The People Who Designed These Products Are Literal Angels Sent Down From Heaven

Every so often you come across a product designed so beautifully and so kindly, that it makes you stop in your tracks. All of the products on this list have been designed with our best interest in mind.

Keep reading to see a tangle-proof pair of earbuds, a grocery store set up for introverts, and an unsubscribe button that is the king of all unsubscribe buttons. It’s the little things that really make our lives better.

Avacado Science

Photo Credit: GoodBoyFM / Reddit
Photo Credit: GoodBoyFM / Reddit

Here’s the dilemma: you’re having a few friends over for dinner tonight and you need to make some guacamole. If you get an avocado that’s not ripe yet, you won’t be able to make delicious guacamole for a few days. How do you know which avocado to pick?

This grocery store has got you covered.