These Women Are Traveling The World Alone — And Having The Time Of Their Lives

“I’ve Learned That I Can And Should Face Fears And Challenges”


Jackie Cular is a fearless solo traveler. She has traveled across the country alone, she’s ventured into Mexico multiple times, and even paid a visit to the Dominican Republic. Next month, she’s visiting four separate countries all by herself. Though Cular loves learning about native culture and values, it’s what she learned about herself that she found most valuable.

“I’ve learned that I can eat dinner alone (and without my phone)—just enjoying new flavors and the sounds around me. I’ve learned that I am interesting and will always meet new and amazing people where ever I go. I’ve learned that I can and should face fears and challenges—like heights or running a half marathon—and enjoy those little victories on my own (without the desire to post on social media)…” she said. “I’ve learned more in the moment and after the fact with each trip I take. I actually prefer to travel alone for all these reasons.”