Harmless And Hilarious Halloween Pranks To Scare Your Friends Silly

People spend a lot of their time and energy on the treat part of trick-or-treating. We as a country aren’t doing a very good job of upholding the trick part. This list is full of pranks that you can pull on your unsuspecting friends.

If you give them a treat after you scare them, they’ll probably forgive you. Keep reading to learn how you can send your whole office into a state of panic, and how you can make it look like your dog has eaten you.

An Unwelcome Surprise

Photo Credit: MarkGSparrow / Twitter

Imagine biting into a delicious chocolate bonbon (who calls them bonbons anymore?) only to discover that you’ve actually just eaten a chocolate covered Brussels sprout?

I actually love Brussels sprouts, and I love chocolate, but I don’t love those two foods together. I guess this is one way to get your kids to eat their vegetables.

Creepy Crawly Toilet Paper

Photo Credit: Strange Beaver / Pinterest

Nobody wants to see a spider when they go to unroll some toilet paper. I don’t ever want to see a spider, if I’m being honest.

I know they eat pests and they help support some delicate ecosystems, but I think "out of sight, out of mind" is the best spider policy.

Take A Note From Jimmy Kimmel

Photo Credit: @THR / Twitter

Every year after Halloween, Jimmy Kimmel invites parents everywhere to prank their kids and catch the whole thing on video. Apparently, if you tell your kid that you ate all of their Halloween candy, they’re going to have a pretty hilarious reaction.

This is a little bit mean, but it’s all in good fun.

Cockaroach Doughnuts

Photo Credit: instructables / Pinterest

You know what’s better than cockroaches? Everything. Everything is better than cockroaches. You know what’s better than doughnuts? Almost nothing. What happens when you combine the worst thing and the best thing? You’ve got a pretty good Halloween prank.

You have to be pretty good at baking to pull this one off, though.

You Failed The Test

Photo Credit: Strange Beaver / Pinterest

Speaking of doughnuts, how about pranking your co-workers with an empty doughnut box and a healthy vegetable platter?

This prank is as harmless as it gets. Except that people will probably be pretty angry when they find out that you didn’t bring them any doughnuts.

So Simple, Yet So Scary

Photo Credit: laughtard / Pinterest

Here’s a prank that your dog will absolutely love. Step 1: get your doggo a giant bone. Step 2: put an old shoe on the end of that bone. Step 3: give the bone to your dog and let him out in the yard.

Wait until your neighbors catch a glimpse of this!

Like A Moth To A Lamp

Photo Credit: Pinterest

It’s no secret that bugs love lamps. Something about the heat and the warm glow just lights them up inside. That’s why this Halloween prank is totally believable.

Just printout some silhouettes of spooky bugs, cut them out, and tape them to the inside of a lampshade.

I Wouldn’t Open That If I Were You

Photo Credit: @PatriotsOfMars / Pinterest

Obviously, you shouldn’t put a bunch of bees in a box and mail them to your friends. That’s a really bad idea. You can pretend that you mailed a bunch of bees to your friends, though.

Fill a box like this with some Halloween treats, but make your friends super nervous about opening it.

I’m Actually Terrified

Photo Credit: Strange Beaver / Pinterest

This Halloween prank is next level genius. If I saw a cup like this in my office, I think I’d have a heart attack.

The little hole is a nice touch. It adds an element of realism that’s just way too spooky for me. Try this prank out in your workplace— if you dare.

A Cheeto Cheat

Photo Credit: Strange Beaver / Pinterest

We all like the feeling of getting a bag of Cheetos in our trick-or-treat bags. They’re a nice, crunchy snack that we can all appreciate.

Imagine opening a bag of Cheetos and finding baby carrots inside? Now that would be pretty scary. I like carrots as much as the next guy, but when I’m promised Cheetos, I want Cheetos.

This One Is Just Plain Mean

Photo Credit: Fox 13 / Pinterest

I can think of very few things scarier than a broken mouse. I definitely think that this prank is Halloween appropriate. I just never want anybody to do this to me.

Don’t mess with my ability to access funny pictures on the internet. That’s just not cool.

An Infestation

Photo Credit: weddingpplanstoday / Pinterest

And we thought one spider on your toilet paper was bad…

This might not be so scary in the daytime, but when you have to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night and you’re not fully conscious yet, this would scare the you-know-what out of you.

A Fidget Spinner Disaster

Photo Credit: @hellomaphie / Twitter

I think the scariest thing about this picture is that this person still thinks Fidget Spinners are relevant. It’s not 2017 anymore, Karen. It’s time to put the annoying toys away.

Still, this prank might make a few people squirm. It’s worth a try if you have a spare Fidget Spinner lying around.

This Is Not Okay

Photo Credit: pillowthought / Pinterest

Candy apples are the best Halloween food. I might even say that they’re the best fall food. I love a good Pumpkin Spice Latte, but there’s something about a candy apple that just reminds me of my childhood.

That’s why this prank is so evil. A candy onion just shouldn’t be a thing.

The Scariest Baby Face

Photo Credit: 5-Minute Crafts / YouTube

This Halloween DIY involves starching some sheets of gauze over a doll head until you have this ghostly creation. Hang this up in somebody’s room to give them a real fright.

Babies are pretty scary on their own, but a floating baby head is a whole new level of terrifying.

Ruin Your Yard For A Prank

Photo Credit: halloweenfun / Pinterest

If you feel like digging a hole in your backyard for the sole purpose of freaking out a few of your friends, then this prank is for you.

If you’re a responsible homeowner with real responsibilities you might want to just keep scrolling. I love a good prank, but I love my yard just a little bit more.

Soap Fingers

Photo Credit: etsy / Pinterest

A couple of these by your bathroom sink will really freak out the guests at your next Halloween party. You can buy these on Etsy, or you can get a finger mold (or make a mold of your own fingers) and make them yourself.

Halloween is all about getting creative.

This Shouldn’t Be Allowed

Photo Credit: somuchviral / Pinterest

If you really want to make people angry this year, you can put a whole bunch of similarly shaped candies into one bowl. Halloween isn’t just about the candy. It’s about working for your candy. That’s what trick-or-treating is all about.

Adults should have to work for their candy too.

The Spookiest Shower

Photo Credit: @jobsp90 / Twitter

Ok, I’m not sure how harmless this prank is. I’d be pretty mad if someone put powdered Kool-Aid in my shower head. That’s what this is, by the way. It isn’t blood. It’s Kool-Aid.

I feel like it would make my hair all sticky and I would have to waste so much water getting the Kool-Aid powder out of the shower system.

A DIY Ghost

Photo Credit: 5-Minute Crafts / YouTube

To make this super spooky ghost, all you have to do is wrap individual parts of your body in cellophane, pull the shaped cellophane off of your body, tape it shut, and then tape all the body parts together.

Obviously, don’t wrap your head in cellophane. Use a balloon or a doll’s head to make the head part.