St. Patrick’s Day Fails That Will Make You Throw Your Shamrock In Disgust

March 17th is a festive day where everyone feels compelled to wear green and drink Guinness. However, the eagerness that comes with celebrating St. Patrick can lead to some rather unfortunate situations.

Some have tried to celebrate by cooking their favorite green meals, but things went horribly wrong. One child went as far as revealing what they would do if they caught a leprechaun, and it’s pretty wild. These people might have celebrated the festivities but did it in such a disastrous way.



Oh yes, the ever-popular leprechaun dog costume. Humans have good intentions when it comes to celebrating the luck of the Irish. However, the aggravation in the dog’s face says it all.

They’re not pleased they are forced to be dressed up on every holiday, but the dog would at least look cute in a pumpkin costume for Halloween. Once the costume is off for good, the dog is so going to get sweet revenge on their owners.

Who Wears Short Shorts?


Uh oh, somebody forgot something. Even though his spirits are running high, it’s easy to leave home and forget to put on your jeans. He might have done laundry the night before, but that doesn’t seem like a legitimate excuse.

In his mind, he thinks he’s going to get lucky thanks to his Irish bloodline. Sadly, that’s not going to happen because every Irish person is going to have to drink a ton to not remember this the next day.

Mom’s Spaghetti Isn’t So Traditional


It might be delicious, but that’s the most unappealing looking plate of food I’ve ever laid my eyes on. Aside from the biscuits, you’ll feel sick to your stomach just looking at that color.

Hopefully, you don’t end up hugging on to the toilet bowl tomorrow, but that’s adorable of your mom to cook you up a meal. If you want a green meal that’s full of all sorts of healthy items, then stick with a salad.

Whoever made up this next meal ahead must be some kind of mad scientist.

Someone Forgot The Memo


How’s this for a TV mystery? The curious case of the disappearing weather forecaster. Working in the broadcast industry means two things: never wear stripes and don’t wear the color green.

Unfortunately, this weathergirl never got the memo, but hopefully, she learned her lesson moving forward. Some might say meteorologists shouldn’t celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, but honestly, they should wear green more often so we can see the map more clearly.

The Day After St. Patrick’s Day


There’s nothing better than getting a little bit of honesty! While most people are recovering from a dreaded hangover, one particular shop owner had a different idea.

The owner appears to be “In bits from last night” but the fact they managed to get the sign into the window is impressive enough. Not being able to carry out normal daily functions the day after consuming so much beer is understandable and the owner is taking a much needed personal day.

Sausages Wrapped In Bacon? No Thanks


Oh my goodness, whoever did this must be a mad scientist. Some people might have issues with this while others won’t hesitate to chow down on the food.

While sausages and bacon make for a good breakfast, they shouldn’t be wrapped dyed green. They look like green beans wrapped in bacon and not one intoxicated person will go for that after a day of drinking. But, hey, at least there’s bacon!

Even if the butcher just used some green dye, the next one ahead will make you gag.

Bad Placement


Whoever decided to leave the porta potties like that should be punished. But, this could become funnier as the day goes on. Think about it. The more alcohol people consume, the greater chance they have to use the bathroom.

Once they’re done, they won’t realize that the pole is one door slam away from hitting them in the face. Hopefully, that’s not the case as some people will have enough common sense to slowly slide themselves out the side.

Trying To Make A Difference


Well, to be fair, all lives matter. But, on the day of March 17th, the Irish are the only people that matter. There might be a few parade attendees who will assume this is a shot at the international activist movement.

It’s not like he’s going to suddenly burst into a protest in the middle of the street. But, if he does, he’ll just try to keep the peace by giving the authorities a four leaf clover and green beer.

Leprechaun Sausage, Anyone?


Even if the butcher used green dye to give these sausages life, this will make any customer turn away. Dying food green might seem like the ideal way to celebrate, but these sausages look anything but appealing.

This would not be an item you would want to bring to your next barbeque cookout either. This is just another one of those things that should never have been done, especially with meat.

Read ahead to see why cooking some green food at the last minute almost never works out.

Trying To Get A Cute Picture


The corgi is not amused by his owner’s shenanigans and doesn’t seem interested in the luck of the Irish. In his little mind, there’s a chance he’s thinking about what could have been if he had become one of the Queen’s corgis. But instead, this is his life.

There’s a good chance he makes that same face whenever he has to go potty out in the rain. But, we’ll pretend he isn’t thinking about eating your shoes later for those shenanigans.

Who Needs Gold, Anyways?


You sure about that, kid? I don’t know if this is a joke, but it would be cool to catch a leprechaun. Instead of killing him, you could become good friends, or if that’s not your thing, maybe do a TED Talk and interview them to get to know the creature.

This also gives you the opportunity to ask them the most important question of all: Do leprechauns actually have gold or do they steal it? You would want to know the truth behind that!

Last Minute Deviled Eggs


Good for you for trying to be festive, but holy mackinaw that looks bad. It’s similar to when you have to stay up late at night to finish that paper for school.

Then, the next thing you know, your procrastination finally catches up to you and you’re running around and throw your ‘best effort’ out there for all to see. Here’s hoping these deviled eggs don’t turn your stomach into a knot.

Read ahead to see the most bizarre lunch buffet one office tried to pull off!

When You Had Too Much Green Beer


St. Patrick’s Day is an excuse for everyone to go hard in the paint. But, just be careful when you’re roaming the streets during your drunken stupor. If you drink green beer all day long, this is going to be the end result after you tried effortlessly to hail a cab home.

Maybe some good samaritan will come along and move you to the sidewalk. When you wake up, you’re definitely not going to remember how you got there.

The Day Everybody Is Irish


Once a year, the Republic of Ireland becomes the Galactic Empire. The Storm Troopers drop their guns in exchange for green hats, clovers, and beer. Darth Vader might not approve of the Jedis, but he’s definitely behind these troops celebrating the luck of the Irish.

Let’s just hope nothing bad comes out of this. If the troopers have too much beer, there’s a good chance Vader will appear and a lightsaber battle will break out in the streets.

When The Office Picks An Unusual Lunch Theme


You should inform your work that it’s St. Paddy’s Day, not St. Patty’s Day. That doesn’t count as Irish food, but more a lunch buffet. I get that not everyone loves the traditional Irish delicacies, so this it’s nice to have some variety for people to eat.

It’s an odd choice, but I would choose a loaded taco and gravy fries over corned beef and cabbage. I prefer my own corned beef at home in Guinness.

You’re going to want to be the judge for the next one ahead.

The Breakfast Of Champions


This is what happens when your one parent is Irish while the other isn’t. However, you’re now faced with the Irish folk’s dilemma.

You’re either stuck reading the newspaper and chowing on that potato or stuck waiting until later after you’ve consumed all the green beer in the world. But, that Belgian Wheat Beer though, what self-respecting Irishman would drink a Belgian beer on St. Paddy’s Day? Come on man! You need to have a Guinness with that.

How School Cafeterias Celebrate


Well, at least it isn’t green eggs and ham. Now that I mention, that bizarre Dr. Seuss meal would make for a better meal compared to what little effort your school cafeteria put out there. If you really want to step your game up for the kids, perhaps making an actual Irish dish would help.

If you did an Irish breakfast with bacon, sausages, baked beans, eggs, mushrooms, grilled tomatoes, and cooked leftover potatoes, the kids will go bananas.

Pizza Or Playdough?


It’s like a fourth grader decided to make the pizza crust out of playdough for no good reason. But, if this wasn’t done by a kid, how can anyone look at that pizza and say “Yeah that looks so appealing I can eat that no problem!”

This would be a tough challenge to pull off, like eating super spicy hot chicken wings without anything to drink. If you can manage to down that without throwing up, at least the beer will be a nice reward.

St. Patty’s Day Pool Party


It’s actually possible to put all that green dye for an inground pool. If you attend that party and consume green beer, you’ll easily believe that the pool is full of booze.

If you drink that, you almost definitely throw up, because that’s entirely too much chlorine for one person to drink. But hey, anything is possible on the day of the Irish right? Sounds like a St. Patrick’s Day party to me!

So Many Regrets


No you don’t, or maybe you do. Either way, this almost reeks of desperation. You’re playing the victim by having someone feel sorry for you, especially after a ton of drinking.

Not so surprisingly, this is a common occurrence on most college campuses after that first St. Paddy’s day party in freshman year. While you might not have your virginity, you hopefully have a good story and a good hangover to go with it.