Tennessee Family Had No Idea This Was Living In Their Wall

Owning a home comes with its own set of challenges. Whenever something breaks down, you have to be the one to fix it. Either that or you have to be the one to pay somebody else to fix it. Every home has parts of it that need fixing or updating, but sometimes those little things turn out to be very big things. Sometimes they even turn out to be living things.

Keep reading to find out more about one man who took one brick out of his wall and discovered something he never expected.

What It Looked Like Before

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It was late September in Tennessee when the family who lives in this house started hearing strange noises coming from their walls. It sounded like scratching, like something— or someone— was moving inside their kitchen wall.

They decided that they needed to call in a pest control specialist. If there was some sort of animal in there, it might be stuck and need some help escaping. It was anyone’s guess what type of animal it would be, though.

Could It Be Mice?

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It’s not that uncommon for animals, especially small rodents like rats and squirrels, to make little homes inside of the walls of your house. When the weather gets cold, they look for places to make burrows for the winter.

The thing is, these noises had been going on for a while. It was September and it wasn’t cold yet. The noises weren’t going away, they were only getting louder and more intense.

Maybe It’s An Insect

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The family determined that the creature inside their walls must be some sort of insect because the noise wasn’t going away. Also, they were pretty sure that they could hear a faint buzzing noise.

They consulted the internet to figure out how to get rid of a bug infestation. The family ended up creating a DIY bug bomb, and they deployed it hoping that it would finally rid them of their problem.

Time To Call For Backup

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After they launched their DIY bug bomb, the sound still didn’t stop. Every time they were standing close to the wall, they could hear scratching and a faint humming. The homemade pesticides clearly weren’t working, so the family decided to call for backup.

Once they found out about pest expert David Glover, they knew that he was the man for the job. He had a proven track record of solving problems exactly like this one.

David Knows What’s Best

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David is a seasoned professional. He knew that he could handle whatever was in that wall. He suited up, prepared all of his fancy insect exterminating devices, and got right to work.

He was pretty sure that he had seen every kind of insect infestation there was to see and that nothing could shock him, but what he saw next was truly a first for him. He hadn’t seen anything quite like this before.

The Entry Point

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David started inspecting the outer wall of the kitchen. It was a brick wall that looked pretty solid, but he knew there had to be a hole somewhere. How else would an insect get in? Soon he discovered a “weep hole.”

You can see it in this photo— it’s the black line at the bottom of the photo near the center. He also found another small gap between the kitchen window and the brick.

Specialized Tools

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David has a lot of tools that he uses to help him do his job properly and efficiently. In order to find out how big this thing was that was lodged inside the wall, David used a tool called an infrared camera.

An infrared camera allows its user to visualize heat in a given space. David was absolutely stunned by what he saw. Whatever was in this wall had to be absolutely ginormous.

Smoke ‘Em Out

Photo by Pierre WITT/Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images

We’ve already talked about one of David’s tools— a very fancy, high tech infrared camera. The next tool David used was more old school. He decided to use smoke as he worked on removing whatever pests were inside that wall just in case they had nasty stingers.

He also used a bit of natural insect repellent just to be safe. You can never be too careful when you’re working with unknown pests inside of a wall.

Next Steps

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The insects were most likely momentarily stunned by the smoke, so David got to work widening the hole in the brick so he could get a better look at the inside of the wall.

As soon as he pulled the first brick off the wall, he knew what he was dealing with. David had actually suspected that this was probably the issue. All of his expertise and experience led him to the right answer.

What Seems To BEE The Problem?

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The creatures that had been making so much noise inside the wall were honeybees. A whole hive of honeybees to be exact. This might look like a small hive to you now, but David knew by the size of that comb that there was a whole lot more honey and a whole lot more bees behind those bricks.

David got ready for the most extensive pest removal job of his career.

So Many Bees

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David began removing layer after layer of brick. He was able to remove two whole rows in just a few minutes. With each brick he removed, he discovered more of the beehive. The problem was, this beehive seemed to be neverending.

At this point, David was wondering just how many more bricks he’d have to pry free before he could see the whole hive. Would there even be any wall left?

It Kept Going And Going

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David kept removing pieces of the wall brick by brick until he had removed five rows of brick. That’s when he realized just how big this beehive was.

Pretty soon, the entire hive was revealed. David was relieved that he had found the edges of the hive, but he knew he had a huge job to do. This was the biggest beehive he had ever encountered in a wall.

These Bees Were Busy

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The hive was absolutely massive. Its size dwarfed that of the kitchen window set above it. According to David, it was the single largest honeycomb he had ever seen! These bees were hard at work making honey and storing it away for future generations.

This family had been sharing their home with a whole bunch of tenants and they didn’t even know it. It’s about time for these bees to be evicted.

The Hive Was Growing

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When David took a closer look at the buzzing and bustling hive, he noticed that it contained thirteen capped queen cells, each with a separate virgin queen bee. It was clear to David that this hive wasn’t just incredibly active — it was thriving.

If this hive had been left alone for a few more weeks, it could have doubled in size. These bees had found a good home, and they wanted to fill it with more bees.

A Noble Sacrifice

Photo Credit: Modern Farmer

As David inspected the rest of the hive, he noticed a few dead bees clustered on the left side of the colony. When the family set off their DIY bug bomb, a few of the bees must have gotten caught in the crossfire.

The chemicals may have killed off a few worker drones, but there was no way that a little homemade bug bomb was going to kill off an entire swarm of bees.

The Responsible Thing To Do

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The bees were definitely doing damage to this family’s house, and David knew that they were making a lot of noise, but he didn’t want to exterminate the bees entirely. Around the world, there’s a huge problem with bee populations dying that are vital to the ecosystem.

These bees were thriving, and they should continue to thrive, just not in somebody’s house. David had a plan. He was going to relocate the bees to a more suitable home.

Intelligent Design

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After removing several chunks of honeycomb, David noticed that a large section was constructed as a convoluted mess of curves and tunnels. David described the strange combs as looking as if “the construction crew in this part of the hive was dropping acid.” How bizarre!

These bees weren’t like other bees. Perhaps researchers could study these curves and tunnels and learn more about what makes these bees tick. Why are they thriving when so many other bees are dying out?

These Bees Are Friendly

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You would think that a swarm of honeybees wouldn’t take too kindly to a man who is literally dismantling their home, but these bees were actually pretty chill.

The bees were oddly cooperative and some of them even sat on David’s shoulder as he worked. The ones who had just had their queen taken away were especially curious. They kept hovering around the bee box that their queen was in.

Clean Up Time

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Once the combs were removed, David began cleaning up his work area. As you can probably imagine, ripping open a brick wall to remove a few thousand honeybees creates a lot of mess. There was a big hole in the side of the house that now had to be fixed, but at least all of the bees were safely removed.

The family could rest easy knowing that there wouldn’t be anymore buzzing or scratching inside their wall.

Collecting The Stragglers

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While he was tidying up, David decided to place a box in the hole left in the house just in case any worker bees returned to the scene of the crime. They may have been off collecting pollen or they may have been frightened off by all of the commotion.

If the workers returned to the box, David could transport them to the new hive site.

A Lasting Impression

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After David finished cleaning, he noticed that the bees had left a lasting impression on the inside of this wall. All those little bees had left behind thousands of footprints. “Kind of cool when you think about all the times your Mom told you to wipe your feet before coming into the house,” David joked.

Now this family would always have something to remember the bees by— not that they’d ever forget.

On To The Next Location

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David safely removed the hive. Now he just had to find a new, safe space for all of those bees. He decided to deliver the bees to a number of honey farms in the area. That way these bees could help out other bee colonies who have recently lost members.

These bees will help beekeepers in the area increase their honey production. They’ll also help pollinate a whole bunch of new flowers.

The Bee’s Knees

Photo by Klaus-Dietmar Gabbert/picture alliance via Getty Images

Bees may get a bad rap. A lot of people are scared of them because they have a pretty powerful sting, but bees won’t bother you if you don’t bother them. They are an essential part of our planet’s ecosystem.

You really shouldn’t kill bees who make their way into your home. Just politely guide them to the exit (or call for professional help if they’re building a hive in your wall).

A Different Kind Of Pest

Photo by Lillian SUWANRUMPHA / AFP

When you think about the other creatures that could crawl (or slither) into your house, bees don’t seem so bad. One family in Thailand wished that they just had a bee problem to deal with when they discovered a group of deadly reptiles living in their home.

Keep reading to find out which reptile gave them the fright of their life. I bet you wouldn’t want one of these in your house.

A Sneaky Snake

Photo by Lillian SUWANRUMPHA / AFP

Snakes are much smaller than humans and humans generally do more damage to snakes than snakes do to humans. Still, snakes have a bad reputation. Maybe it’s because of that whole story with Adam and Eve.

While snakes aren’t inherently evil, they look pretty scary when you encounter one in the wild. Some snakes can be venomous, so you want to stay far away from these reptiles unless you’re a trained professional.

Meet Vern Lovic

Thailand Living / YouTube

One man who isn’t afraid of these slithery animals is Vern Lovic. He’s a snake expert and self-proclaimed snake enthusiast. He’s handled all types of slithery serpents over the years. He’s encountered small, harmless snakes as well as big, venomous ones.

If you have a snake situation, Vern is definitely the guy you want to call. He has lots of experience moving snakes out of places where they aren’t wanted.

A Different Kind Of Problem

Thailand Living / YouTube

Just like David, Vern is the very best at what he does. He’s had years of experience handling these potentially dangerous animals. When Vern’s friend called him one day to investigate a snake problem at his home in Thailand, he jumped at the chance to help.

However, as soon as Vern arrived, he realized things were much worse than he anticipated. He jumped into action as quickly as he could.

Tools Of The Trade

Thailand Living / YouTube

Vern’s tools aren’t quite as fancy as David’s. He didn’t have an infrared camera or a smoke gun. He was armed with a clear bag made of reinforced plastic and long metal tongs so he could safely grab and store the snakes without fear of them biting him or escaping.

Still, he had no idea what he was in for when he first entered the house. Things were about to get pretty crazy.

Know Where To Look

Thailand Living / YouTube

Vern checked every corner in the house. Snakes have a way of burrowing into hard-to-reach places. Vern usually finds snakes in small, dark places like corners, vents, shoes, and drawers. Vern used all of his expertise and snake-finding senses to locate this intruder. Luckily, Vern had experienced serious infestations before, so he knew exactly where to look.

After searching the entryway for some time, Vern made his way into his friend’s bathroom.

Always Check The Bathroom

Thailand Living / YouTube

Vern started his search in the bathroom. He knew snakes often hide inside toilet bowls, and you definitely don’t want to sit down on a toilet with a snake in it. As soon as he opened the bathroom door, he saw his worst nightmare slithering up the wall in the back corner.

At least the snake wasn’t in the toilet, although it may have been easier if it was.

Not Just One Snake

Thailand Living / YouTube

Vern saw a baby cobra slithering up the bathroom wall. This is bad for two reasons. Firstly, one baby cobra means many baby cobras. Secondly, these were monocled baby cobras which are the most venomous snakes in Thailand.

Just one bite could result in a quick and painful death. Vern trapped one snake and carefully carried it out of the bathroom. He knew his work had just begun.

A Bag Of Snakes

Thailand Living / YouTube

Even though Thailand has only about a dozen reported deaths from snake bites every year, people should still avoid them at all costs. Not all snakes are venomous, but it’s often hard to tell the difference between venomous snakes and harmless ones.

Vern was able to trap a few more cobras in his clear plastic bag, but his work wasn’t finished yet. If you’re afraid of snakes, the next few photos might terrify you.

How Many?!

Thailand Living / YouTube

Vern ended up finding almost a dozen snakes in the bathroom! And that was just in the bathroom! He hadn’t even searched the rest of the house yet. After he was certain that there were no more snakes in the bathroom, he moved on to the next room.

He was hoping that he’d be able to fit all of the snakes in this house in his clear plastic bag.

The Hunt Continues

Thailand Living / YouTube

Vern entered the next room slowly so he didn’t alarm the snakes and scare them away. He carefully made his way past the furniture, making sure to check every nook and cranny. He knew snakes had a way of getting into places you might not expect.

He moved furniture around and inspected the entire room for more baby cobras. These snakes are excellent hiders, and Vern had to be smart if he was going to find them.

Neverending Snakes

Thailand Living / YouTube

Sure enough, Vern found several more baby cobras hiding behind some glass bottles on the floor, and there were even some more inside a few empty tin cans that were strewn on the ground. They were everywhere!

It seemed like these cobras were multiplying. Vern wasn’t sure how much longer this mission was going to take. It seemed like it was taking forever and more snakes just kept popping up.

Searching High And Low

Thailand Living / YouTube

The room was long, and after Vern made sure he snatched all of the cobras from the front end, he gradually made his way to the back half. With every step he took, he had no idea what he was going to encounter. Every snake he found was a surprise and he had to approach each one with extreme care.

One wrong move and he could get seriously injured.

A Thorough Search

Thailand Living / YouTube

Sure enough, there were still several more baby cobras hiding out in the back. Some of them were wrapped around pipes while others were hiding out inside small garbage cans. Vern was incredibly thorough with his search.

He wasn’t going to leave this house until he was sure that there were no more baby cobras hiding in tight spaces. Any cobra left behind could pose a serious risk to his friend.

Don’t Let The Bed Snakes Bite

Thailand Living / YouTube

The next place Vern needed to check was his friend’s bedroom. Since his friend spent many hours per night asleep here, it was vital that the cobras were removed. His friend would be powerless against the venomous cobras while he was asleep.

When he swung the door open, all seemed to be okay at first, but then he stepped closer to the bed at the center of the room…

Disaster Averted

Thailand Living / YouTube

Vern pulled back the bedspread and what he found completely shocked him. There were a few snakes just hanging out under the covers. Now this is a nightmare if I ever saw one.

The snakes tried to quickly slither back under the covers. Vern instructed his friend to stay at a hotel until he could be sure they were all taken away. You definitely don’t want to be sleeping with cobras.

It’s Not Over Yet

Thailand Living / YouTube

As Vern was leaving the bedroom, he spotted one more baby monocled cobra trying to escape underneath the bottom of the door. Luckily, he spotted its tail, and he safely collected it in his bag with the rest of its brothers and sisters.

These snakes were no match for Vern. Luckily, they were baby snakes, so Vern was able to maneuver them quite easily. He just picked the snake up with his tongs and placed it in the bag.

A Pile Of Snakes

Thailand Living / YouTube

Vern couldn’t believe his eyes—there was yet another pile of frantic snakes in the corner just outside the entrance to the bathroom. The number of snakes in this house was staggering. It was truly one of the worst infestations he had ever seen. At this point, Vern had collected over twenty snakes.

He was starting to wonder how all of these snakes got into the house in the first place.

On To The Living Room

Thailand Living / YouTube

After he secured the snakes in his bag, it was time for the next location: the living room shelving unit. There were plenty of small spaces for the venomous snakes to hide out, and Vern needed to be extra careful with this task.

He was almost certain that he would find a number of snakes in this room. He was prepared to collect at least 20 more in this house.

Strategic Searching

Thailand Living / YouTube

The very first thing Vern did was knock over the tall pair of boots. He knew snakes liked to camp out in small dark places, and sure enough, several baby cobras came slithering out. How many more snakes was he going to find?

He was starting to think that he was going to need a bigger bag. There were just too many snakes in this house for him to handle.

The Grand Total

Photo by: Arterra/UIG via Getty Images

In total, Vern found 56 monocled cobras hiding inside his friend’s house. You can see the full video of Vern searching his friend’s house for snakes on the YouTube channel Thailand Living.

Just be thankful that you don’t live in Thailand and you don’t even have to worry about 56 snakes invading your home and sleeping in your bed. There are snakes in some parts of America, but at least we aren’t overrun with them.