Top Secret Places You Shouldn’t Dare To Visit

The world is full of places that curious adventurers are free to explore but that doesn’t include the handful of places that will forever remain a secret. From islands in Australia to our very own United States, there are some locations that have been shrouded in mystery for many years. Places like the Vatican’s Secret Archives and North Sentinel Island are known to exist, but we will never truly know what they’re hiding since no human is allowed to set foot on the premises. A mythical Russian subway line and a valuable location in America– these are the most secretive places you’ll never be able to visit.

One island on this list will forever be a mystery until its natives open up to outsiders…

North Brother Island Is Off-Limits

secret places new york north brother island
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The state of New York prohibits anyone from visiting North Brother Island. What may or may not be on that island remains a secret but what we do know is the fact that it used to be the home of Riverside Hospital. The hospital was built to house highly contagious patients and later it was used to care for military veterans, and heroin addicts after that. But since then, the hospital has fallen apart.

Because of North Brother Island’s history, New York doesn’t want people setting foot on it but there might be a more sinister reason why.

The Vatican’s Secret Library Has A Vast Amount Of Knowledge

secret places vatican secret archives
Moosbrugger/ullstein bild via Getty Images

The Vatican’s Secret Archives may hold some of the best-kept secrets in the world – at least as it pertains to the Catholic Church. With over 50 miles of shelving that hold 35,000 volumes of catalog, the Secret Archives contain information that has defined moments in history, from a letter written by Mary, Queen of Scots, to a bull that excommunicated Martin Luther from the church.

Twelve centuries worth of documents is contained in this library that the public is prohibited from seeing. Even scholars have to wait 75 years before they can read one of the archive’s indexes.

The Woomera Test Range Might Be Hiding Something

secret places woomera test range australia
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The Woomera Test Range is the largest land-based weapons testing facility on the planet. The site is run by the Royal Australian Air Force and spans an area of 127,000 square kilometers – larger than the country of Portugal! The entire area, including the airspace above it, is called the Woomera Prohibited Area and is strictly off-limits to civilians.

This may be a safety precaution, which makes sense, but the fact that it’s also a no-fly over zone has led many to believe that there might be more going down in that site than weapons testing.

Fort Knox Supposedly Holds The Most Valuable Items In The U.S.

secret places fort knox kentucky
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Fort Knox, Kentucky is home to the United States Bullion Depository, which is known for holding the country’s official gold reserves and other precious items that belong to the U.S. government. Because of the unfathomable treasures that lie inside, Fort Knox is heavily guarded and few people are ever allowed inside. This makes it one of the most secretive and secure places in the U.S.

What we do know is that Fort Knox supposedly holds 2.3% of all the gold ever refined throughout human history – a value of around $6.22 billion. This place is so secure that President Franklin Roosevelt is the only president who’s ever been allowed inside.

Speaking of treasures, there might be some hidden underground in China, though we’d never know since there’s a lot standing in the way of it all…

Robins Island Is A Nature Preserve No One Can Visit

secret places robins island new york

In the middle of the Peconic Bay of Suffolk County, New York lies a 435-acre piece of undeveloped land called Robins Island that is not accessible to the public. Robins Island is privately owned by Wall Street financier Louis Bacon, who purchased the island in 1993 for $11 million.

Though Bacon occasionally hosts traditional English pheasant hunts for his wealthy guests, he has primarily invested his money into restoring the island to its natural state. He’s imported full-grown oak trees to replace ones harvested for lumber in the past, replaced non-native grasses, and reduced an overgrown deer population.

Diego Garcia Is An Off-Limits Military Base

secret places Diego garcia base
Wikimedia Commons

Diego Garcia is a coral atoll off the southern coast of India whose status has remained a topic of controversy. In the late ’60s, the U.K. and the U.S. forcibly removed the island’s native population to establish an American military base. Now Diego Garcia is the only inhabited island in British Indian Ocean Territory but is off-limits to the public.

The only people there are military personnel and independent contractors. Diego Garcia is considered one of the most critical U.S. bomber bases in the Asia Pacific region and there has been plenty of speculation about what actually goes down there.

Bohemian Grove Is The Most Exclusive Summer Camp

secret places bohemian grove
18 Brumaire/Flickr

Bohemian Grove is an exclusive campground hidden within the Redwood Forests of Northern California. It belongs to the Bohemian Club, a private gentleman’s club based out of San Francisco. Every summer, the club hosts an encampment at Bohemian Grove and welcomes some of the most prominent men in the world.

Nobody knows what really happens at these events and it is so exclusive you have to be invited to gain entry. It has been said that every Republican president since Coolidge was a member, leading conspiracy theorists to believe it’s a right-wing powwow dedicated to discussing the New World Order.

What Are They Really Guarding?

secret places terracotta warriors china
Ryan Pyle/Corbis via Getty Images

Most people know about the terracotta warriors who guard the tomb of China’s First Qin Emperor, Qin Shi Huang. These sculptures were uncovered in 1974 when some unsuspecting Chinese citizens were digging a well. Around 7,000 statues of warriors were found in pits guarding the emperor’s tomb, with each soldier’s likeness and garb unique from the others.

While we know what these soldiers are protecting, it’s suspected that they could be guarding something far more valuable than a tomb. It is said that Qin Shi Huang was laid to rest with a vast amount of treasures, though we can never know for sure since his tomb is strictly off limits.

Coming up, one town in Russia was completely shut down but may be the perfect spot to take cover in the event of a nuclear war…

Metro-2 Is So Secret It’s Considered An Urban Legend

secret places metro-2 moscow
Sergei SavostyanovTASS via Getty Images

There may or may not be a secret underground railway line underneath the streets of Moscow. Informally known as Metro-2, this rail line is reportedly longer than the public Metro that already exists.

Metro-2 was supposedly built during the era of Joseph Stalin and was meant to connect all major government locations including the Kremlin, the Federal Security Service headquarters, the airport, and even an underground town at Ramenki. Rumors of this underground tunnel started in 1992 when a Russian author wrote a novel about an underground bunker and claimed the story’s setting was real.

We Will Never Truly Know About Area 51

secret places area 51
James Aylott/Hulton Archive/Getty Images

Despite the fact that most people know about Area 51’s supposed existence, it still remains one of the most secretive places in the world. In reality, Area 51 is a remote detachment of Edwards Air Force Base. It’s part of the Nevada Test and Training Range, so it’s assumed that the land is used to develop and test experimental aircraft and weapons systems.

Whatever goes on at Area 51 remains top secret, which is why it is a focal point of many conspiracy theories, especially those that have to do with extraterrestrial activity.

North Sentinel Island Will Always Be A Mystery

secret places north sentinel island
DigitalGlobe via Getty Images

North Sentinel Island is one secret place you definitely don’t want to visit if you want to keep your life. For over 60,000 years, many travelers and anthropologists have tried to explore this island but it was the native Sentinelese people that wouldn’t let them do so.

Despite many efforts to try to make peace with the Sentinelese, we still don’t know what language they speak and what their world view is. Multiple attempts to get to know these people have almost always ended in death. As a result, the world knows pretty much nothing about the Sentinelese or the island itself.

No One Really Knows What Mezhgorye Is Hiding

secret places Mezhgorye Republic of Bashkortostan
Wikimedia Commons

Mezhgorye used to be a town in Russia’s Republic of Bashkortostan until it was closed down. The town was founded in 1979 but wasn’t granted official town status until 1995. Mezhgorye had plenty of construction projects going on in its early years until the Cold War caused fear of a nuclear attack.

It is said that there are stores of hidden treasures, food, as well as a nuclear bunker were built into the sides of Mount Yamantau, as Mezhgorye sits at the southern Ural Mountains. There is supposedly an air filtration system in the bunkers that can clear out nuclear waste in the event of a nuclear war.

Only The Japanese Imperial Family Knows What’s Inside

secret places ise grand shrine
Karl Baron/Flickr

The Ise Shrine in the Mia Prefecture of Japan is one of the most sacred buildings in Japanese culture and the holiest site in Shinto religion. Guests are welcome to explore the shrine’s surrounding forest but are restricted from seeing beyond the tall wooden fences that surround the shrine itself.

No one really knows what it looks like inside, since entry is exclusive to family members of the Imperial House of Japan, who is in charge of watching over it. Built to worship the sun goddess Amaterasu, the inside of the shrine is rebuilt every 20 years in honor of the Shinto aspect of rebirth.

It’s Illegal To Travel To Heard Island

secret places australia heard island

Heard Island remains one of the most remote places on Earth and the Australian government intends to keep it that way. Located in the middle of the ocean between Australia and Antarctica, the island has hardly been touched by humankind.

Treacherous weather and sea conditions have limited research visits to the island, which is home to Australia’s largest mountain, two active volcanoes, and the country’s only glaciers. Heard Island is home to an abundance of terrestrial and marine life as a result of limited modification by the human race. One may never know what truly lies within the island since Australia has made it illegal to travel there.

No One Is Allowed On Poveglia Since It’s Haunted

secret places italy poveglia island
Blom UK via Getty Images

There’s a reason the Italian government prohibits travel to Poveglia, a small island located between Venice and Lido. As early as 1776, victims of the bubonic plague were shipped there en masse to live out the rest of their lives and were buried in a mass grave.

In the 1920s, a mental hospital was put up on the island, where a deranged doctor would conduct harmful experiments on patients. Needless to say, many people believe that the island is haunted with ghosts. Although the public isn’t allowed to travel there, some people have found ways to bribe willing boat operators to float them over there.

Only Men Know The Secrets Of White’s Gentlemen’s Club

secret places white's gentlemen's club
The Print Collector/Print Collector/Getty Images

The White’s Gentlemen’s Club is one of the most secretive places around. Based in London, White’s is regarded as one of the most exclusive private clubs in the world and only men are allowed inside. It was originally founded in 1693 as a hot chocolate emporium by an Italian immigrant.

It wasn’t long before the hot chocolate shop because a notorious gambling house and transitioned into an exclusive club. Its elite members include the likes of Prince Charles, his son Prince William, and former British Prime Minister David Cameron who resigned over the club’s refusal to admit women.

One cave in France may hold the key to our earliest ancestors but it’s too bad that no one is allowed inside…

One Of The World’s Newest Islands Is Off Limits

secret places surtsey island iceland
Wikimedia Commons

Earth may be billions of years old but there are places on this planet that haven’t even been formed until modern times. In 1963, an underwater volcanic eruption formed the island of Surtsey, of the southern coast of Iceland.

While it’s amazing to have a relatively fresh piece of land spring up in the ocean, no one is allowed to set foot on it aside from a few scientists. Even then, the select number of researchers are checked thoroughly to make sure they don’t bring foreign bodies on the island, whose ecosystem is still developing.

This Norwegian Vault Carries The Seed To Every Plant

secret places norway Svalbard Global Seed Vault
Arterra/UIG via Getty Images

There’s a heavily guarded vault on a Norwegian mountainside that no one is allowed to enter. The Svalbard Global Seed Vault was built to preserve a vast variety of plant seeds from all over the world. The vault was designed to carry 4.5 million varieties of crops, with each crop containing an average of 500 seeds.

This Norwegian mountainside is the only location cold enough to preserve the seeds at just the right temperature but many conspiracy theorists allege that there’s a lot more behind the vault door. The seeds would certainly help in the even of some sort of disaster so it’s likely there might be other supplies for that kind of emergency as well.

The Coca-Cola Vault Has A Highly-Guarded Secret

secret places coca cola vault
Chris Martin/Flickr

One vault in Atlanta, Georgia contains a secret so confidential that it’s probably guarded better than your own savings account at your bank. The Coca-Cola secret formula is one heavily-guarded secret despite the fact that visitors from all over the world come into close contact with it every day.

Visitors can visit the vault and see the museum that surrounds it, but what is inside remains the soda company’s best secret. Many have tried to emulate Coca-Cola’s recipe and no one has succeeded thanks to their solid secret-keeping skills.

The Lascaux Cave Has Prehistoric Secrets

secret places france lascaux cave
VCG Wilson/Corbis via Getty Images

There’s a place where you can connect with the world’s most prehistoric peoples in Southwestern France, but it’s too bad that people are banned from visiting. The Lascaux cave is home to over 600 wall paintings and nearly 1,500 etchings that date back 20,000 years.

These paintings offer an idea about what life was like for Europe’s earliest people and after WWII, people were actually allowed inside the cave to see the works of art. Unfortunately, they also introduced foreign flora which led to a fungus that grew and destroyed some of it. The cave has since been closed to the public.