What Scientists Found Lurking Under The Ice

Ice has the unique ability to preserve history. There’s a reason we use the phrase “frozen in time.” When temperatures drop below zero, some pretty bizarre things can start happening.

Scientists have found all kinds of things preserved in ice, from tools to animals to evidence of early humans. Take a trip up north with us to learn about all of the ways ice has acted as a time capsule. Some of these photos make you wonder what else is left to be discovered under the ice.

A Frozen Lighthouse

Photo Credit: Earth Form
Photo Credit: Earth Form

It really does look like an ice queen used her magic on this lighthouse in Michigan. Located at the end of the St. Joseph River in Benton Harbor, the lighthouse often freezes during the cold Michigan winters. It’s truly amazing to see the staircase frozen in ice like this.

A lighthouse is supposed to warn incoming ships about the closeness of the coast, but what is going to warn the lighthouse about the severity of the winter? These icicles are huge!