These Heroes Didn’t Want Credit Because They Were Just Doing What’s Right

A Repo Man Refuses To Tow An Elderly Couple’s Car

Jim Ford of Illini Recovery, Inc. became a viral sensation after he refused to tow an elderly couple’s car and then raised enough money on GoFundMe to pay off their vehicle. After his good deed went viral, Ford said he was receiving phone calls from all over the United States from people who wanted to thank him for his kind deed. Ford was tasked with repossessing the 82-year-old Stanford and 70-year-old Patty’s vehicle but instead, he raised $2,500 to pay off their car and gave them another $1,000 to pay other bills. He was happy to help and promised to continue his fundraising effort until the couple had $10,000 in the bank. He told reporters he was just doing what was right and didn’t need any praise or recognition for his kind act.