The Ultimate Survival Guide That Could One Day Save Your Life

Have you ever countered a life-threatening situation? Have you gone through one without knowing what to do? Say no more. I’m sure if you ever found yourself in a terrifying situation, you would hope you would rise to the occasion like a superhero.

Nevertheless, that’s not always the case. In reality, people don’t rise to the occasion like a superhero. That’s why it’s important to start thinking about different ways to train for those kinds of scenarios. Luckily, this should give you the opportunity to learn something new in any of these life-threatening situations.

If You Encounter Lions

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DON’T RUN. Honestly, if they come towards you, it’s probably to say that you are too close but they will not attack you. Walk away and don’t lose sight of them.

Or, stand your ground. Intelligence comes in handy with this, so shout and clap your hands. They will probably run away.

If You’re Tied Up

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When it comes to being tied up, here’s what to do. Puff yourself out as much as possible. That way, it’ll be easier to wiggle out of it.

Tensing your muscles, along with inhaling deep and stretching out your arms and legs to make more space, will give you a greater chance to break free.

When Performing CPR

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Don’t stop until the EMTs taker the body away. Don’t stop after two minutes, even if it doesn’t look like it’s working. Technically, CPR won’t cause the victims’ heart to suddenly start or for them to jerk awake.

You’re not forcing life into them, you’re preserving a corpse to keep it in a “revivable” state. The next tip is for people who have service dogs.

When In Cold Weather

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Dressing in layers will keep you warm, and help you stay dry too. If you plan on going long distances, have a plan to move on top of the snow and let people know where you’re going.

Never go on ice unless it is at least 4″ thick and 6″ if you have a snowmobile. Clear ice is stronger than snow ice. Always be on the lookout for frostbite.

When Supervising Swimmers

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A person drowning looks nothing like it does on Baywatch. When someone is drowning, they rarely cry out for help, or barely do anything for the matter.

Don’t expect it to be like in the movies when you’re keeping an eye on all of those swimmers. It could take a turn for the worst real quick.

When Approached By A Service Dog

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If a service dog comes to you for attention, locate their owner immediately. They could be using a last-ditch effort for help.

If it does happen, the dog will lead you to where their owner could be. All service dogs are trained and know what they’re doing. The next tip is for when you’re choking.

When Traveling

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Embassies and consulates have emergency numbers that are available 24/7. Save the phone number of the nearest embassy and be sure to consult with them when you’re abroad.

If you get into any kind of trouble with the law, they can help you much more effectively than your family and friends back home.

When You Get Stabbed

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As painful as it is, do not pull ANY objects out from a deep wound. In fact, they might be sealing or slowing flow from an artery, or they might cut an artery when you pull them out.

Be sure to put pressure around such an object to slow the bleeding down until emergency responders take over.

When Someone Is Choking

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If someone is choking but is coughing or talking, DO NOT INTERVENE. Simply let them cough it out. The ability to cough is a sign that air is able to get in and out and that they only have a partial obstruction in their airway.

If you try to intervene with the Heimlich or back blows, you could force it to move and possibly make things worse. This next tip may come in handy for Thanksgiving weekend.

When Caught In A Stampede

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As soon as you get knocked down, your chances of making it out unharmed will drop significantly. If this is the case and you can’t get up, assume a protective posture with your feet tucked up and your hands covering your head.

Try to position your face in the direction the crowd is moving so you don’t get kicked and try to get back on your feet.

When Stuck In A Riptide

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If you ever happen to get caught in an undercurrent and notice you’re getting dragged out to sea, do no swim directly to shore.

Instead, swim parallel to the shore until you don’t feel yourself being pulled out. Then, swim directly toward the shore. It might seem like it would take longer, but you might actually make it back to dry land.

When Turning Across Traffic

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When you’re making a turn across oncoming traffic, keep your wheels pointing straight ahead. Only turn them when the opportunity comes for you to make the turn safely.

If your wheels are facing into the turn and someone hits you from behind, they will push you into oncoming traffic. The next tip ahead is about nuclear explosions.

When You’re Lost

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If you’re lost in life or traveling, the number one thing you can do to increase your chances of being found is using a small reflective mirror.

Anytime a plane flies overhead and you can reflect light towards them, you just increased your chances of being found. It’s much easier to see than waving your hands for attention.

When Working With Dangerous Materials

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If you work around stuff that can cut someone or be dangerous, wear protective gear. I don’t care if your vision is perfect, safety goggles go a long way, much like a belt.

A belt is handy to have around in case something does go wrong. If you cut your arm, you can use the belt to cut off the blood flow until emergency crews arrive.

In The Event Of A Nuclear Explosion

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Most of the damage and death is caused by the shockwave the blast creates. One day, you may find yourself outside or looking out a window to see an extremely bright flash. As bright as if you were staring straight at the sun.

You have about eight seconds to respond if you’re far enough away from the explosion. Lay face down and put your thumbs in your ears and cover your eyes, and make sure to. breathe through your teeth. The next tip is for when you believe someone is following you.

When Hiking

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Look behind you every so often, you might be being watched. Bring a mirror as well. If you turn around, you ruin the element of surprise for any hungry predators and they’ll hurry off.

If you turn around and see something, start making as much noise as you can, and don’t stay quiet.

Witnessing An Accident

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Even if it was a motorcycle accident, do not pull off the helmet for any reason. By all means, loosen the chin strap, but leave the helmet on. You don’t know what that helmet is holding together.

The same is said for children in their seats. If you’re in an accident, do not take them out of their seats, no matter how much they’re crying. Wait for professionals to get on the scene.

When You Suspect Someone Is Following You

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Turn right four times. Since you’ll get to the same place, they wouldn’t be following you anymore. If they do, well, you might be in trouble.

Since it is a common warning that you shouldn’t walk home when you think someone is following you, the best alternative is to call the police.

If You Witness Someone Having A Seizure

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Don’t move them, don’t wake them or try to stick a spoon in their mouth. Instead, time it, move things out of the way and call an ambulance.

When someone comes around from a seizure, they’re dazed and confused. It’s okay to tell them what happened, you may just save a life.

When Cutting An Onion

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There are so many things you can do when it comes to onions. The most important thing is keeping your mouth closed the second it’s in your hand.

Breathe through your nose, just a little bit. If you don’t, well, you’re going to be crying like no tomorrow and it’s not fun.