Countries Photoshopped This Man’s Photo To Show Us What Beauty Looks Like Around The World

When it comes to health, we all know that body confidence and wellbeing are more important than appearance. In order to have a better idea about body image issues from across the globe, graphic designers from NYPhotoNY photoshopped one guy to produce their versions of an attractive man in their country.

So what does the ideal man look like? Interestingly enough, the answer may depend on where you live.

The Unaltered Photo


The purpose of all of this was to see what appearance seemed attractive in other countries.

They said “Our own research found that 40% of men in the UK felt pressure from television and magazines to have a “perfect body” and this had negative effects on how they view themselves.”

The results from the experiment were rather interesting, to say the least.



Well, there was no real touch up here. It’s nothing more than a slight trim of the waistline and the jawline as well.

Also, add a hint of a light tan which turned the original guy into Mr. Australia. It seems like there might not be so many differences after all.



It seems as though the perfect gentleman in Bangladesh has a slim, athletic body. Add in a slightly heavier beard and some more facial hair all over. His torso is what gets a dramatic makeover as well.

While he’s not exactly someone you would call “fit”, he’s not pudgy, or soft, either.

He’s not fit here, but the next country ahead went for the “don’t bother working out” body.



For a country that’s all the way across the globe, China introduces us to some muscle. This gives our good pal some definition in the shoulders, while taking some of the bulk off his legs, and in the behind too.

What’s even more surprising is that he has lost some weight in his face.



Now, in Colombia, we’re reverting back to a man of leisure instead of labor. Our pal is not as heavy as he was in the original shot. If anything, he definitely looks a bit younger, especially with fewer lines in his face.

He’s even got a defiant look in his eyes too!



Do you workout bro? If not, well, there’s a gym to get fit for that. Having a flat body like this is like a cry for help from his abs and pecs.

He has every opportunity to get into shape, but according to this Croatian photoshopper, that’s the last thing on their mind.

Finally, the next one ahead is when we get a photoshopper with some creativity!



This conservative Indonesian photographer didn’t chisel the model very much. Instead, they chose to trim him down and gave him a slight hourglass feature between his armpits and his waist, as well as a bit of a tan.

But, outside of that, he looks like an average guy you would find on a dating website.



Isn’t it hilarious when faces change so much across the globe? Well, the photoshopper from Nigeria appreciates a husky individual. It’s pretty interesting to see how much more powerful they made their model look.

Nevertheless, he’s also the first who looks like he might burst into laughter at any given second.



Well, finally, we get a photoshopper with some creativity! The Egyptians break out the good ol’ six-pack tool which gives our pal model-like abs and pecs.

Despite the definition not really matching the arms or legs, the neck-to-head ratio looks like Egyptians prefer a beefy man altogether.

Read ahead to see which country is swapping out the model’s hair for a Viking-surfer guy kind of appearance.



What the? I understand that this is photoshop and all, but it really looks like they just slapped this guy’s head on a competely different body.

Form the looks of things, a nicely trimmed beard can go a long way, but you need a little definition in the body to really bring it all together.



It’s intriguing to see where the changes come in. So far, from every country, they’ve given the model a trim at the waist. However, nobody bothered bulking up the arms until Pakistan came along.

Thumbs up to the photoshopper who did that, but his torso is a little boxy at the same time.



Apparently, Russians are all about the pecs these days because they gave our guy a major upgrade. Nope, it’s not a thin waist or abs, it’s swapping out the model’s hair for a Viking-surfer guy kind of appearance.

Also, he’s certainly been going to the gym on every day of the week.

Okay, the next one ahead is no real change, but more creativity on his side left arm.



Our pal loses a ton of bulk, especially in his arm and legs. But, for the first time since Egypt, he’s got some abs and pecs once again. The only difference is that it’s only slight.

Also, it’s very interesting there’s a significant flatness to his shoulder line.



Now, you wouldn’t dare look twice if you saw this guy walking on a beach with a hotdog in his hand. Our pal’s most notable feature is his super thick neck and very broad face.

It’s almost like he’s got a regal jawline to really make his differences stand out.



Okay, he’s pretty buff here. I mean, it’s one thing to make him look round, but at least the Serbian photoshopper did go heavy on the guy. Also, here’s another first for our pal, and it’s not any physical features.

This time, he’s got a gnarly tattoo on the side of his left arm.

The next one ahead looks like a model who went on a big diet. However, he doesn’t sport the muscles.

South Africa


Uh oh, clearly, South Africa swapped out his body for an entirely new one. It’s almost like his head was suddenly placed onto a body builder’s body. But, the only thing that matters here is that they may have only kept three-quarters of his face in order to give him more hair.

At least his beard is still there!



Okay, this is very reasonable from the Spanish photoshopper. Simply put, they gave him a broader, but not significant, chest and shoulders.

With a slimmer waist, it’s not much of a surprise that his face has the same royal bearing as the Portuguese photoshopper had a while back.

United Kingdom


He looks like a model who went on a big diet in the UK. However, he doesn’t sport the muscles you would expect to see here.

Even with a smaller head frame, it looks like there’s something going on with this whole figure. He looks extremely thin and long.



Someone has been focused on their chest more than their pecs! I get trying to look buff and strong is the purpose here, but this is very awkward.

It’s like his pec muscles ready to play the bongos, but that really just highlights why it’s important to keep your body in balance when working out.

United States


The good ol’ U.S of A. The model clearly had their torso replaced with an underwear model for Calvin Klein. You can even tell that he’s skipped leg day for quite some time. He has enough product in his hair to avoid being killed in a tornado too.

It all makes sense now.