Incredible Backyard Renovations That Make Us Want To Spend Way More Time Outside

Are you using your backyard to its fullest potential? If you aren’t spending every warm summer night barbecuing, schmoozing, or roasting marshmallows in your beautiful backyard, then the answer to that question is no. It doesn’t take much to turn a boring plot of land into your own personal outdoor getaway.

Keep reading to get some backyard reno inspiration. Even if you don’t think you’re that good at DIY projects, you’re probably more capable than you think you are.

A Backyard Roller Coaster

Photo Credit: BackyardCoasters / reddit
Photo Credit: BackyardCoasters / reddit

This grandfather retired from a career in aerospace engineering a couple of years ago, and he decided to put his skills to use making backyard roller coasters for his grandkids. Why can’t this guy be my grandfather?

This grandpa is a big believer in both having fun and being safe, so he used his extensive engineering expertise to make sure that this roller coaster was safe for his grandkids to use. Definitely don’t try this at home unless you have an engineering degree.