molding to pull off that framed look. You can paint the molding any color you like, too.

Another Use For Baskets


Instead of stacking up your towels or using a boring rack, try hanging baskets on your walls, rolling the towels, and placing them inside. This will set your home apart from others, plus you can go with just about any flat-bottomed basket, so you’ve got plenty of options.

Hidden Outlets


When your guests see how you’ve cleverly hidden your outlets, they’ll wish they had thought of this. It looks so much nicer than outlets that are cut into the side of islands, ruining the aesthetic. In a slide coming up, check out the coolest cutting board you’ll ever see.

Another Way To Hide Cords


Installing an outlet into the back of a drawer that is positioned against the wall is a great way to hide unsightly charging cords. Not only will it remove the cord clutter from your countertops, but having a dedicated charging drawer will help you keep all of your phones in one place.

Slice ‘N Dice


Your guests will want to help with food prep duties once they see your cool cutting board. The board has a hole in the center that leads to a waste bin below for super easy cleanup. Next up, find out how to make your home somewhat resemble an art gallery.

A Nifty Way To Store Books


For smaller guest rooms that don’t have enough space for nightstands, try installing these little corner shelves. Your guests will have a space for their book or glasses, plus it will give the room a nice cozy feel that will make them never want to leave.

Another Way To Use Wallpaper


Wallpaper can improve the look of any space, but did you know that you could use it to spice up your furniture, too? Use removable wallpaper and cover any drawers, tables, etc. that could use a facelift. It’s sure to add a nice splash of color to any room.

Positioning Is Everything


Instead of hanging up your photos in a line across your walls or using the same size and style frames for everything, mix things up a bit. Avoiding lining up everything perfectly or using matching frames will help give your living room an art gallery look, which will impress your guests. Next up — a tip to make your guest room look less drab.

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall


Not only will installing long mirrors on your closet doors dress up your guest room a bit, but mirrors also help make a room look larger, which is great for smaller spaces. To add on to that, try using white or other light colored paints to make a space look larger than it is.

Put Your Extra Jars To Good Use


Reduce clutter in your bathroom by mounting mason jars to a wood board that you can hang up on your wall. Your guests will be super jealous of the rustic vibe you have going on, and they will practically beg to move in with you.

Go With An Accent Wall


Painting one wall a different color to make it an accent wall is such an easy upgrade you can make. Just make sure the color matches the color you’ve chosen to decorate the room. You can even use stencils or removable decals on the accent wall to add a little something extra to it.

Repurpose An Old Window


Having a dedicated space in your home to display your wedding picture and other mementos from your relationship with your spouse (or family) will definitely impress your guests. Repurposing an old window to serve as a frame will really up the wow factor, plus it adds a nice rustic feel.

Spice Up Your Bathroom


This is another neat way to set apart your bathroom from other hosts your guest visits. Mount a ladder to your wall — you can repurpose an old one or buy one specifically for this purpose — and hang your towels from it. It’s the little things like this that make you the hostess with the mostest.