These Women Are Traveling The World Alone — And Having The Time Of Their Lives

“I Think Travel Is Best When You Factor In Some Degree Of Unpredictability”

sri lanka.jpg

Marcia Robiou, who documents her travels on her Instagram, thisisrabiou, learned to go with the flow during a super scary incident in her solo travels. Sometimes things don’t go as planned because you can never fully plan for a natural disaster.

During one trip, Marcia traveled to Sri Lanka to escape the hustle and bustle of Thailand on New Year’s Eve (Bangkok has a massive foam party as part of the SongKran Festival). Marcia opted to hang out at a relaxing beachside restaurant when things started spiraling out of control.

“The experience really forced me to be present and appreciate my surroundings without the structure of an itinerary,” she said. “I think travel is best when you factor in some degree of unpredictability.” Unfortunately, Marcia’s trip was beyond a simple degree of unpredictability, but she rolled with the punches anyway.