The Most Incredible Co-Working Spaces In The World

Long gone are the days of cubicles, and you can forget about private offices (to many professionals’ dismay). But breaking down walls and doors has paved the way for some pretty incredible co-working spaces. You might not mind going to work in one of these incredible spaces!

The Wing, New York


Launched in 2016, The Wing is a women-only coworking space with some pretty sweet feminine fixtures, like the ultra-chic bathroom above. In its not even two years of business, The Wing has gained 1,500 members at its two locations and a nearly 8,000 person waitlist. With a luxurious shower/powder room, a nap room, a private nursing room (so you can pump in peace) and many other gorgeous spaces, it’s easy to see why The Wing has what women really want. Lauren Kassan, the COO says, “For me it’s really about the community that can come out of this space. The original idea of having a space of convenience — but also creating a space that you can meet new women in.”

The Work Project, Hong Kong


Created by luxury hoteliers, The Work Project seems more like a vacation than a day at the office. With ergonomic furniture, the finest fixtures, a new set menu prepared everyday, a custom-blended tea, and a customized music selection you’ll feel pampered and prepared for any big meeting or project ahead. Besides it’s amazing aesthetic, it also boasts a fully stacked library full of architecture, design, cooking, world affairs and travel books. Make sure you stop and see the stunning vertical garden created by well-known French botanist Patrick Blanc as well, or all of the custom-made art pieces designed by The Work Project’s in-house team.

WeWork Weihai Lu, Shanghai


WeWork has quickly become the king of all coworking spaces across the world, but their best office exists in an unexpected place – Shanghai. Known as the most fashionable of all the WeWorks, Weihai Lu blends iconic silhouettes with local flair for a truly unique space. Keep an eye out for the showstopping three story central atrium and lush poufs handmade by local artisans. Plus it’s built in a pretty historic place. This location was actually used as an opium factory in the 1930s. Maybe there’s a little something left around to get those creative juices flowing! We kid!

NeueHouse Hollywood, Los Angeles


Deep in the heart of Hollywood, sits NeueHouse, in the infamous CBS Radio building. Within its seven stories sit the recording studios that the late and great Orson Welles and Lucille Ball would have performed in. The inhabitants tend to reflect the Hollywood glamour by working in film, design, fashion, architecture and publishing. As if its indoors aren’t impressive enough, they also have two incredible outdoor decks that showcase the stunning Los Angeles skyline. Although all of that sounds great, you might hit a slight snag – it’s invite only. If you’re lucky enough to be one of the 1,500 yearly members you’ll be able to enjoy all of the amenities. If not, try and make a friend who is!

Ministry Of New, Mumbai


You won’t find any cheesy, “do what you love signs” or other inspirational slogans at Mumbai mainstay, Ministry of New. Co-founder and design aficionados, Marlies Bloemndaal and Natascha Chadha pride themselves on creating spaces that don’t feel commercial in any way. Meaning this office is chock full of antiques, handcrafted furniture, chandeliers, Jaipur rugs and artworks from local art galleries. But aside from its always interesting interiors, the space boasts an impressive view of the city that can be seen from its indoor/outdoor corridor. Its the perfect escape for any overworked professional to hit refresh and recharge.

Crew Collective, Montreal


Stationed in the 12,000 square-foot space that once held the former Royal Bank in Old Montreal during the 1920s, Crew Collective functions as a glamorous coworking office for any architecture lover. Its fifty foot high-vaulted ceilings leave plenty of space for workers to dream up their next big idea. Plus it has luxurious fixtures like bronze chandeliers and marble floor to ceiling that will leave you feeling like a million bucks. Even if you’re not in the market for an office space you can still check out the digs by eating in their state-of-the-art cafe open to the public Monday through Friday.

Hubud, Bali


If you’re looking for a workspace that feels more like a spiritual haven than a bustling business, Hubud is the right spot for you. Set deep in the Indonesian countryside, it boasts some of the finest views of any office space in the world. Plus it has the fastest internet connection in all of Bali. Besides it’s incredible view it also has a pretty sweet setup indoors. Bamboo covers the walls of this incredible open workspace. Bali is quickly becoming the coworking capital city thanks to it’s booming Digital nomad set that can work from anywhere in the world if they choose.

KoHub, Thailand


Created by the same innovators as Hubud, KoHub is located on the beautiful tropical island of Koh Lanta in southern Thailand. It has an impressive open-air workspace allowing you to hustle through the day while still enjoying the warm island breeze and take in the local sights, scents and sounds. After a hard day’s work or during break time you can swing in one of their cozy hammocks or take a two-minute walk down to the beach. It’s also open 24 hours a day so perfect for night owls. Who knew work could feel like paradise?!

Weserland, Berlin


A clean and serene workspace, Weserland can be found in the heart of bustling Berlin. Berlin is seen as the creative capital of Germany and Weserland’s landscape does that title justice. The first thing you’ll notice upon entering this coworking hub is its ceiling. Its completely decked out in paper cranes crafted in every color of the rainbow. Founder Felix Hofmann, wanted to craft the perfect space for local creatives. “Berlin is quite different from the rest of Germany as it lacks sufficient ‘normal’ jobs,” he says. “Berliners need to get creative and create their own jobs and become entrepreneurs.”

Wix Lounge, New York


This might just be the best coworking space on the list. Not necessarily because of its amenities (which are impressive!) but because unlike all of the others, this one is FREE! Website builder, Wix has created a free coworking space in New York City that allows its users to spend four months building out their business. Not only do they provide them with rent-free digs, they offer courses on how to build a better site, offer networking events and provide a web support team to help with any potential glitches. If you can – snatch this opportunity up! You’ll never have the opportunity for free rent in Manhattan ever again!

The Common Desk, Dallas


This up-and-coming business hub in Dallas, Texas has already set up some sweet digs for entrepreneurial-minded locals. Each of their services is dedicated to fostering new emerging entrepreneurs just trying to build their businesses. They offer weekend hours, and an array of office options from private spaces to single shared desks. Geared towards millennials or just the young at heart, the decor is cutting edge cool and they host a plethora of weekly events like happy hours, community lunches and pilates classes. But they not just geared for individual entrepreneurs. Founder Nick Clark says larger companies are starting to look into coworking. “They’re trying or figure out could coworking be in the mix” when it comes to planning their office needs, he explains.

Patchwork, Paris


How could you not feel inspired in the colorful headquarters of Patchwork? It’s vibrant decor actually inspired its name! Intended for creatives – bloggers, photographers, architects, designers, and entrepreneurs – Patchwork aims to provide a creative space to foster talent and inspiration. Why should workspaces be wood and metal? With reasonably priced memberships and a location right in the middle of Paris, it’s more than just decor that makes it a favorite with Parisian professionals. They also offer meet up events so you can collaborate with your fellow creatives and complementary swanky Italian coffee all hours of the day. Très bon!

BeacHub, Thailand


As if this photo hasn’t sold you enough, wait until you hear about the amenities offered at BeacHub. Located on the beach (you read right!), this coworking hub feels more like a haven than anything else. Situated on Thailand’s famed Koh Phangan beach, BeacHub wouldn’t even think about closing it’s doors to the serene beach waves hitting the sand. It’s a completely open-air workspace so you can tan and text your boss at the same time. If sitting at a desk isn’t your thing, you can hangout in a hammock instead. Adding to BeacHub’s appeal, members also get beach and shower access and can dine at Karma Beach Cafe, one of Thailand’s most famous restaurants.

Dojo, Bali


Only a one-minute walk from the beautiful Balinese beach, Echo, Dojo offers an unparalleled experience for the professional looking for some serious work/life balance. Surrounded by incredible natural sights and sounds, this workspace offers both indoor and outdoor areas for individual or collaborative work. If the view of the tropical garden isn’t enough relaxation for you during the workday, you can take a dip in their luxurious swimming pool. If you find all of these amenities more distracting than helpful, head inside to their air conditioned conference rooms for a more buttoned up space. But don’t forget to hit the beach on your way out!

The Farm, New York


If you’re searching for a bit of down home comfort in the midst of the busiest city in the United States, The Farm is the right space for you. Located smack dab in the middle of Manhattan but infused with Southern charm, The Farm transports you to a relaxing oasis full of warm and friendly furniture and people. Whether you’re a homesick Southerner or just someone who appreciates the simpler things in life, The Farm will fill your need. Created by two farming folks from Missouri, its authentic nature will win you over. Plus you can bring your dog to work with you and enjoy all the complementary coffee and tea you can guzzle.

Duke Studios, Leeds


English creative entrepreneurs have found their place to flourish in this Leeds studio beloved by locals. Duke Studios provides quality coworking space for animators, software developers, designers, bloggers, travel writers, marketers and much more all in their cozy headquarters atop a quaint restaurant. Placing an emphasis on the power of collaboration, Duke Studios encourages its inhabitants to help one another succeed. They host an array or networking events and get-togethers, coffee catch-ups, clubs and community gardening outings. With the motto, “people first, business second”, Duke Studios provides much more than just a workspace. They foster a community of like-minded individuals building each other up.

B. Amsterdam, Amsterdam


The B. in its title stands for “building business.” Once you check all B. Amsterdam’s space and offerings you’ll see how aptly named it is. Besides offering an array of workspace plans, B. offers a full blown business school. Eager entrepreneurs can apply to the BSSA (B. Startup School Amsterdam) for a chance to get educated about content creation, growth hacking, digital innovation, and full stack development. This six-month intensive course pairs young professionals with industry veterans to get them geared up with the knowledge and tools they need to succeed. They also offer refresher courses and seminars for those already killing it in their craft.

Factory, Berlin


Marketed as more of a “business club” than a coworking space, Factory Berlin is host to some of the most successful technology businesses in the world. Coining itself “the community of innovators” Factory brings together larger corporations like T Mobile, Uber, Google, Deloitte, Udacity and Soundcloud with freelancers and new talent to foster a community of the brightest minds in the world. Located right next to the Berlin Wall, Factory blends the past and all of the lessons that come from it with the future of technology. Plus, there’s a plethora of amazing areas to work in and awesome events to attend each night of the week.

Betahaus, Barcelona


Not only is Betahaus in Barcelona equipped with a cafe, rooftop terrace, patio, classroom and a siesta club, it’s also host to freelancers and entrepreneurs from over forty five countries across the world. Members gain insight and experience from professionals they might have otherwise never encounter. Founder Juan Della Torre describes it as “a Creativity Circus in the heart of Barcelona.” Other than providing a clean and comfortable workspace and office supplies, Betahaus hosts monthly events and workshops to keep their entrepreneurial-minded members happy and fulfilled. Rooftop happy hours and afternoon siestas probably help boost morale as well!

Parisoma, San Francisco


If you love dogs, biking and free breakfast, you’ve come to the right place. Parisoma in San Francisco is not only completely dog-friendly, they provide plenty of bike parking and serve complementary breakfast every Friday. What more could you want? A community of like-minded creatives? They have that as well. Parisoma has had over 500 entrepreneurs and tech stars perfect their “big idea” under their roof. They provide their members with not only the supplies to succeed but also offer over 100 classes a year to help them fine tune their skills or learn a new set.