These Heroes Didn’t Want Credit Because They Were Just Doing What’s Right

The best Good Samaritans are those people who perform an act of bravery and then refuse any recognition for their heroic acts. These are the people who realize it’s their job to help their fellow human beings when they see someone in need. We’ve compiled a list of heroes who did the right thing and then refused any type of public recognition. They finished what they went out to accomplish in the moment and then just continued on with their lives like it was any other day. They don’t want recognition but they have our admiration.

He Ran Into A Burning Building


Riza Kasikcioglu was running his restaurant when a fire broke out in the apartment building next to his pizza shop. Without any hesitation, this brave man ran into the burning building to see if anyone needed help. Once inside the dangerous building, he discovered an elderly woman and carried her to safety on his back. An hour after paramedics have him oxygen, Riza headed home as if nothing had happened. When he was told his actions were heroic he responded with a simple statement, “I don’t want to be a hero. This is life. This is me.”

A Repo Man Refuses To Tow An Elderly Couple’s Car


Jim Ford of Illini Recovery, Inc. became a viral sensation after he refused to tow an elderly couple’s car and then raised enough money on GoFundMe to pay off their vehicle. After his good deed went viral, Ford said he was receiving phone calls from all over the United States from people who wanted to thank him for his kind deed. Ford was tasked with repossessing the 82-year-old Stanford and 70-year-old Patty’s vehicle but instead, he raised $2,500 to pay off their car and gave them another $1,000 to pay other bills. He was happy to help and promised to continue his fundraising effort until the couple had $10,000 in the bank. He told reporters he was just doing what was right and didn’t need any praise or recognition for his kind act.

Charles Ramsey Doesn’t Want Fame


Charles Ramsey became a viral video sensation after the Cleveland man put down his hamburger to help free three kidnapped women and a little girl after more than a decade in captivity. Hodge’s, a local restaurant where Ramsey worked as a dishwasher, named an eight-ounce, $12 burger for the man saved the women. After the burger became a smash hit, an IP lawyer for Ramsey said he “wants everyone to know that he does not endorse the consortium of Northeast Ohio restaurants who are offering ‘Ramsey Burgers’ or who are promoting that Ramsey can receive free burgers from them for life.” Ramsey has repeatedly said he was just doing the right thing and doesn’t want a bunch of “trash” to be created in his name.

Spring Breakers Were Just “In The Right Place At The Right Time”


Porter Simpler and Ford Cleveland were out for a breakfast run during spring break when they noticed a home on fire. They ran up to the home’s front entrance and started banging on the door “We didn’t really plan it out, we just kind of knew what we were supposed to do in that situation,” explained Simpler. After a quick interview with local press, the two men simply left the scene of the fire but not until all of the rescued family inside the home had a chance to meet and hug the heroes who quickly jumped into action to save their lives.

Off-Duty Firefighter and Citizen Save Family From Burning Home


An off-duty firefighter in the Orangeville Township of Michigan noticed a man pounding on a home’s door and quickly ran to help a citizen who was attempting to save the family from a house fire. The off-duty firefighter ran through the family’s garage and rescued everyone inside the home. The man entered the home and starting yelling “fire department” until the children inside the home woke up. After rescue the family from the house fire the heroes left the scene of the fire without an interview. Neither of the men provided their name or contact info.

Unknown Man Dives Into Hudson River To Save Teen


A Good Samaritan who refused to give his name jumped into the Hudson River to rescue a girl who jumped into the river from the USS Intrepid. The 53-year-old man was walking by the battleship when he witnessed the girl’s foolish act. The man jumped into the river near Pier 84 and rescued the girl. A rescue crew found the pair sitting on top of a pillar. The unnamed hero was not injured following his brave act. After he was examined and determined to be uninjured, he simply walked away from the scene of the rescue.

His Quick Thinking Saved A Woman’s Life


A construction worker rescued a woman from the Des Moines River in Iowa after her board overturned at the base of a dam. A member of the construction crew, who just happened to be wearing a harness, realized the woman was in danger and quickly attached himself to a crane. Jason Oglesbee said he noticed the boat drifting down and quickly attached himself to the crane. “They just harnessed me in and dipped me down in the water and I grabbed her,” he said. When asked why he performed the heroic act, he said the harness was already on so he jumped into action. Following the rescue, he immediately went back to work with no further comment.

Boxing Coach In Unhung Hero Of London Terror Attacks


Tony Davis was hailed a hero after he attempted to save the life of murdered police officer PC Keith Palmer. Davis was near the scene of the London Terror Attacks when he jumped a fence and raced towards the scene of one attack in an attempt to resuscitate the officer as he lay on the pavement fighting for his life following the knife attack. When appearing on a daytime talk show, Davis clearly told the hosts: “I’m not brave or a hero.” The man appeared on the show in his bare feet, explaining that he had only brought one pair of shoes and they were still being cleaned after the attack. The modest man said it was “natural instinct” to help someone in need.

Forest Fire Rescuer


Shawn Waite was deemed a hero after he led a group of people to safety during a forest fire in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. Waite was fleeing his own home, which eventually burned down, when he came upon a group of scared tourists. He proceeded to lead them through thick smoke to deliver them to safety. When a local reporter tried to call him a hero he said, “I did something that I would hope anyone else would do in a situation like that,” says Shawn Waite. He doesn’t consider himself a hero but the people he saved definitely did.

He Bought Her A Plane Ticket


Daniel Roose, 38, was hailed as a hero after he heard the sad story of a homeless stranger and bought her a plane ticket so she could travel and be with her family in New Zealand. Jess was living on the streets when the man withdrew $350 to buy the young woman a plane ticket. Roose had gone through his own struggled and believed this would be a good way to pay it forward. After being called a hero he simply responded, “I saw someone who needed a helping hand – I’m not after recognition.”

Romanian Baker Attacks Terrorist With Crate


Romanian chef Florin Morariu was given the “hero” moniker after he hit a terrorist over the head with a crate and then led 20 terrified people to safety inside his bakery during the terror attack on Borough Market. Morariu went outside and saw two people stabbing bystanders. At first he “froze” but then quickly jumped into action. He was then heard asking for a weapon so he could protect the injured from more attacks. At one point, a bystander said they heard the man ask for a knife so he could fight the terrorists. During an interview, Morariu said he was just doing the right thing and didn’t want any recognition for his brave acts.

Hero Mom Races At 100MPH To Save A Life


Trained nurse Lianna Shutt, 29, with was her 10-year-old daughter Broganjean Taylor and husband Martin Shutt during the London Terror Attacks. She was hailed a hero after realizing another father was in desperate need of a life-saving surgery. Shutt made sure her own family was safe before placing an injured man in her car and driving 100 mph to deliver him to the nearest hospital. She arrived before any first responders and doctors credited her with saving the man’s life. After dropping the man off she went about her day as if nothing had happened.

A Flaming Truck And A Hero


Gerry Bisaillon was driving in his truck when an accident left him unconscious. As his truck caught on fire, Bisaillon, who suffered a concussion from the accident, was pulled from the vehicle by a Good Samaritan. By the time the volunteer fire rescue arrived, the unknown hero had vanished. Bisaillon knew that rescue vehicles were equipped with camera equipment and he soon discovered that it was a Dart Transit employee who saved his life. Through his job in intermodal shipping for Union Pacific, he was able to contact Dart. Officials there soon revealed that employee Brandon Walker was the unnamed hero. Walker didn’t want recognition for his heroic actions but the men connected and Walker was named a Highway Angel by the Truckload Carriers Association.

A Group Of Good Samaritans In Times Square


When US Navy veteran Richard Rojas, 26, smashed his maroon vehicle into unsuspecting pedestrians in New York’s Times Square, it wasn’t just a single person who jumped into action and then denied hero status. After killing one bystander and injuring 22 others, Rojas attempted to stumble out of his vehicle and make a getaway. Instead, a large group of people pinned the man to the ground until police arrived. After his arrest, the group simply dispersed with nobody attempting to claim credit for capturing the crazed lunatic.

A Homeless Man Saves Lives During London Terror Attack


Chris Parker, a homeless man who attempted to save several lives during the London Terror Attack, was hailed as a hero by millions of people around the globe. When asked about the harrowing moment in time, the 33-year-old man revealed that he held a woman in her 60s until she passed away from fatal head and leg injuries. A GoFundMe campaign raised £50,000 for the homeless man. She told reporters that he was just doing the right thing and helping someone in need. He didn’t want recognition but the community wanted to give him a chance at a better life.

A Hero Of A Different Kind


Not every hero in our lives runs into a burning house to save kittens or fights to save the lives of people injured during terrorist attacks. Take, for example, Bobby Wesson, a man who posted one of the most loving Facebook posts we have ever seen. As his wife Rayena slept beside their child, he posted a message that read: “She will kiss the baby, she will kiss me and she will leave to go take care of people that are having the worst day of their entire lives. Car wrecks, gunshot wounds, explosions, burns and breaks – professionals, poor, pastors, addicts and prostitutes – mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, and families – it doesn’t matter who you are or what happened to you…My wife is a nurse. My wife is a hero.”

A Hero In The New York Subway


Chad Lindsey, an aspiring actor in New York City, was deemed a hero after he jumped onto subway tracks to protect a man who had fallen. After rescuing the pedestrian, Lindsey simply vanished. He may have remained anonymous if it wasn’t for his friends who heard the heroic tale and gave up his name. He admitted to simply wanting to do the right thing before moving on with his life. He remembered other heroes who saved people from NYC’s tracks and those stories caused him to think quickly and rescue the injured man.

A Parolee Who Couldn’t Swim Rescued A Drowning Child


A Michigan man on parole from prison was hailed a hero after he jumped into a river to rescue a three-year-old boy who was drowning. The brave man noticed that other witnesses stood by and recorded the incident on their mobile devices, rather than jumping into the water to rescue the child. Ron Elko, who doesn’t know how to swim, put his own life in danger when he jumped into the water. The man started kicking his feet in the hopes he could stay afloat and he managed to save the child. During a ceremony honoring the parolee, more than two dozen corrections and law enforcement officials were present. When asked about his actions he responded, “I don’t consider myself a hero. Something needed to be done and I did it.”

Teen Rescues Five-Year-Old From Drowning


A fearless 14-year-old boy saved five-year-old Mason Varner from drowning. Riley John and three of his friends were walking through a park when hey witnessed a little boy lose his footing and fall into a large creek bed. “The little kid was getting up and he slid straight down a little slide of ice, off a little cliff onto a rock and into the water,” John said. Varner didn’t think about his own safety when he jumped into the freezing water, scooped up the child, and quickly delivered him to rescue workers who arrived a short time later. When reporters called him a hero, John said he “didn’t think about it that much” and simply followed his instincts.

Heroes Save Baby From Drowning


A video that surfaced online showed the moment when several brave men saved a baby from an upside and partially submerged SUV in floodwater near Myrtle Springs east of Dallas. The men grabbed the child, rushed them to the shoreline, and quickly began to administer CPR. The group of Good Samaritans also revived the toddler after saving the baby’s life. Both children survived the scary ordeal but their chance at survival wouldn’t have been good if a group of strangers hadn’t run to their rescue. After emergency crews arrived, the group simply dispersed.

An Eight-Year-Old Boy With Super Strength


J.T. was only eight years old when he saved his dad from a likely deadly experience. His dad, Stephen Parker, was working on the family car in their backyard when the vehicle slipped from its jack and started to crush him. Stephen yelled out to his young son who ran over and immediately started to jack up the car. J.T., who weighed just 50 pounds at the time of the accident, started jumping up and down on the jack handle and within 15 minutes his father was freed. It had taken the strength of Stephen and his son Mason to initially jack up the vehicle. When reporters called little J.T. a hero he denied that claim, saying an “angel” must have given him the strength to save his dad.