Peculiar Photos Taken At Disney Parks

Disney parks are known as the happiest places on earth. People from all over the world make the trip to ride the thrilling attractions, eat delicious food, see their favorite Disney characters, and much more.

With 44,000 people a day visiting Disneyland alone, having so many people in one place can sometimes lead to some strange situations. Visitors are always snapping photos of their Disney vacation. We’ve gathered the strangest photos ever captured at Disney parks.

Grumpy On Splash Mountain

YouTube: Inside Edition

The point of going to an amusement park is to have a good time and forget about the stress of daily life. When this woman rode Splash Mountain her facial expression made her seem less than thrilled to be there.

After this photo was taken Jordan Alexander had a new name on the internet as the “Angry Splash Mountain lady.” Her grumpy attitude was due to her husband ditching her last minute right before they got on the ride.

Minnie Stole Her Man

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It looks like this man got a bit more than he bargained for when taking a photo with Minnie Mouse. He and his girlfriend were just about to pose with Minnie when she suddenly turned to the boyfriend to give him a warm hug.

By the look on his girlfriend’s face, it doesn’t seem like she’s too pleased with this. Even though this was completely unexpected, their photo will be something they can always look back on.

Bath Mountain

bath time at splash mountain

When you ride on Splash Mountain, you know you’ll get soaked after that drop. The people took advantage of the water and made it their bath time. They might as well keep their hair dry and freshen up during this wild ride.

Their effort in planning this photo is impressive. This photo is one of the many to make hilarious Splash Mountain picture history. Hopefully, the guy shaving didn’t cut his during the drop!

Is That A Threat?

deadmau5 shirt at disneyland

Always think twice before wearing your favorite EDM musician’s shirt to Disneyland. This man forgot that he was heading to a kingdom run by mice. It might be misinterpreted as a threat. Minnie can’t even look–the horror!

The look of regret on his face makes the photo. Or maybe it’s holding back laughter, but either way, he won’t ever wear this to Disney theme parks again.

Pluto Makes A Friend

Pinterest: Fernando Casanova 2.0

This lucky golden retriever got to meet one of his heroes. As a service dog, he was rewarded by a trip to Disneyland to see Mickey Mouse’s dog, Pluto. The service dog’s heartwarming smile was enough for Pluto to spend some one on one time with him.

Those who are looking to bring their own pet into the park may be disappointed. Only service animals are allowed in, but pet owners can rent a kennel right outside the park.

Mickey Mouse Lost His Girlfriend

Pinterest: Mco Limousine

It took Mickey Mouse by surprise when his girlfriend Minnie Mouse decided to leave him for his best friend Goofy. Mickey and Minnie have been together since November 18, 1928 when they first appeared in the short cartoon Steamboat Willie.

Maybe Minnie likes younger men because Goofy wasn’t created until 1932’s Mickey’s Revue. This pairing was most likely a one time occurrence because Minnie was there to celebrate with Mickey for his 90th birthday television special.

The Two Moods At A Theme Park

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Most kids get excited for a trip to a Disney park, but it can lead to some pretty tired parents. This dad and son aboard Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin at Walt Disney World demonstrate the two basic moods of a Disney vacation.

The son looks a bit too happy on the attraction, whereas his father is probably ready to call it a day. They’ll be able to cherish this unique family photo for life.

See what the Disney characters do when people aren’t watching.

A Proper Date Night

a fancy date night

Why choose between a fancy dinner night and a theme park ride when you can have both? Especially when the chicken is already cooked and marinated. Everyone is dressed in their best, so why not get barraged by water on Splash Mountain?

Even the waiter has joined them in the theme park run. Really, is there anything people wouldn’t do to create a funny photo on Splash Mountain?

Sorry Pluto, You’ve Been Replaced

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It’s not only humans who get to enjoy the Disney parks. This cute golden retriever got to rub noses with the head honcho Mickey Mouse. To celebrate his training as an autism service animal, this dog was rewarded with a trip to Disneyland.

Even pets are fans of Disney characters and Mickey welcomes all service animals with open arms. The kids in the background are jealous that they aren’t a part of this new friendship.

The Most Elaborate Proposal

lindsay will you marry me
Pinterest/Emma Leigha

According to the original poster, Lindsay sat in the front of the ride, completely oblivious to the plan. The guy holding the ring drawing is her fiance, Chris. That’s right–she did say yes!

Chris’s friend had carry around the signs and the ring in his backpack all day to prepare. But it was all worth it. The couple bought the photo and get to look back on their happy Disneyland memories.

Getting Creative on Splash Mountain

Pinterest: BuzzFeed

Splash Mountain has one of the largest drops out of all the Disney parks rides. It can be difficult to look calm while plummeting 49 feet at 40 miles per hour. This group of boys wanted to make their Splash Mountain photo looked different than most.

People will usually close their eyes or put their arms up, but these funny guys decided to play a round of their favorite board games as they quickly dropped.

The Ultimate Marriage Proposal

proposing to Gaston

Hey Gaston, it seems like your charms worked! Disneyland is an idyllic proposal venue for many people, and this man is putting his hear out on the line for Gaston. It doesn’t look like the answer is yes, though.

Fortunately, the proposer didn’t feel too saddened by the refusal. He proceeded to ask several princesses for their hand in marriage for the rest of the day. This guy’s really desperate for a spouse.

Their Game Isn’t Finished Yet

monopoly at disneyland

Monopoly takes forever. Considering that these people were playing in line, would they really want to stop just because they got on the ride? No way, James just bought Boardwalk!

As long as Disneyland rides like Splash Mountain take pictures during their rides, there will be guests who plot extensive jokes to pose on the ride. At least they have something to entertain them in line.

She’s Not Pleased With This Princess

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It’s not every day that people get to eat with Disney princesses. This young girl was in the middle of her meal when Princess Aurora from Sleeping Beauty came to join her. Either she had her mouth full or wasn’t too excited to see a princess at the dinner table.

The Disney parks have certain restaurants where characters will come talk to and take pictures with the kids as they eat. It appears that not all children enjoy the experience.

This couple did something incredible on a Disney roller coaster.

Getting Engaged On A Roller Coaster

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There’s a moment on Space Mountain where a camera will take a photo of the riders, so people will sometimes stage funny poses. This young couple sat front row for a memory they’ll never forget.

As the roller coaster started descending, the man got out a ring to ask his girlfriend to marry him. She and the riders behind them were all shocked at this very unorthodox approach, but it’s perfect that the camera caught it at just the right time. Hopefully, she said yes.

It’s Like Looking in a Mirror

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Just like Disney cast members are expected to follow certain rules, visitors also must abide by some restrictions. People 14 years of age or older aren’t allowed to wear any kind of costume unless there’s a special event. This rule caused something called Disneybounding where adults wear outfits inspired by the characters.

This youngster dressed up as Buzz Lightyear from Pixar’s Toy Story. With hundreds of characters to choose from, kids can dress up as almost any character they prefer.

Even Celebrities Visit the Disney Parks

Tumblr: @omghotmemes

Disney parks are one of the most visited places in the world, so it makes that even celebrities want to go there. Rapper Snoop Dogg was spotted enjoying himself at Disneyland. His Goofy hat goes great with dark sunglasses and a signature gold chain.

Seeing celebrities is often just as exciting as spotting a Disney character. Most of the time stars are accompanied by a VIP cast member where they pay extra to skip the long lines.

Taylor Swift Takes A Wild Ride

Twitter: @OnAirWithRyan

It’s always fun to see celebrities partaking in what the Disney parks have to offer. Taylor Swift made her way to Disneyland with a few friends and a bodyguard for safety. Many of Disneyland’s roller coasters have cameras that take photos during the ride.

While Taylor and her friends seem to enjoy the ride, her bodyguard in the row behind her kept as cool as a cucumber. He’s surely not effected by the twists and turns of this roller coaster.

Tongues Out for the Magic Kingdom

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Doug the Pug may not be a service dog, but he still had the chance to visit Disney World. This social media famous pup had the time of his life at the Magic Kingdom while helping Disney promote their Instagram page.

It’s no wonder that Disney allowed this major celebrity in one of their parks. He currently has a whopping 3.8 million followers on Instagram and 2.79 million on Twitter. Disney couldn’t have asked for better promotion.

This famous singer took his family on an unforgettable Disneyland trip.

What A Legendary Visit

Joshua Sudock/Getty Images

John Legend and Chrissy Teigen recently brought their daughter Luna and son Miles on a fun-filled Disney trip. Luna was transformed into a princess for her third birthday and loved meeting Princess Tiana from The Princess and the Frog at their breakfast table.

Legend even took to Instagram to submit photos of himself at the park hoping to make it on a dads of Disneyland profile. He ended up being featured on the account twice.

Anything Can Happen At A Disney Park

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Some couples love visiting Disney parks because they can spend quality time with one another at a magical place. There’s also more to the Disney parks than the rides and characters. An event called runDisney happens each year where runners can race each other across the theme park.

After the young woman in the maroon shirt was done racing, her boyfriend got down on one knee and proposed. It came as quite of a shock to passersby.

Donald Duck Has A Famous Pal

Larry Hack/Getty Images

Another unique thing about the Disney parks is that they will redecorate for each season. Actor and comedian Steve Carell visited Disneyland to check out all the new Halloween decorations.

One of visitors favorite areas of the park during Halloween is the Haunted Mansion in New Orleans Square. From late-September through early January the attraction is transformed to add the characters from Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas. Also, Disneyland’s Main Street gets ready for the holiday by including a giant pumpkin shaped like Mickey Mouse.

Even Snow White Gets Exhausted

All Star Picture Library

There are areas all over each Disney park where people can go find their favorite Disney characters. Guests have the opportunity to snap a photo, talk with the character, and possibly walk with them to another area of the park.

Disney cast members have many strict guidelines that they must follow during their shifts such as staying in character at all times in order to avoid “breaking the magic.” Snow White seems like she’s had quite a busy day keeping up with it all.

It’s Like Looking In A Mirror

Twitter: @csydelko

When comedian and Internet sensation Christine Sydelko entered Disney’s California Adventures she knew it would be memorable. Heimlich’s Chew-Chew Train may be meant for small children, but Sydelko brought out her inner child on the colorful attraction.

After looking at a photo someone snapped of her, she tweeted that she thought there was a strong resemblance between her and Heimlich the caterpillar. Since Disney recently closed the A Bug’s Land area, she’ll always have this photo to remember the experience.

An Intense Conversation With Pluto

Twitter: @Nyk29

When visiting the Disney parks people have the opportunity to meet some of the iconic characters from the films. The characters are scattered all over the place, so there’s usually one right around the corner.

This Disney fan had the chance to meet Mickey Mouse’s faithful dog Pluto. It looks like they’re having quite the conversation about meeting for the first time. Maybe it ended with a nice hug and some great memories to last a lifetime.

Oh Hey There, Minnie

seductive Mickey Mouse

While on the job, Disney characters have to appear in top shape. But that won’t stop Micky from sneaking a secretive glance at Minnie. He’s down to party…or maybe just a little too tired.

It’s like Mickey has shared some dangerous secret with you, and he’s glancing at you knowingly, fully understanding that you will never reveal that secret. What’s the secret, you ask? That he’s a mouse who doesn’t actually like cheese.

The Littlest Mermaid Of All

merman and mermaid

This mermaid has come out of the water to join her dad, King Triton, at Disneyland. Seriously, this is just adorable. Both father and daughter seem overjoyed to be there. Disneyland is the perfect place for family cosplays.

Too bad the park won’t allow this merman to carry in a trident. But hey, a spork could work. And what’s the use of a trident outside of the water anyway?

Also, The Kids Came

Also, the kids came

Guess what–my wife and I had a blast at Disneyland! Oh, and I guess the kids were there too. Usually the parents seem uncomfortable while the kids go crazy, but with this family, it seems to be the other way around.

Those uncomfortable faces to the left…it’s hard not to feel sorry for them. But at the same time, any parent can have fun at Disneyland!

“I Have You Now”

darth vadar on a disneyland ride

Darth Vader better look out…the jedi behind him is gaining fast! Staff might regret making all those new Star Wars films when the Sith vs. Jedi battle keeps taking place on their rides. What better way to defend the Death Star than flying in circles?

Do you believe that Darth Vader there is a staff member or a guest? It could go either way, really. You don’t have to be hired by Disney to combat the Jedi.

Donald Duck Finds His Family

Twitter: @AngelaTsoukalas

It’s common for harmless wildlife creatures to appear in the Disney parks. Animals like cats, birds, and insects are able to call the Disney parks home. Donald Duck was out on a walk and discovered a mother duck with her ducklings up ahead.

Donald was so surprised to see them there that he immediately had to take some photos with his family members. Even his good friends Pluto and Goofy showed up to see them.


smiling with tinkerbell
Pinterest/Vicky S.

This family’s picture made its rounds on the Internet as the most adorable Disney star photo ever. You can tell the boy was just waiting to meet his favorite Disney characters! A classic example of the silly and cute photos you can take at Disney theme parks.

Ah, the wonders of childhood–achieving this level of joy by meeting your favorite fairy. Good going, little buddy! Kid or adult, you can always smile with the beautiful Tinkerbell.

You’re Never Too Old For This Joke

classic joke

Here’s one dad’s idea of a joke in the middle of Disneyland Paris, right in front of the genie lamp. The dad seems to be having more fun than the kids are here, but they all get to play along and have an internet-worthy picture that’ll last them forever.

Surely the dad doesn’t regret. The kids…maybe. But you’re never too old for fart jokes at Disneyland, right?

Gaston, You’re Wasting Your Time

gaston is wasting his time

It seems like every girl was on Belle’s side when The Beauty and the Beast came out in 1991. Sorry Gaston–your charm won’t work on this woman. She’s already seen you as the movie antagonist, you know.

If you thought Gaston had grown since losing Belle, you were wrong. His old tactics aren’t having much luck. If he keeps this up, more women will end up flocking the Beast.

Drew Barrymore’s Pleasant Disneyland Experience

Drew Barrymore Disneyland child tantrums
Pinterest/Today’s Parent

If you’re as creative as Drew Barrymore, you might want to turn your childrens’ tantrums into a photo op. The 41-year-old actress shot some creative pictures during tantrums, like when her two-year-old son Frankie wanted to chase the ducks, and she said no.

But, like these pictures suggest, she still had a great time. “I just had tears of joy seeing their joy,” she told Seth Meyers.

Taking Staged Photos To The Next Level

taking photos to the next level at Disneyland

Don’t worry–he’s not actually hurt. This man is just using Disneyland’s excellent prop setup and photo backdrops to portray his morbid sense of humor. Put this picture in the wrong hands, and you’ll have an investigation headed your way.

Even so, he’s a genius for staging such a hilarious picture. It’ll sure make your friends jealous when you get to post clever vacation photos online.

Most Tiring Place On Earth

unhappiest place on earth

This two-year-old disagrees with the slogan “Happiest Place on Earth.” She’s not even inside the park yet, and looks like she wants to go home. Perhaps she needs to go inside, and then the happy will suddenly wash over her.

As one commenter garygnu said, “it’s very happy there, except between 3:30 and 5:00.” That’s the secret–you just need to bring you kids in the early afternoon. Then they won’t throw any tantrums!

Oops, Excuse Me!

oh dont mind me

Imagine planning for months to pop the question. You buy Disneyland tickets, her favorite place in the world. You pick out an expensive ring. You fight down your bubbling nerves and tell your friend to take out the camera as you get on one knee…until you hear an “Oops! Don’t mind me!”

That poor tourist didn’t even realize he was in the way. But hey, at least she said yes.

Smash Mountain

playing super smash bros on splash mountain

When you and your buddies want to go to Disneyland, but also want to stay at home and play games, then you’ll have to arrange a compromise. For these guys, their compromise was doing both at the same time. It seems like Splash Mountain was a little too boring for these gamers.

You might be wondering how they managed to carry a full monitor and Gamecube onto a ride without security raising an eyebrow. That’s a secret only these four know.

Two Can Win At This Race

Kronk wins the race

Oh, right. The 10k. The 10k for Disneyland, the 10k chosen especially to jog around Disneyland, Disneyland’s 10k. Yes, that 10k. This costume has wow’d countless spectators with the runner’s ability to carry another person on his back.

Needless to say, Kronk wins the race. The Disneyland 10k marathon doesn’t even have a winner, but he definitely wins for most creative cosplay in the race. According to Facebook, the costume also had sound effects.

Hmm, Interesting Move…

chess on splash mountain

There’s little to comment about here beyond the expert balance needed to keep all of those chess pieces on the board as the ride accelerates. They may have glued the pieces on the board beforehand, but the presentation is still top-notch.

The other riders must have felt photo bombed when they looked up at the ride’s pictures. But in a way, that only makes it more memorable for everyone on board.