The Internet Shared Their Worst Summer Jobs And Now Being A Paper Boy Seems Like A Dream

We’ve all been there. Trying to make a little cash during the summer and basically taking any job to do so. When you have no work experience beggars can’t be choosers and at the end of the day, someone has to do it.

While many of the low-level jobs we took as young people weren’t overly glamorous, they padded our wallets enough to get some ice cream once a week. For most of us, the jobs were at the very least tolerable for what they were, but some just weren’t that lucky. Twitter users hilariously shared their worst summer jobs and the results were absolute comedy.

Commitment Is Commitment, Jimmy

The host of The Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon started the hashtag #worstsummerjob and it went viral.

Now that Jimmy is making millions and is internationally recognized, I’m sure he looks back at his time cutting grass with humor. Honestly, for anyone who has an allergy, cutting grass is absolutely awful and a constant sneeze-fest.

So Many Questions

This actually is the least surprising thing you’ll read in this article. Young people are addicted to video games and it’s bizarre.

Kids are literally willing to suffer through the humiliation of pooping their pants just to ensure that they can keep playing a video game that they’ve already been playing for 14 hours straight.

You’ve Got A Face For Radio

Photo Credit: Twitter / @v_i_price
Photo Credit: Twitter / @v_i_price

Hey, at the end of the day this boss isn’t 100% wrong in their tactics to sell more product.

There’s a reason that some great journalists only do radio broadcasting and stay far away from the TV. Being good-looking will take you far in this world. But for ugly people like me, it’s an uphill battle. Coming up, a babysitter gets a “secret” from Hell and it’s hilarious.

Comes With A Complimentary Puke Bucket

Photo Credit: Twitter / @_moranrm
Photo Credit: Twitter / @_moranrm

There’s a lot of low-level jobs that aren’t very appetizing to do. Many people have to do their time in the dish pit of a restaurant which is really gross.

But having to clean off people’s ear wax makes me want to puke my brains out on the spot. This is one of the worst jobs I’ve ever heard of.

Never Meet Your Heroes

Photo Credit: Twitter / @irishrose8
Photo Credit: Twitter / @irishrose8

This is a sad tale about never meeting your heroes because they never turn out the way that you had imagined them.

Many kids look up to Chuck-E, and we can’t even fathom the devastation that must’ve occurred to their psyche when they saw him laying on the ground dead. Never meet your heroes and definitely never meet your heroes if they’re dying on the ground in front of you.

Kids Are The The Devil

Photo Credit: Twitter / @Wyldwurm
Photo Credit: Twitter / @Wyldwurm

The problem with kids is that they haven’t fully developed a conscience that makes them aware of the consequences of their actions.

This kid (Satan) had no problem stabbing his babysitter in the eardrum potentially causing lifelong damage. They’re the worst. Just ahead, a job that would trigger most of us to have nightmares for life. Stay tuned to be creeped out.

Case And Point

Photo Credit: Twitter / @DelandyHO
Photo Credit: Twitter / @DelandyHO

I guess if I needed to solidify my argument that children are actually just sent straight from Hell, here it is.

Usually, they don’t make it so obvious where their true home is, but with this camper, the writing was certainly on the wall. I would suggest against breaking your own kneecaps but to each their own.

Same, Same But Different

I don’t know about you, but this little game doesn’t sound fun to me whatsoever. They’re literally the exact opposite of each other but unfortunately look the same in the water.

A Snickers bar satisfies (if you’re a commercial junkie you know this is their slogan), while a turd, uh, doesn’t?

This Is Legit What Nightmares Are Made Of

Can we just talk about how scary the dolls we had as kids actually were? Most of them look like they can have an entire horror movie trilogy written about them.

Their eyes wander, they have weird clown make-up and their outfits are something straight out of the grudge. Yet, when we were younger we loved to have them tucked into our bed. Coming up, a person shares their broken ankle story and you won’t believe where they had to go to work after.

Don’t Come Into My Bubble, Please

Photo Credit: Twitter / @balderasjj
Photo Credit: Twitter / @balderasjj

I don’t know about you, but I’m someone who needs their personal space at all times. I don’t mind touching but it has to be with my consent.

That said, being a mannequin doesn’t sound so bad- no one usually touches them and they kind of do their own thing. As soon as kids start poking me the gig is over and you’re going to have to fire me because I’m screaming.

Drop Dead Awful

Photo Credit: Twitter / @mrsbooge
Photo Credit: Twitter / @mrsbooge

Imagine going to work, starting your shift off with a coffee and ending it after bathing a dead person you thought was alive?

I know this person was new, but there’s no way I’m returning to that place of work after I just washed a dead person for 10 minutes in a bath. Not a chance.

The Joke Writes Itself

I don’t know, but I think that this person should get a raise. IHOP you just found your newest spokesperson, congratulations.

I’m not usually one to believe in destiny, but I really cannot stop thinking about how this moment and broken ankle was truly sent from a higher being. The joke writes itself. A hilarious story is coming up about working at the “Fun Center” and, you guessed it, the job was anything but.

I Think It Was A One Time Gig

Photo Credit: Twitter / @boisetracy
Photo Credit: Twitter / @boisetracy

Okay, so, first of all, let’s do the basic math here and let this girl know that she was getting severely underpaid. She was housesitting for a month and was going to get a grand total of $53?

Not to mention that apparently this couple basically had their own greenhouse? It would take an eight-hour commitment every day just to ensure half of their plants got water. This is tragic.

Be One With The Chickens

For all of you chicken farmers out there, you know that the best way to take care of chickens is to actually, uh, be a chicken too.

You want them to think that you’re just one of the chicks so that they let you know all of their deepest secrets. Being successful in life is about deception and this is one of the best examples of that.

The (Not So) Fun Center

This sounds just straight up awful. The bliss of knowing you get to handle a weedwhacker as a kid is one of the best feelings. The responsibility of handling a dangerous piece of equipment is intense.

The devastation that must’ve occurred when they found out that they’d have to get on their hands and knees and use scissors would be crippling. I feel for this kid.

A teacher takes a second job that’s way better than teaching for the summer and runs into one of her students who assumed she got fired. That’s just ahead.

Turning Into A Hippo Is ALWAYS A Promising Promotion

Photo Credit: Twitter
Photo Credit: Twitter

I don’t know about you, but being a mascot of any kind would be a great summer job. Minus the heat stroke and constantly having kids punch you in the stomach, it sounds fun.

Going from a dancing polar bear to a hippo with a sweet hat is ALWAYS a promotion and we’re so happy for this guy.

Hey, That Sounds Like A Good Gig

On the surface, the idea of being a scarecrow would be amazing for someone who is inherently lazy. You literally don’t have to do anything and you get to hang out in the sun.

But, if you’ve ever spent time around crows, you know they’re super smart and not to be trusted. Make one of them mad and the entire gang will turn on you.

Just Trying To Make Ends Meet

I’m not going to lie but delivering pizzas is a way better job than being a teacher. Teaching means you have to tolerate kids when they’re around their enabler friends.

Delivering pizzas you get to hang out with, well, pizzas. I don’t know that you can have a better job or hangout than that.

An Unexpected Knuckle Sandwich

Look, it’s hard to blame the little kid for finishing the kill. Shooter’s shoot and that’s just the culture surrounding bison hunting.

It’s not every day that this little guy gets to chase and hunt a bison. He’d be kicking himself if he let the bison survive just because he didn’t have the heart to finish the job.

A Sticky Situation

Photo Credit: Twitter / @andytx_
Photo Credit: Twitter / @andytx_

This is why I would petition for Apple Store employees to wear gloves to protect them from product returns.

Who knows where these phones and iPads have been and who’s touched them. This is just one of the breast examples, sorry, best examples of how gross some phones can be.