These Libraries Are Gorgeous Enough To Turn Anyone Into A Bookworm

Strahov Library


Wolfgang Kaehler / Contributor

Dating back to the 17th and 18th centuries, the Strahov Library is one of the largest monastic libraries in the Czech Republic. Two ornate baroque halls are constructed of floor-to-ceiling walnut shelving and their ceilings covered in magnificent frescoes. The main area (Philosophy Hall) of the library is still open to the public, but the side halls are now closed because the moisture in visitors’ breath was damaging to the rare artifacts housed inside. The library has a Cabinet of Curiosities where guests can view “the grotesquely shriveled remains of sharks, skates, turtles and other sea creatures,” according to Lonely Planet. You can also visit the lavishly-stuccoed Theology Hall during your visit to Strahov Library.