Trends We Wish Would (Or Wouldn’t) Come Back From The 90’s

What’s not to love about the 90’s? There are many fads from that decade that we don’t miss, but there are some that we couldn’t get enough of. It was the decade before Y2K became a thing and cell phones were only for the elite.

If we could travel back in time to the 90’s, maybe we could have a shot at redemption with the 2000s and 2010s. You better saved you TY toys and plenty of Zimas for this one!

Fila And Champion Shoes


Sportswear brands were well-marketed in the 90’s. Many people were wearing shoes made by Fila and Champion. These brands were enjoying an incredible burst of nostalgia-fueled popularity, thanks in large part to runway partnerships and retro-style branding.

While we’ve come a long way since those days, both brands still hold some value today.