Some Of The Most Pure Things We Really Needed Right Now

Just need those feels, man.

Never run away from your feelings. It’s not healthy and never a good idea. Sometimes, showing a bit of emotion can make us hold back on other things in life. When that happens, we try to find something to soothe our soul and carry on with our lives. It takes some time and patience to find something so pure and authentic. When we do find it, it’s usually in a place we wouldn’t expect it to be. Especially in a place like a shower with man’s best friend making sure you’re okay. It’s one of those things that should put you at ease with whatever stress you may have.

Best Way To Use A Selfie Stick

Best Way To Use A Selfie Stick.jpg

It doesn’t get any better than this. Sloths are considered to be the world’s laziest animal. Even still, they definitely know when to strut their stuff with a camera in their face. This is one of those things in life where you’re fortunate to be in the right place at the right time.

True Meaning Of BFFL

True Meaning Of BFFL.jpg

Now, that’s a dogmance, which is similar to a bromance. Even though they miss their owners on a daily basis when they’re at work, these dogs still have each other. Through thick and thin, these companions make sure nothing gets in their way — including a pack of dog bones.

Koala Camera, Dude

Koala Camera Dude.jpg

And action! The next thing you’ll see on the Discovery Channel will be koalas with cameras. It’s a lot like the hit YouTube series llamas with hats, except it’s not animated.

Koalas with cameras are cute, but pets who nap on cats is just around the corner.

Butterfly On By

Butterfly By.jpg

Talk about metamorphosis happening right in front of our eyes. When you give someone wings, they give you the world. When you give them the world, they give you respect in return. Hold onto that, then share it with the rest of the world.

See Ya Later, Alligator

See Ya Later, Aligator.jpg

Six beers later, people All of a sudden think they’re Aquaman. Sadly, nobody here is a superhero, just a bunch of dudes having some fun. Despite what we all know what’s going to happen next, the before result is funny since he’s going to get drenched in lake water.

Cat Nap

Cat Loves Cars.jpg

Cats just love to nap anywhere. The couch, the end of the bed, even on the exact same spot on random cars. This is downright adorable, and this cat is content and happy as it can be.

Ever seen a goat with tennis balls on their head? More on that later.

Where It All Starts

Pot Of Gold.jpg

I guess that’s where rainbows begin. No matter where you are, seeing a rainbow after a big thunderstorm is a wonderful sight to see. With that, you better hope for chocolate falling from the sky, or hopefully a leprechaun with a pot of real gold.

A Sea Of Red

A Sea Of Red.jpg

Anyone who’s favorite color is red will really enjoy this. One improvement that could be made is having all the cars backed in. That would align perfectly with the color of the train, however, this will still do. It’s one of those things you don’t see very often.

Goat Balls

Goat Balls.jpg

This might be the first time anyone has seen a goat with tennis balls on their antlers. One advantage that comes with this is that the goat cannot prick you with their antlers. Just imagine goats head-butting their antlers with tennis balls.

Just ahead, dogs might not like baths or showers, but they’re always there for us.

Red, White, And Blue

Red White and Blue.jpg

A glass of freedom all in one snap. They should probably give their table a wash, but that’s not the point. With the US flag as the reflection, it makes the glass look much cooler. Hopefully, there’s a store that sells wine glasses with the red, white, and blue on it.

Knitting Clothes On Trees

Clothes On A Tree.jpg

Believe it or not, people in this neighborhood made clothes for trees. Driving down this street would be awesome to see each tree decorated in a different color. Even around Christmas time, wrap lights around the trees, and you got yourself one colorful winter wonderland.

Dogs That Care

Dogs That Care.jpg

The way they see it, when we shower, they think we’re upset about something. That’s not always the case, but this just goes to show that animals care about you. Look how happy that dog looks plopping the toy in the tub!

Coming up, a freeze-frame shot that trap’s man best friend in a bubble.

Champagne Showers

Champange Showers.jpg

Ah, just looking at this screams the weekend. The champagne being splattered onto the face is the way we should all roll out at 5 PM on Friday’s. Despite this being a victory celebration, all of us working for the paycheck deserve something like this too.

Science Is Cool, Kids

Science Is Cool, Kids.jpg

Notice anything in the back? The baby’s reaction to the explosion is rather priceless. She looks really surprised at what’s going on here. It’s nothing but the classic Mentos and soda experiment. The second you plop one into the bottle, this is what happens.

Doggo Bubble

Doggo Bubble.jpg

Free the doggo! With this freeze-frame, it does look like the dog is trapped in the bubble. That’s something to keep in the family photo album — it will be hilarious to see the dog’s reaction when it pops.

Wait until the next one. It brings a part from a Midsummer Night’s Dream to life.

Four Eyes

Bubble Four Eyes.jpg

Literally, this is what Bubbles from Trailer Park Boys should have worn. Oh well, this is still a great tribute to one of Canada’s comical characters. That’s the face of any person who attends a two-three day music festival. They’re pretty exhausting, but clearly worth it.

Bearded Lady

Bearded Lady.jpg

Don’t post this on social media, maybe send it on Snapchat. Outside of that, that girl picked the right time to be in the right place with the book. Right in front of her, it makes her look like she got the wrong side of puberty. Oh well, it’s not real, but still funny to see.

Horse Man


This instantly brings me back to A Midsummer Night’s Dream from high school. That’s pretty much how I feel the night after a big party. Although, this horse man would make an epic superhero idea. Surely, it’s been thought of and discarded for good reasons.

One Person Backflip

One Person Backflip.jpg

It’s not fake, it’s real. Still. that’s some mad photography skills to do make something so epic. Props to the one who took the photo, along with the person doing the back flip. It’s a talent most people can’t do, nevermind so high up in the air.

Dancing On Thin Air

Dancing On Thin Air.jpg

If this dancer falls, he’s going to end up flat on his face. That’s not what we’re hoping for, but it goes to show how awesome freestyle dancing can be. It would be so awesome if someone filmed this in slo-mo, then got up and did more dancing.