These Photos Of Now-Iconic Companies In Their Early Days Will Make You Believe In The American Dream Again

Many of the most successful businesses in the world started in the minds of an American entrepreneur. From restaurants to technology companies, Americans have been innovating and growing their businesses from the ground up for years.

Most of these companies are now recognizable around the world. Whether you’re looking to start the next big fast-food chain, or you’re a one-person operation for a brand new idea, these photos of iconic companies in their early days will inspire you to keep working hard. One photo shows the unrecognizable beginnings of a store that is now the 20th-largest retail company in the United States.

Taco Bell Was Always Living Mas

first taco bell is fiesta as heck.jpg

Photo credit: Imgur

Glen Bell founded a different tex-mex restaurant before creating Taco Bell. He opened a taco stand called Taco-Tia in 1952 that grew in popularity. By 1962, it was so popular that Bell sold his stands to open a new company, Taco Bell, in Downey, California in 1962.

Taco Bell grew so fast that within five years of its founding, it already had more than 100 additional restaurants.