The People Who Designed These Products Are Literal Angels Sent Down From Heaven

Every so often you come across a product designed so beautifully and so kindly, that it makes you stop in your tracks. All of the products on this list have been designed with our best interest in mind.

Keep reading to see a tangle-proof pair of earbuds, a grocery store set up for introverts, and an unsubscribe button that is the king of all unsubscribe buttons. It’s the little things that really make our lives better.

Avacado Science

Photo Credit: GoodBoyFM / Reddit

Here’s the dilemma: you’re having a few friends over for dinner tonight and you need to make some guacamole. If you get an avocado that’s not ripe yet, you won’t be able to make delicious guacamole for a few days. How do you know which avocado to pick?

This grocery store has got you covered.

Why Don’t All Parking Garages Have This?

Photo Credit: NINTSKARI / Reddit

This is a brilliant idea. Why didn’t I realize how necessary those wall lines were before I saw this picture?

This parking garage continues its parking lines onto the wall for easy, hassle-free parking. Now we just have to figure out how to park when the spot isn’t next to a wall.

These Earbuds Have A Zipper So They Won’t Tangle

Photo Credit: Nuclear_Scientists / Reddit

Tangled earbuds are the bane of my existence. I don’t know how they get so jumbled up just from lying around in my car or in my bag. It’s almost like all of the earbuds in the world are conspiring against us.

These guys figured out how to solve all of our earbud problems with this simple trick.

Size It Up

Photo Credit: fudgeyboombah / Reddit

This bandage box has a ruler and a diagram on the side of it so you can work out how big the bandages are, and if they are the right size for your injury.

I love when the people who design products make life easier for us.

This Soda Machine Has Clear Nozzles So You Can Tell If They’re Cleaned Regularly.

Photo Credit: rafapaolino1 / Reddit

There’s nothing worse than dirty soda. To be honest, I never really thought about the cleanliness of soda machine nozzles until I saw this picture.

Now I’m going to be worried that every opaque soda nozzle hasn’t been cleaned in a while. Keep reading to see a garbage bin that’s also very concerned about cleanliness.

Built-In Nose Scratcher

Photo Credit: ComBlockWither / Reddit

Can you imagine being stuck inside one of those astronaut helmets with an itchy nose? I’m pretty sure that’s a form of torture.

Luckily, the people who make spacesuits are looking out for those crazy people who decide to launch themselves into space. A hundred points to the good guy engineers.

This Calculator Has Numbers All The Way Through So They Won’t Rub Off

Photo Credit: milsyway / Reddit

Whoever designed this calculator had some serious foresight. It sucks when all of the painted on numbers rub off of your calculator and you just have to remember where they used to be.

This solution really does add up. It makes it so much easier for us to spell funny upside-down words.

This Considerate Pull Handle For The Push Door.

Photo Credit: nobently / Reddit

Nobody wants to touch push doors on the outside of garbage cans. Sometimes they’re sticky and they usually smell bad, and it’s just a bad experience overall.

This restaurant is doing what it can to make our lives better, and I really appreciate that. Sometimes a small pull handle can go a long way.

This University Printer Rotates Each Print Job To Avoid Confusing Multiple Students’ Work

Photo Credit: Vincool96 / Reddit

This is actually so smart. I would hate if I were printing a big important essay, and the last page of my document got mixed up with someone else’s.

Now there’s no excuse for handing in a paper late or not meeting the word count. This printer has got you covered.

Baskets For Introverts

Photo Credit: penguoir7238 / Reddit

This store lets you choose if you’d like help from the staff or not. If you grab an orange basket, a staff member will approach you to ask if you need assistance, but if you grab a green basket, everybody will leave you alone.

This is an introvert’s actual dream.

A Considerate Jokester

Photo Credit: T-Rylo / Reddit

This YouTube thumbnail makes it clear that the video is a joke so that people who actually want to learn how to read music won’t waste their time.

Although, anybody who thinks they can learn to read sheet music in two minutes and fifteen seconds probably isn’t very serious about music anyway.

When You Get More Chocolate Than You’re Expecting

Photo Credit: squidwards-toenail / Reddit

Usually, food companies try to make it look like their packages are full of more food, but then you open them and realize that your fun-sized bag of chips has like four chips in it and a ton of air.

The window in this box of chocolate makes it seem like there are only four chocolates inside, but when you open the box, you actually get six chocolates.

Costco Is The Real MVP

Photo Credit: ait0506 / Reddit

What a way to solve a problem. Bravo, Costco. We applaud you for your decision to give us discounted gas.

All we can do now is hope that they never fix their regular gas dispenser so that this can continue forever. Keep reading to see some ice cream advertising that’s a real good honest boy.

This Anti-Clickbait Angel

Photo Credit: Wallywatsizface / Reddit

Let’s all take a moment to thank Adam Neely for his lack of clickbait. Not only does he answer the title of the video thoroughly in the video, he puts the short answer in the thumbnail if you choose not to hear the in-depth explanation.

This is how you win social media.

Bubba Gump Shrimp Is Being Clever

Photo Credit: JoeBengino / Reddit

Bubba Gump Shrimp Company restaurants don’t make you flag down your waiter or waitress when you need a refill or you’re ready for the bill. “Run” means you don’t need help, and “Stop” means you do.

I love when restaurants cater to us anti-social types.

Letting Us Know There Aren’t Any Chocolate Chips On The Inside

Photo Credit: MistressLunala / Reddit

If anybody was expecting there to be chocolate chips all the way through this ice cream sandwich, you might want to choose a different dessert.

Personally, I prefer these kinds of treats without chocolate chips all the way through. Too many chips make ice cream sandwiches a real challenge to eat.

Good Guy ATM

Photo Credit: supernintendo128/ Reddit

This ATM has a bar over the right side of the card reader to prevent thieves from putting a fake reader over the real reader.

It’s nice that our automated tellers are looking out for us. That’s what I expect all robots to do for us in the future…

This Big Unsubscribe Button

Photo Credit: Drolws / Reddit

Don’t you hate it when companies hide their unsubscribe button at the very bottom of their emails in tiny, semi-transparent font?

Let me unsubscribe if I want to unsubscribe! All companies should take a note from these guys. I think I wouldn’t unsubscribe from this mailing list just to show my appreciation.

This Toilet Paper Roll Has A Mini Roll Inside

Photo Credit: 5ames / Reddit

Why stuff an empty cardboard tube in the middle of a roll of toilet paper when that space could be filled with more toilet paper?

This would have saved me in so many awkward empty toilet paper roll moments. Every toilet paper company should be this kind to our behinds.

This Ice Cream Shop Puts A Mini Marshmallow In The Bottom Of Their Waffle Cones To Prevent Leakage.

Photo Credit: TristanZH / Reddit

How many times have you had to throw out an ice cream cone before you were finished eating it because the ice cream started dripping out of the bottom of the cone?

You can’t enjoy your ice cream when your hands are all sticky. This ice cream store knows what’s up, plus you get an extra marshmallow treat.