Memes About Food That Will Have You Craving The Munchies Harder Than Snoop Dogg

Food is a blessing. There’s no denying that it’s fantastic and it’s a great pleasure to sit down and enjoy a nice meal. But we all have our little habits and preferences when it comes to food.

It’s like life is just is just a series of events until you can see your next meal. You can’t call yourself a true foodie unless you’ve seen one of these memes, and the munchies start to rumble.

Yeah You Are


It’s true. I do this all the time. The tiny little puddles of ketchup on the side aren’t enough. But, I will never put a ton of ketchup over my fries.

Although, the left one is the best way to keep someone from helping themselves to your fries.

For Your Health


Can I say that certain types of fruit and veggies make me hungry? Like, my belly starts grumbling like the Hungry Hungry Hippos. It mostly happens when apples and carrots make an appearance. I even Googled this, and apparently, a ton of people have this problem.

Also, bananas are a great way to stave off hunger before dinner.

Pug Life


Pug didn’t choose this life. It chose him. But dang, those burgers do look delicious and beautiful. It’s like a museum piece that can be eaten for every tourist. I’m so jealous of this. Those In and Out burgers need to expand to every country in the world.

But, we can’t all have nice things.

Are you supposed to think about eating more than one donut? Homer Simpson has the answer to that just ahead.

That Makes So Much Sense


That’s about the only thing the spoiler is good for. She’s living her best life, and she’s my role model right now. If I had a car like she has, I would be eating lunch out there every day.

But, when it comes time for the winter, that’s going to suck.

Okay Rookie


Four pancakes in one sitting? Challenge accepted. But hold my beer while she devours all of them. That face has so much determination. She’s all like “watch me eat it all.”

The fact that she ate all four is impressive. But, that would be me with a big sushi plate.

Are You Supposed To Think About This?


I don’t think Homer Simpson ever has this thought. His favorite snack is donuts, and he wouldn’t hesitate to eat the third one. But, don’t pull out a full box of donuts in front of me.

When you come back, there’s a good chance that the box will be empty.

Read ahead to see the most common thing everyone did after coming home late. It will make you say “been there, done that.”

Ends Up Not Bothering To Cut The Pizza


Technically, if you don’t cut it, it’s one piece. However, I’m into fitness. Fit’n this whole pizza in my mouth. Or, you could fold it into a calzone. That way, it’s just a single calzone you can eat.

Pizza lovers, be bold and daring because the pizza game has changed for good.

You Never Know How Much A Scoop Is


Like nachos, one chip can make all the difference. I think this falls under the “Nacho Rule.” If it all hangs onto the spoon, it’s one scoop. That’s my kind of scoop, but this would be challenging to balance a big scoop like this.

But, that won’t stop me from enjoying cookies and cream.

Been There, Done That


I think we can relate to this. Think of all the times you come home from a party and do this. “What happened to the cheese I bought? I don’t know, but I saw a mouse sneaking into the fridge.”

Just be sure you don’t wake up mom and dad while trying to be stealthy.

The next one ahead will sum up your mood after a stressful day.

Is It Though?


This is why pizza is consumed in massive quantities. That, and because pizza is life. This speaks to me. The worst part is cleaning up afterward. It takes a long time, but not if you have a dishwasher.

Or, wash your dishes before you eat, so you don’t have to do it after.

What Up, Greasy Face?


Ugh, how can you waste a pizza like that? I can imagine him waking up and not eating the pizza. With all of that grease on his face and hair, this is a rookie mistake.

I mean, you put money down on this order, and you do this? Shame on you!



In my defense, a slightly stressful day is a good excuse to eat pizza and junk food. And then, wash it down with a beer or two. Do I have a problem? Maybe, but everyone has flaws, like people who sing in the shower.

All this thinking of my flaws really makes me want to eat a cake.

I’m not sure if the next one ahead is tiger bread or an in-bread cat.

A lot Of People Do This


I thought I was the only one doing that. I mastered the skill in college and continue to do it to this day. Despite living on my own, I can do whatever I want. You never know if you’re going to have a second sandwich.

So, it’s good to keep it out.

There’s Nothing Wrong With This


Do you see anything wrong with this? Good, me neither. It’s a slippery slope after having one kiss. If you have more, the aftermath might make you feel as bad as if you were lovesick.

This could only happen after your kids got back from trick or treating and you had to “test” it.

It’s Tiger Bread


That face on the cat says it all. Cat: “Meow! Get away from me with that camera!” I think I just found my spirit animal. But, if I didn’t eat carbs for even a day or two, I’d be loafing around.

Some say it’s tiger bread, but it’s an in-bread cat.

Don’t say bad things about broccoli. The next one ahead may have you warm up to the vegetable even more.



Yup, that’s a classic example of the devil right here folks. Heading to the gym and McDonald’s afterward is a trap. But, it’s all about keeping a positive outlook.

The next time you go to the gym and you’re on the treadmill for a minute, try to skip the Big Macs on your way home.

Italian AF


I would go here. It would make me feel at home because Italian food is one of the best out there. Pasta, pizza, garlic bread, what’s not to love about all of that? I could go on a pasta diet forever.

Oh, and a glass of red wine goes well too.

Don’t Hate On Broccoli


Hold your horses, cowboy. Broccoli is the best. It’s got protein and it makes an excellent side dish with chicken for dinner. Some people are so whacked when they diss this hearty vegetable. However, a similar thing can be said about spinach.

Some people just can’t stand green vegetables for some reason.

It’s A Dream Come True


Anybody who loves mac and cheese will be drooling over this. It would be a dream come true if you had a variety of ways to eat mac and cheese.

It’s my guilty pleasure, and anytime I’m out at the bar, I check the menu for this cheesy deliciousness.

You Vs. Everybody


Not going to lie, but that’s true love on your right. You can always count on food because it will still be there for you. I wish I could hold hands with a fridge handle all day.

That’s my commitment to them, and a reliable source when I get hungry.