The Most Incredible Co-Working Spaces In The World

Long gone are the days of cubicles, and you can forget about private offices (to many professionals’ dismay). But breaking down walls and doors has paved the way for some pretty incredible co-working spaces. You might not mind going to work in one of these incredible spaces!

The Wing, New York


Launched in 2016, The Wing is a women-only coworking space with some pretty sweet feminine fixtures, like the ultra-chic bathroom above. In its not even two years of business, The Wing has gained 1,500 members at its two locations and a nearly 8,000 person waitlist. With a luxurious shower/powder room, a nap room, a private nursing room (so you can pump in peace) and many other gorgeous spaces, it’s easy to see why The Wing has what women really want. Lauren Kassan, the COO says, “For me it’s really about the community that can come out of this space. The original idea of having a space of convenience — but also creating a space that you can meet new women in.”