These Freshmen Are Hilariously Learning The Hard Way That College Ain’t All It’s Made Out To Be

Freshman year. For many of us, it was one of the best years of our lives. We mastered our response to “what’s your major?”, we met a whole bunch of new people, and we had newfound freedom that we’ve never felt before.

That year also came with a bunch of stereotypes and common mishaps that happen to all be true, from getting locked out in the residence hall naked after using the communal shower to stress that you’ve never felt before. If you’ve been to college or are in college, strap into the nostalgia train because we’re taking a trip back in time.

“When I Was Your Age”

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There’s a big difference between freshmen and seniors. Freshmen are just that — fresh. They have the energy to look good, they have the energy to get out of bed, they have the energy to go out.

Seniors, on the other hand, will wear their pajamas to parties and not think twice.

The Worst Schedules


One of the worst parts about being a freshman is that you have to choose your schedule after all of the other years.

That means, you guessed it, morning class. And not just one morning class — it’s like five morning classes. There’s nothing worse than Friday class at all though. Which, if you’re a freshman, you’ll have to get used to.

This Is So Relatable

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With your newfound freedom comes some newfound responsibility. Yes, that means having to look out for your peers and take care of them when they make some, uh, bad decisions.

Most of those bad decisions come in the form of drinking too much alcohol, which is exemplified in this picture.

That’s Not A Good Sign

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This isn’t a good sign. You shouldn’t start to get tired of college until at least your junior year.

First year is supposed to be your first taste of real freedom away from your parents. It’s your year to let loose and stress only around exam time. Mann, I feel bad (get it?)

Rated R

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When you live in a dorm, most of the time you have communal showers. Yes, if you’ve never been to college and this is a shock to you, girls and guys share showers.

That means a lot of hallway sprints in towels to get to the washroom down the hall.

It Can Happen To Anyone


I mean, I get it. It’s nice that the dorm room doors lock automatically when you leave, but that’s putting a lot of pressure on students to remember their keys. Sometimes, that just doesn’t happen.

This can happen to anyone and we need to be aware. It’s a crisis for freshmen.

Freshmen At The Bar


If you’re lucky enough to have a fake ID and get into one of the senior bars near campus, this is what it feels like.

Everyone seems so mature and tall. You feel significantly out of place and it’s really funny. Number one rule — ALWAYS lie about your age to anyone you meet. Never let them know you’re a freshman.

The Poster Collector


We either were the person collecting posters in our dorms, or we knew someone on our floor who was.

Usually, schools will have a poster sale day with a billion posters on campus. You’d be hard-pressed to find hung up pictures, but if you had a penny for every poster you saw — you’d be rich.

Where Do I Even Begin?

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I don’t know where to start with the dorm room beds, but I guess I’ll talk about how small they are first. If you’re over five feet tall, you’re probably going to have your feet dangling. Don’t even think about trying to fit another person in that bed.

Also, it feels like you’re laying on springs. I’m convinced you’re sleeping on cardboard.

Teacher’s Pet

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There are so many scare tactics that high school teachers use to get you prepared for college. They say stuff like ” if you don’t participate in college classes, the teacher will fail you”. Which, of course, is BS.

So, many of us in freshman year try to be teacher’s pets by going to office hours etc and that energy level lasts for one semester tops.

One Way To Let Everyone Know You’re A Freshman

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When you first get to a new college, it’s exciting. You want everyone to know you’re a new student. One way to do that is to dress everyday like you’re celebrating homecoming.

School lanyards, school t-shirts, iPhone cases with the college logo on it. It’s fine to have school spirit, but don’t make it too obvious.

It’s Unfortunately True


One of your biggest expenses when you’re in college is textbooks. They’re also the biggest waste of money. Most of us will spend over $1000 on textbooks only to open them twice all semester.

The professors probably internally cry knowing how much money students spend on their textbooks and never actually read them.

Meal Management

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One of the most efficient ways to save money when you’re at university is to have good meal management.

If you can take a nap for dinner or sleep until noon every day, that will end up saving you a lot of money. I highly recommend this strategy for any freshman.

Everything Is Amplified

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With the new freedom comes all the distractions as well. You COULD do your essay, or you COULD go out with your friends downtown. Or you COULD go bowling. Or you COULD nap.

No one is stopping you anymore. So, when you actually have to sit down and do some work, it seems like an impossible task.

Constant Suffering


When you’re a freshman in college, it feels like all you do is suffer. You study all night, go to class all day, and then repeat.

You live for the weekends when you can lay in bed all day and pretend to do work so that you can stress about it during the week.

Mom Isn’t There To Do Dishes


It’s the first year of your life when your parents aren’t around to clean up after you. You actually have to put dishes in the dishwasher and scrub cups yourself.

Most of the time this just doesn’t happen. You start to get really creative with what you use as a plate or cup.

Anyway To Stay Sane


One of the big culture shock moments is when you realize how many people are in your lectures and how long those lectures last.

Sometimes, you’ll have classes that go for three hours and have five hundred kids in them. It’s a skill to be able to pretend like you’re listening to a professor for three hours.

Sleep Patterns Get Messed Up

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Your first year of college really messes up your sleep schedule. When you’re in high school, is pretty easy to get into a routine.

Every day looks the same. But, when you’re a freshman, every day looks VERY different. You could fall asleep at 4 pm or you could fall asleep at four in the morning.

Overpacking Everything


When you’re a freshman, you overpack everything. Literally everything. You pack so much underwear for the year. You basically pack as if you’re going to have an accident in your pants every single day of the year.

You go to class with seven different colored pens all with different meanings attached to them.

Back To School Shopping


This is a “back to school” shelf that we can all get behind. Nothing says “I’m going to college for the first time” quite like stockpiling alcohol for frosh week.

Who needs pencils and pens when you can have merlot, vodka, and rum instead? I’ll take the latter 12 times out of 10.