These Women Are Traveling The World Alone — And Having The Time Of Their Lives

“I Realized I’m Responsible For My Own Happiness”


Medhavi quickly realized after traveling the world alone, that happiness comes from within. It’s a message we saw sprawled across the pages Eat, Pray, Love, and one that rings true for so many solo female travelers.

“With a lot of importance given to codependent relationships in our society, most of us fail to understand that nobody else is responsible for your happiness except you,” Medhavi said. “Being forced to believe in codependency, I too had a hard time learning this through my solo travels. Being constantly surrounded by people in my regular life – friends, colleagues, family, I never got a chance to realize this. When I started traveling solo surrounded with strangers everywhere, when I had some travels gone wrong, when I had to take charge of everything around me, in strange lands, I learnt taking responsibility for my own happiness.”