The Ultimate Survival Guide That Could One Day Save Your Life

Have you ever countered a life-threatening situation? Have you gone through one without knowing what to do? Say no more. I’m sure if you ever found yourself in a terrifying situation, you would hope you would rise to the occasion like a superhero.

Nevertheless, that’s not always the case. In reality, people don’t rise to the occasion like a superhero. That’s why it’s important to start thinking about different ways to train for those kinds of scenarios. Luckily, this should give you the opportunity to learn something new in any of these life-threatening situations.

If You Encounter Lions

Photo Credit: @SamanthaRegione/Twitter
Photo Credit: @SamanthaRegione/Twitter

DON’T RUN. Honestly, if they come towards you, it’s probably to say that you are too close but they will not attack you. Walk away and don’t lose sight of them.

Or, stand your ground. Intelligence comes in handy with this, so shout and clap your hands. They will probably run away.