These Are The Childhood Movies You Need To Show Your Kids

This isn’t your typical list of movies. It’s more of a survival-guide of films that kids show know about. It varies from the world of PG to the world of R-rated movies.

These are the best films for future filmmakers. Every generation craves the nostalgic feel from their childhood, and these movies could do the same thing for your kids and their kids. So, you might as well go get the popcorn ready.

The Goonies

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This is one of the most beloved adventure-comedies ever. They’re kids from a variety of backgrounds and the actors who played them went on to have successful careers.

The understanding of the traumas of adolescence is in this film. If only family or kids films today had kids portray complex, foul-mouthed, I’m-smarter-than you characters. Kids could relate to that.

Harry Potter

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For more than a decade, J.K. Rowling’s magical books took movie audiences into a world of wizards and witches.

It’s hard to imagine your child not knowing the stories behind Hogwarts, the rules of Quidditch, and some guy who must not be named. Every kid will see this as an exciting adventure.

The Princess Bride

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A princess, pirates, an evil prince, and giants. This is a fairy tale for the meta-age. Boys might resist this movie because of the name, but I assure you it has something for everyone.

But the film preserves the novel’s narrative style by presenting the story as a book being read by a grandfather to his sick grandson. Coming up, the perfect film to start a child’s pop-culture education.

The Sandlot

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This one of the best sports movies out there. It has something for everyone. Sports, girls, and a giant slobbery dog.

The film is filled with nostalgia thanks to the Babe Ruth scene and kids having a passion to play the game they love. If this doesn’t get your kid to start swinging for the fences, I don’t know what movie would.

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

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Matthew Broderick plays a teenager who just wants to have fun. So, he decides to skip school for the day to hang out with his girlfriend and his best friend.

Unfortunately, little do they know the principal is on to them. But, the fear of having your kid pull off what Ferris did shouldn’t be a surprise, because every kid has this dream.

The Muppet Movie

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The perfect film to start a child’s pop-culture education. Jim Henson’s masterpiece is like a gateway to all the wonderful things this movie can be.

It’s clever, entertaining, hilarious, and jam-packed with some musical numbers. Kids will love it at six years old, and maybe when they’re 12 years old too. Just ahead, the movie about an inventor who shrinks his children.

The Parent Trap

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It’s not the original but it’s still good. It’s the modern-day version of the 1936 film of a divorced couple who separated after the birth of their identical twins.

Lindsay Lohan is probably at her best in this movie, but really, that’s all your kids need to know about the actress.

Home Alone

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This Christmas classic taps into the fear of being left behind. It’s every kid’s nightmare, but for Kevin McCallister, it’s nothing but a hilarious, fun-filled celebration with a whole lot of unsupervised freedom.

The poor kid isn’t as helpless as he seems, especially when the Wet Bandits target his quiet little neighborhood.

Honey, I Shrunk The Kids

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SCTV alumni Rick Moranis plays Wayne Szalinski, an inventor who accidentally shrinks his children.

Surprisingly enough, the movie was a box office success thanks to its plot and Moranis’ nerdy character. However, don’t show your kids the disastrous sequels. In fact, just tell them there’s only one film. Still on the way, a rebel that every kid can get behind, even if it means going back to the future.

Jurassic Park

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There’s no doubt that Steven Spielberg is one of the best directors ever. There’s Jaws and Indiana Jones, but a great one for kids is Jurassic Park.

It’s a good way to introduce your child to the grown-up fears of the horror genre, without showing them a movie like Pshyco. It’s a guaranteed crowd-pleaser — I mean, who doesn’t like dinosaurs?


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Penny Marshall’s film magically transforms a 12-year-old Josh Baskin into a thirty-year-old man overnight. He gets a job as a toy company executive with a dream loft apartment.

The film not only throttled Tom Hanks into the limelight, but this movie is a reminder of the trials and tribulations of growing up.

Back To The Future

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Michael J. Fox plays Marty McFly, a rebel your kids can rally behind. McFly seems like a troublemaker, but his biggest crime is hanging out with Doc.

The best part about it? It’s super easy to follow and it’s an ideal introduction to science fiction. Once they’re old enough, introduce them to Rick and Morty. What’s the best Will Ferrel movie? Buddy the Elf has the answer to that.


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Another Spielberg classic tells a story of an unexpected bond between a lonely child and a Reese Pieces-loving alien.

It’s simple and universal for any kid, with a few elements of The Wizard of Oz. Special effects have come along way since 1982, but Elliot’s bike leaving the ground will give your kid the chills.

Groundhog Day

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Bill Murray and Andie MacDowell live through the same day over and over again thanks to a groundhog.

Not only is this one of the most clever scripts ever written, but it’s a hilarious movie surrounding a boring holiday. Your kids may or may not have an appreciation for Groundhog Day after watching it.


Will Ferrell in his green fur-line Elf costume is nothing but a giggle fest. With his childlike antics, it will leave your youngster in stitches, especially when he downs an entire liter of Coke.

Outside of Home Alone, this is the other Christmas classic your kid will fall in love with. Coming up, this movie will shock your kids when the toys come to life.


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Critics weren’t sold on the big-screen adaption of the Broadway play. Annie is a chance to see economic conditions through the eyes of children who are hungry and unloved.

The boozy mother of the orphanage, played by Carol Burnett, may be your kid’s first introduction to a sympathetic villain.

It Takes Two

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Mary-Kate and Ashley Olson gave kids some of the best films of the nineties. When it comes to this film, it was a hit.

The Olson twins were a popular commodity, and it starred Kirstie Alley and Steve Guttenberg. It doesn’t get any more nineties than this!

Toy Story

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When you show your child Pixar’s very first feature film for the first time, they’ll be shocked that the toys come to life.

It inspires the child’s imagination to run wild, and the film introduces kids to mismatched couples like Woody and Buzz. It’s also a jam-packed animated film that will make your child watch it more than once.

Wizard Of Oz

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When you aren’t in Kansas anymore, who knows what could happen. There’s the Tin Man, the Scarecrow and the Lion, oh and Toto.

This would be a great gateway film to other classics. However, your kid is still young enough to have a whole lifetime of rewatching this iconic film.

Finding Nemo

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It’s one of the most beautiful Pixar movies ever. A clown fish named Marlin, ventures to find his missing son, Nemo. He partners up with a happy-go-lucky fish named Dory, as they navigate through sharks and laid-back turtles.

Fun fact: your child will learn how to speak whale. That’s something you don’t do every day.