Regrettable Couples Tattoos Are Twice The “Oops”

How do you show your significant other that you love them? Flowers, cooking a meal, or giving him or her a foot rub are some ways to demonstrate that you care. But if you really want to make an impression you can celebrate your love by getting matching tattoos.

Some couples tattoos are very tasteful and romantic. Others… not so much. It’s really important to do some research before you dive in and get your body permanently inked. The following couples probably should have thought twice before going to the tattoo parlor. Check out some of their body art, which is most certainly regrettable…

Nothing Says Love Like Vomit


This couple may share a deep love of the animated series South Park. We get that. Perhaps they feel like they can relate to some of the characters. But couldn’t they have selected a tattoo that’s more fun and less disgusting?

This one shows Stan on a man’s arm and Wendy on the woman’s. As a stand-alone tattoo, the Stan one isn’t nearly as bad as the Wendy one. It’s hard to understand why someone would want a tattoo of a character splattered in vomit. Out of context, you probably would have no idea what it was all about.

Forget The Ex

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At one point, this guy was dating (or maybe was even married to) a woman named Megan. He loved her so much, he got her name tattooed on his arm. But for some reason or another, the relationship didn’t work out. Instead of covering the tattoo with another design, he simply crossed her name out.

Then along comes Hollie. He obviously didn’t learn from the first tattoo. What happens if he and Hollie split up? How many exes can he fit on his arm without running out of space?

Two Pieces Of A Puzzle…That Don’t Actually Fit Together


It’s sweet how some people compare their relationship to a puzzle. For them, they fit together like two pieces. And why not put those puzzle pieces on your arm with a permanent tattoo? But you better get a guy who knows who to draw. And this tattoo artist obviously did not.

It won’t take you too long to notice that the puzzle pieces don’t actually fit together. The dimensions are completely wrong. Also, we must point out that a puzzle piece is a symbol of autism. When viewed separately, people may completely misunderstand what the tattoos represent.

From Martina To Tina


Here’s another man who loved his significant other so much that he tattooed her name, Martina, on his hand. That’s a very prominent space to put a tattoo. Unfortunately, he and Martina didn’t work out, so he was stuck with a tattoo that no longer had any significant meaning.

Then along came Tina. The solution was as simple as covering up the “Mar” on the tattoo with a rose, leaving the “Tina.” It sounds a bit clever, but the result isn’t that great. You can tell there was something under the rose. It just doesn’t look right.

This famous actor altered a tattoo dedicated to one of his early girlfriends.

Depp’s Infamous ‘Wino Forever’


Johnny Depp has been involved in numerous relationships over the years. One of his most famous pairings was with actress Winona Ryder. The couple met at the Great Balls of Fire! premiere in June 1989 and started dating shortly afterwards. They got engaged in 1990 and split three years later.

Depp got “Winona Forever” inked on his arm. When they broke up, he had part of her name removed, so it read “Wino Forever” instead. We don’t know which one is worse. Having an ex’s name on your arm or calling yourself an alcoholic.

True Soulmates Or ‘SUMT’ and ‘OLAE’


Here’s another tattoo that is puzzling but has nothing to do with puzzles. The couple inked several letters on their fingers that spell out “soulmate” when they hold hands. But here’s the thing: what do they spell out when their hands are apart? The girl’s hand reads “SUMT.” The guy’s reads “OLAE.”

We would bet a million bucks they regretted those tattoos if they broke up. They make absolutely no sense unless the couple is actually holding hands. No, it’s not adorable. And no kids, don’t do this at home.

Bonnie & Clyde Killed Lots Of People So Let’s Tattoo Their Names On Our Arms


This couple thinks its as tough as Bonnie and Clyde. Look at the cute little machine guns next to their names. But let’s review exactly what happened to Bonnie and Clyde — it wasn’t all roses and rainbows. The couple were criminals in the 1930s and reportedly killed at least nine police officers and several civilians.

They died after being ambushed by officers in Louisiana in May 1934. If you compare your relationship to Bonnie and Clyde’s, there’s obviously something wrong. Oh, and we must point out that Bonnie was actually married to another man before meeting Clyde, and they never divorced.

This One’s The Pits


Everyone loves avocados. They’re great for parties because they’re the main ingredient in guacamole. They’re also quite nutritious and pack a lot of vitamins and minerals. They have a lot of fiber, and they’re low on sugar. But is that good enough reason to tattoo an avocado on your arm?

This couple must have found it hilarious to put the fruit on their bodies. The girl has half with the pit, and the guy has half with the hole. We get the implication, but it’s a little weird. And they look strange. Seriously, would you want that tattooed on your arm?

True Love Means No Lies Whatsoever


Most people go through life getting burned by at least one previous lover. Some people just don’t treat their partners very well. But do you need to advertise it on your arm? “No lies just love” is a very bold statement to make, and we get that the person was obviously hurt by a relationship.

“Just love” looks fine on its own. It’s actually kind of sweet. But “no lies” is very negative. And again, what if the relationship doesn’t work out? Now the person is stuck with “no lies” and no one to connect it to. Oops.

This is one of the weirdest places on your body to put a tattoo.

Why. Just Why.


In Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back, Princess Leia and Han Solo share a kiss before she confesses, “I love you.” He responds, “I know.” It was an improvised line. Harrison Ford decided it was better than the generic, “I love you too.” So, for Star Wars fans this is a major thing.

But don’t tattoo these lines on the inside of your mouth! First, it must have been incredibly painful. Second, who’s going to see the tattoos unless you pull your lips down? And third, why?

Gross, Bleeding Puzzle Pieces


Here’s another couple who decided to tattoo a couple of puzzle pieces on their arms. The good news is that the puzzle pieces match — one is the actual piece, and the other is the space where the piece was removed. Notice how the empty space is all bloody and “tendons” are revealed underneath the woman’s arm.

The man consequently has the piece “stitched” on his arm. This is just gross. They obviously have a thing for the macabre, but the idea of tearing out a piece of your lover’s body and stitching onto your own is a bit much.

If They Split, Will She Change It To ‘I Don’t’?


Once again, we must point out that tattoos that look okay together don’t actually look that great apart. This couple had obviously recently tied the knot. One has the words “I do” inked on their ring finger, while the other has the word “Ditto” inked on their finger.

Number one, it’s not very original. Number two, what happens if you break up? Do you change “I do” to “I don’t?” And what about “Ditto?” It’s meaningless on its own.

Perhaps They’re Vegetarians


This is just odd. We’re actually hoping these are temporary tattoos because they look so weird. The woman has what looks like a pepper, carrot and broccoli tattooed on the inside of her arm, while the guy has an artichoke, eggplant, and turnip tattooed on his arm.

They may be vegans or vegetarians. Perhaps their love blossomed over a giant, delicious salad. Maybe they even run a produce business together. It’s all very confusing. What if one of them starts eating meat again? Will the other get mad? Will they split up? Will it ruin their marriage?

These tattoos almost look like a drooping male body part.

Together They Sort Of Look Like Salt And Pepper Shakers, But Apart…


They don’t go together like peas and carrots or peanut butter and jelly; they go together like salt and pepper. Perhaps they have a spicy relationship? But why would you tattoo a salt or pepper shaker on your arm? Individually it’s actually quite difficult to decipher what they are.

The shakers almost resemble crayons, or worse, a part of the male anatomy (that isn’t exactly excited). This has to be one of the most regrettable tattoos on our list. The “S” and “P” on the shakers don’t make them more distinguishable.

Who Knew Hello Kitty Was So Violent


The character Hello Kitty was created by the Japanese company Sanrio in 1974. She is typically depicted as wearing a red bow and without a mouth. She’s extremely popular and worth about $8 billion a year, so it’s no wonder that some people love tattooing her likeness on their bodies.

This couple went a little extreme. They decided to put some badass Hello Kitties on their arms. The one in green looks a bit angry while the red one looks nonplussed, and they’re both brandishing firearms. What are they trying to say? We don’t get it. Do you get it?

More Tattoos That Don’t Look Right Separately


Here’s the scenario: A woman explains to her friend that when the “LV” on her wrist is paired with the “OE” on her lover’s wrist, the letters spell out “love.” But the friend is like, “But what does the ‘LV’ mean on its own?” It means nothing. And let’s face it, if one of them is wearing long sleeves or they’re not holding hands, the word never comes together.

This couple must constantly get questions about the meaning of their tattoos. Because frankly, it’s very mysterious when they’re separated. It must be quite annoying.

Or Let’s Not


Here’s another unusual set of matching tattoos. Both people in the couple have the words “Let’s make” on the finger of one hand and the word “mistakes” on the finger of their other hand. Again, the tattoos only make sense when the words are paired up. Second, we’re not even sure what they’re trying to say in the message.

What kind of mistakes do they want to make? What are the consequences? And what does that have to do with their relationship? There are so many unanswered questions with these tattoos.

More Power To Them


Our guess is that this couple is into tech and electronics. They must be because they put a pair of plus and minus buttons on their wrists. Perhaps they like pumping up the volume? It’s unclear exactly why they decided on this type of tattoo to demonstrate their love for one another.

Alone, the minus tattoo looks quite odd. It’s not unreasonable for someone to ask him, “Dude, why’d you put parentheses around a hyphen?” At least the somewhat-related semi-colon tattoo has a significant meaning behind it. These plus and minus tattoos are just odd.

One Heartbeat, Until They Break Up


The sentiment is very romantic. This couple is demonstrating that together they have one heart with one heartbeat. Well, first of all it’s not very creative. Every living thing has a heartbeat. And no one actually shares a heartbeat unless they’re part of a pair of Siamese twins.

Mostly we question the location of the tattoo. It’s in plain sight at all times, and it’s not a very beautiful looking tattoo. Mostly, it looks like someone drew a scribbled line with a Sharpie.

Weirdness Ensues With One Heart, Two Bodies


This tattoo kind of looks neat when the couple is actually embracing each other without any clothes on. But we can’t imagine what the heck it looks like when they are apart. Imagine him walking around shirtless and her wearing a bikini. Frankly, it would make absolutely no sense.

We understand that people like to show their love for one another with tattoos that “connect.” But this one is particularly bizarre because when are they actually going to pose like that? And odds are, they won’t be doing it in front of other people.